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Construction of the new sports complex at Kansas Wesleyan University is progressing. According to the school, construction is expected to be completed in mid-August, in time for the first home games for men’s and women’s soccer and football. With a seating capacity of approximately 2,000 seats, the stadium complex will include a press box, video deck, concession stand, two game day locker rooms, storage, and men’s and women’s restrooms. Local contractors have begun work pouring the concrete for the footings of the new stadium and built the sidewalk on the east side of the complex along Osborne Street. The university is planning to add two brick ticket booths, a pavilion, and a Martin Stadium monument to the stadium complex.

Saline County Commissioners studied budgetary matters while several department directors prepared for potential bad weather. They come in a huge assortment of sizes and styles, and are popular for trucks and SUV's as well as passenger vehicles. To improve the environment for conversation, and to make it easy to comment on stories and share them with your friends, we are now using Facebook's commenting system. Custom wheels are not only used to enhance the appearance of a vehicle, but, combined with high performance tires, can significantly alter the ride, handling, and overall performance.

While we do not actually sell any wheels ourselves, we hope our advise will help you make a smart decision when you actually do buy your rims. It’s one of the final steps for Hellas, which completed the installation of the artificial turf on Gene Bissell Field and the practice field late last year.

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storage locker auctions kansas city weather

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