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Auction Bid Gallery Download Catalog Increments TableThis is one bidding increment above thecurrent bid on this item. Dieser Artikel wird A?ber das Programm zum weltweiten Versand verschickt und mit einer internationalen Sendungsnummer versehen. Durch Klicken auf Gebot bestA¤tigen verpflichten Sie sich diesen Artikel zu kaufen, sofern Sie HA¶chstbietender sind. Der Betrag, den Sie eingeben, muss mindestens so hoch wie das erforderliche Mindestgebot sein. Durch Klicken auf 1-Klick-Gebot verpflichten Sie sich, diesen Artikel zu kaufen, wenn Sie HA¶chstbietender sind. You’d be surpised how often people ask whether or not Storage Wars is fake or for real – is it staged? Just who are these auction unit buying weirdos we see each episode and is this whole thing legit or not? Meanwhile, we’ve seen plenty of claims on youtube and storage auction blogs that its possible to prove storage wars is all a sham if you just carefully watch the editing. I think the truth behind Storage Wars is that there’s a little bit of everything going on. Yes, Storage Wars is intentionally overselling the possible, but rare, sweet loot that can be found in public storage auctions.
In the meantime, would be auction buyers are cautioned to carry more realistic expectations into their own local storage buying efforts. Now, there are plenty of people on Yahoo Answers that are convinced storage wars totally fake – that every united is pre-loaded with goodies and all the action is scripted.
On the flipside of the coin, having heard from some of the managers that oversee properties featured on the show, it’s not that simple of an open and shut case. It would be extremly simple to set up a staged unit that would still comply with state law, and your article gave me the idea of how they could (and probably are) doing it. Especially the poor bidders who blow their money thinking they will find the same things…. Very interesting point, although that does sound like a regular pain in the ass to get an episode’s worth of lockers going – anyone else want to chime in on this? All they have to do is win the auction for a legitimate locker and then plant a valuable item in it before they film the bidder going through it.
Well I’ve noticed that the auctioneers often say there are 5 or 6 lockers auctioned off each episode, but we only see about 3 or 4.
I don’t know where you live, but here in Florida the people at the storage units are required by law to notify the owner of the upcoming auction and they have up to the scheduled time to pay what they owe. If you believe any part of storage wars is real I got a bridge for sell you, Sadly I believe I will have a lot of interest in it.
What I dont understand is if they have to go through so many auctions to get only a few minutes of good material, why does it seem that at each location 3 of the four people are making a profit? I’ve been watching a marathon of Storage Wars Texas, and I am done with the show, it is SO FAKE. Nah, the reality of situation is, most likely every 20th unit might make you money and every 40-50th unit might have some valuables in them. Easier to fake it and no risk of losing those amazing A&E treasures to the never bidding 50 people standing around.
Sorry , but in my opinion this is all staged to increase profits for some aunctioneers and to increase profit for some pawn shops.

Do you guys really think that these people will purposely announce on nationwide TV that they will bid up a unit and be sued for 1mil and 10 years lock up? Buyer solely responsible for removal of items from seller's premises within (10) Business Days after bid approval.
For payments made with cash, money order, ACH check, guaranteed funds (cashiers check, bank check, certified check) or cash directly deposited into a First Niagara Bank a discounted buyer's premium of 10% will be added to the high bid price. Wenn Sie auf Gebot bestA¤tigen klicken und HA¶chstbietender sind, gehen Sie einen rechtsverbindlichen Vertrag mit dem VerkA¤ufer ein. One local storage company saw web site clicks increase after a popular auction reality show started on TV. Yes and No – yes the storage auctions themselves are real and not staged, and NO, you will not have the same experience as these auction hunters when you go out to start buying delinquent lockers near you. Yes, the show is going out of its way to provide exciting storage buying entertainment by filling the episodes with vibrant and interesting characters like Jarrod Schulz, Brandi Passante and Dave the Mogul.
If Storage Wars showed you the true real-life frequency with which you find great scores in storage lockers up for sale, we probably wouldn’t want to tune in as much. You definitely can make money doing this, and you definitely could find some of the sweet loot they come across, but you’re not going to find something to scream about in each and every unit. There are also reports that visitors to storage wars filming sites have seen unit tampering go down and that attendees have been coached by the crew to do certain things to up the show value such as arguing over a unit.
The fact of the matter is that truly delinquent and legally repossessed storage lockers cannot be tampered with in most states unless the facility, its managers and their parent company all want to open themselves up for a big nasty lawsuit. If Storage Wars were to be a total fabrication, they would be prepping and then later opening entirely free and clear storage lockers borrowed from facilities just for that purpose. Plus, the clincher for me is that there are no other bidders for these auctions despite the folks standing around.
However, I can speak from experience and say that some folks who do not have any retail store to speak of can turn a healthy profit doing this.
If they do, I think that the storage unit company would be in trouble for opening the unit and going through it. They don’t find all the great stuff in every locker and probably buy lockers for much less than $300 to find only $400 worth of smaller merchandise in it.
The chances that anyone would leave in a locker something that values more than the fee for colecting the stuff are rather slim in my opinion, but most people are dumb so this might account for some findings. Another point someone else noticed was that in reality the ones doing the aunction always knows what is in the storage and always line the good stuff in front. I knew it was totally fake when DAVE HESTER dropped the supposed priceless porcelain box and acted all upset! Dave Hester has filed a lawsuit against A&E for millions of dollars in personal damages. They ask a storage facility to rent there property (parking lot, and pathway), and 2-4 units for 1-2 days time for the filming purpose of fliming.
A ONONDAGA COUNTYPayment Terms Payment will be due immediately upon notification of seller approval by email invoice, after the Seller approves the bids.
Buyer must contact the seller to schedule a removal appointment, before access will be granted to the merchandise.
The amount of storage auctions the crew is filming at any given point is staggering and most casual or amateur storage auction hunters just won’t be able to keep up the same pace due to job and family related time contraints. Also, couldn’t it be argued that these characters could be under contract to have one item appraised from each locker they buy?

When a unit becomes delinquent the facility manager goes into the unit and takes inventory. Have the crew pack all the stuff up and move it to one auction, where that is staged ( you will win the locker with your stuff in it).
We have many flee markets in my country and even if I do not usually buy much I like to stroll trough them and I can tell you they overprice findings.
Any hack that knows anything about antiques or collectibles knows what a made in Japan mark look like!
After you receive the invoice, you will have five (5) business days to get your payment mailed to our office, or your account will be suspended, and the item will be awarded to the backup-bidder, or re-listed. They rearrange items putting what they deem valuable into plain sight to ensure maximum return on back rent.
They cut out many of the auctions, mainly the ones that no one on the show wins or is just point blank uninteresting.
I am sure that not everyone at every auction will win a locker.That way the wont know what is in the locker till the sort if, but they have honestly bid and won the other lockers.
Please mail payment in certified funds or money order to: Auctions International, 11167 Big Tree Road, East Aurora, NY 14052.
A 14% non-discounted buyer's premium will be added to the high bid price for payments made with credit cards and debit cards. The locks are always cut weeks in advance and you are NEVER allowed to go through the unit until you pay for the unit after the auction has ended.
Items left on seller's premises after the designated pickup deadline are subject to re-possession by the seller. Now, if 800 people respond to an auction only to be told it is only for Screen Actors Guild card holders, what are they supposed to do?
Go to some auctions and watch the manager grin ear to ear after the sale because they know exactly what is in every unit that sells. A&E is going to ruin their credit rating of the full time employee with the sole purpose of renting until when it would be easier to fake it. If you are going to have trouble picking your purchased items up by the deadline, call our office immediately!
They do add drama, and problably chose those people because they were dramatic, but still chose those people because they reoccure in different auctions. I have been going to auctions for 20 years and this show has destroyed the business for buyers. Buyer is responsible for inspecting the item(s) before placing bids and prompt item removal within ten (10) business days after receipt of invoice. Items left on seller's premises after this removal deadline will revert back to possession of the seller, with no refund.
I would be more entertained by someone paying $500 for a room full of warped Tupperware than a couple paying $500 for a room with 2 Harleys worth $40,000.

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