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User keywords, or 'tags', are words added to object records by other users to enhance their discovery. General Electric domestic microwave oven, 1984 - 1985This image is not currently available as a higher resolution full colour zoom. The oven consists of a textured steel insulated rectangular box, painted cream, with a door hinged at front left and an electronic keypad at front right. Many people were suspicious of microwave cooking, both because of the possible danger of radiation leakage and because microwaved food did not brown.

They are frequently used for defrosting and re-heating food, including packaged microwaveable dinners, but are less often used to cook meals. The door has a blackened glass insert in the centre, a blackened glass fascia, and a handle on the right. By the mid 1980s Australian legislation had minimised the risk of leakage, and special browning utensils and methods had been developed. Compared to defrosting food slowly in a refrigerator, using a microwave oven for this purpose wastes energy. It received an Australian Design Award in 1985.History Notes include facts about what has happened to an object since manufacture. The keypad has a clock, timer, numerous labelled keys, and a guide to help the user select settings for cooking different foods.
It cooks food more quickly than a conventional electric oven and uses less energy, because microwaves heat food directly; the oven and the air inside it do not need to be kept at a high temperature during cooking.

Distributors offered free microwave cooking classes to purchasers, and the convenience and speed of microwave cooking suited changing lifestyles.
On the up side, microwave cooking compares well to use of a conventional electric oven, and cleaning up afterwards uses less hot water than for most other forms of cooking. Current numbering format comprises the year of acquisition, followed by a sequential number.
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storage places blacktown library

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