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Our aim is to offer you star quality accommodation and whether you choose self-catering in Kites’ Nest Cottage or Bed and Breakfast in Bryndolau, you will find a tranquil environment and a perfect retreat from the stresses of everyday life. We're sorry, earlier versions of Internet Explorer have become too unsafe to use, and we can not allow them access to the secure part of our website.
In a peaceful conservation area on the outskirts of Poole, within strolling distance of sands and sea, is a new addition to the Uphams' stable.
Pieced together from pieces of fragments discovered over the centuries and dispersed throughout museums, the tale of Khonsuemheb and the Ghost is a three thousand year old ghost story dating back to ancient Egypt.
Grimy, corroding and clearly having seen better days, this defunct airliner stands quietly on the grassland to the west side of Marseilles Provence Airport, in the south of France. Motoring enthusiast Dave Reese photographed this fantastic UrbaSport Trimuter kit car at a flea market in Macungie, Pennsylvania in 2008.
We’ve featured the empty, cavernous interior of the defunct Washington Coliseum before.
Deep within the old photo test range of Edwards AFB, California, lies the empty shell of an abandoned F-4 Phantom jet, the identity of which we are unsure. Now confined largely to the past, the age of steamships and riverboats is one shrouded in romance and nostalgia.

In his Flickr set titled Exploring Styria, Vienna-based urban explorer CraXplore documents a series of forgotten places in the southeast Austrian state. Before it was sold several years ago for almost a million pounds, the abandoned Latvian consulate near Chorley, Lancashire, proved a popular venue with urban explorers. Featured in our epic round-up of the world’s most impressive airplane graveyards and abandoned boneyards, the derelict shell of this McDonnell Douglas F-101 Voodoo stands quietly on the vast periphery of Edwards AFB, California. For the benefit of those whose interests take them to altogether darker tourism destinations, here are 10 weird museums around the world that are at once intriguing, captivating and, in some cases, highly unsettling.
Opened in 1963 and closed after Hurricane Andrew in 1992, the haunting, derelict shell of the abandoned Miami Marine Stadium overlooks the city’s downtown and Miami Beach. Explore a haunting series of abandoned billiard rooms, snooker rooms and pool halls, where the abandoned forms of often grand billiard tables stand idle and dishevelled. The great steel city of Sheffield was once a true northern powerhouse, and remains a leading metallurgy centre to this day. Walking among the corroding carcasses of abandoned jets and other craft that populate the world’s airplane graveyards is a strange experience. Your current browser won't work with any of the secure areas of our website - including logging into the member area and, if you're booking a place on Canopy and Stars, the online booking feature.

The Edwardian building with its gothicky turret has become a smart new dining venue with a conservatory at the front, a colonial decor and a delightful young team.
But in this article we wanted to showcase a broader series of photographs from within the abandoned sports and concert venue. Yet not all of these vessels have vanished forever, as these forlorn yet graceful hulks reveal. Among them is this sleepy railway station high up in the mountains, and its rusting locomotives. Buried within the former site of the pioneering Firth Brown Steels, an abandoned underground medical centre still endures. From massive airliners to jet fighters, such places are sobering reminders of the relentless pace of technology. You can either update your current web browser to the latest version, or you could use an alternative browser.

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storage places bournemouth university

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