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April 5, 2016 by Stacey Wiedower Before its recent renaissance, this East Memphis kitchen was riddled with challenges. Once drab and dated, this newly renovated kitchen is now light, bright and easily accessible to the rest of the East Memphis house. A spacious island provides a central spot for eating, doing homework, talking and entertaining.
A small office can be open to the kitchen or hidden away behind closed doors during a party. The design team also worked to capture the feel of the surrounding home in the room’s details.
The newly open space has views of a neatly landscaped backyard and pool area, as well as a clean, streamlined family room with dramatic artwork above a bold red console table. Architect Jeff Edwards of Carlton Architecture and his team carefully selected all materials and finishes to define the space’s aesthetic. And the island’s table-like seating area has an artful steel base that makes it both a conversation piece and a focal point.
Polished brass hardware makes a graceful design statement, bringing a touch of formality to the casual space.
The new space represents a huge change from the home’s former kitchen, which had 1980s appliances, metal cabinets, Formica countertops and Mexican tile.
To solve those problems, Jeff and his team moved the sink to the island so it faces the interior of the home and changed the window wall entirely, turning one window into two and in the process hiding the telephone poles with a stretch of wall that now houses a custom hood and range. Specialized storage places utensils near their points of use while hiding utilitarian items from view, keeping the overall space clean and neat. The island features integrated appliances, as well as built-in grates for dish drainage beside the sink. We're sorry, earlier versions of Internet Explorer have become too unsafe to use, and we can not allow them access to the secure part of our website.
An exceptionally welcoming place with a flickering fire in the sitting room and a day-lit interior patio. Le "Bon Marche" department store , "la Grande Epicerie de Paris" and "la Chapelle de la Medaille Miraculeuse" are also very interesting to visit. We recommend : Restaurant "La Ferrandaise", "Bastide Odeon", "Bouillon Racine", "La Cuisine de Philippe", "Au Pere Louis".

There is a nice spa (massage, treatments, swimming pool) and a famous hairdresser across the street (only natural herbal products). Use promo code ALSA16 on the hotel official website and get the 3rd night + river cruises for free!
First, it was dated and dark, with a floor plan that separated the cook from the rest of the household. The homeowners enjoy original artwork, and throughout the house neutral walls serve as a gallery for their colorful collection.
Windows flank the range, ushering in natural light while hiding a pair of telephone poles from view. Furnishings are a clean-lined mix of soft contemporary and rustic-casual, with antiques popped in here and there to add interest. Appliances are integrated for a clean-lined look, and smart storage solutions – including slide-out cabinets for knives and utensils – further increase the room’s functionality. Luckily, there are many places you can put shelving that you’ve probably never thought about. Your current browser won't work with any of the secure areas of our website - including logging into the member area and, if you're booking a place on Canopy and Stars, the online booking feature. With the Luxembourg Gardens a stroll away, bustling Saint Germain at the end of the street, and exceptional service and attention to detail (such as organic croissants at breakfast), it's the favourite of many guests.
Second, its lone window, which once overlooked a pretty side garden, showcased a view of two recently erected telephone poles. The subtle eclecticism of the overall space provided the design team with some fun opportunities.
More is not always better.” She says the entire team, including Jeff’s team at Carlton Architecture and both Ryan Anderson and project manager Alex Wellford from RKA Construction, paid close attention to details, and those details made all the difference. Expect crisp white duvets with a mohair throw for a splash of colour, a thick tiger-stripe carpet underfoot, spotless bathrooms with real shower heads, L'Occitane en Provence soaps and towel heaters. It may generate an extra cost and it has to be requested as soon as you reserve.The hotel is entirely non smoking, air-conditioned. Third and most importantly, it didn’t suit the needs of an active family with two boys, ages 12 and 14. Also, the sink was facing north and the window over the sink looked out to two telephone poles.

For example, there’s a dedicated spot for the mother’s purse and a drawer meant expressly for the father’s keys and wallet. Stair shelves can be easily added to the side of the staircase that is flush against the wall. You can either update your current web browser to the latest version, or you could use an alternative browser. When we first came, I was impressed with the feel of the house and how they’ve kept it very simple and edited. There’s also an electronic lock on the bar cabinet and a concealed charging station for the family’s devices. You won’t miss the few inches of space that they take up and you will give yourself much needed storage instead of having wasted space.
Those at the back have handsome views onto the classical facade of the famous Lycee St Louis, an educational hothouse, those in front look onto the ever fascinating Rue Monsieur le Prince. Polished brass hardware throughout the room and stainless steel counters in the main prep area blend sophistication with sturdiness, a juxtaposition that reflects the home’s overall aesthetic. There are beamed ceilings, sleigh beds, faux ostrich bedheads, clever corner armoires, family antiques, even two baldaquin beds beneath the high ceilings of the lower floors.
The fourth generation of a Franco-British family has made the Saint Paul Rive Gauche a welcoming marriage of French elegance and English comfort. These shelves are so unique because they add much needed space, yet are hidden from the naked eye so you can store practically anything you want on them. If you want to get really inventive, you can even just purchase a small bookshelf and nail it to the back of the door for storage. As long as the door is strong enough to hold the shelf’s weight and you still have enough clearance to open the door completely, you really have no limitations on the type of shelf you put on the back of a door. One of the benefits of wrap around ceiling shelving is that since you buy it by the piece, you can choose as much or as little shelving as you like.{image from apartmenttherapy}.

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