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With prices starting at just $54 per month, you can have convenient, easy storage that is immediately available and secure. When moving time comes around, storing some of the excess left over is almost always inevitable.
If it’s important to access your things frequently or soon, make sure the facility is nearby. Make sure you know when you can access the unity; storage facilities vary from allowing free 24-hour access, to restrictions and even charges for accessing the facility. Use uniform boxes, heavier ones always on bottom, to reduce the risk of a wavering tower and maximize storage space.

Walkways will help to maintain circulation of air within the unit and help to make sure your items neither warp nor mildew.
When storing metal objects, treat them with rust protector to help reduce any deterioration throughout the storage. Each unit is delivered and setup ready to use on your property for instant access to all of your storage. When you rent a storage container in Aurora from one of our partners you will get better service, better prices, and a better container. They have lockable double doors on one end that come standard with our “easy open” door handle, as well as a high security lock box.

Our 48ft storage containers provide a whopping 45% more storage space than a 40ft container.
These larger containers are perfect for just about any “on-site” storage requirement you may have.

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storage rental buildings

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