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There’s plenty of buffering yard in back, but this Idylwood home hugs the curve of the street in front, so open grounds swing to the side as well.
In the photo below, the set of glass panel doors shows where the family room sets up in the layout. That vacant lot beside this house is where the now demolished Sylvan Apartments (don’t know the actual name) were that you featured here on Swamplot in April 2011.
The last two houses sold in Idylwood, Rockbridge and Park, went for something like $245 and $260 respectively.

The problem will be whoever has $260k to spend would likely forgo the land and move into the neighborhood proper. I have no issues with it, as I live on sylvan as well, but the inconvenient truth for those of us on sylvan, especially the block adjacent to wayside is that the market dictates somewhat of a price deduction for that street and block.
Sitting pretty, this comfy seat pad fits both the Plexistyle or Stylewood frame baby loungers and comes in a crayon box selection of colors. You can do the math on whatever you think the extra land is worth, but overall I see priced a little high given the great condition and state of the market.

The extra lot for this house gives it some value, but the Walmart location may detract a little bit. voucher codes restaurants
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storage room 77023 demographics

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