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REPCONN headquarters is the headquarters building of REPCONN Aerospace, a company based in Nevada that specialized in rocket manufacture. Upon entering the building, the Courier will find 3-5 Fiend corpses and a number of maintenance robots.
Note: There are 12 hidden doors throughout the building (starting at the tour bot), they require 8 Perception in order to detect them and 65 Repair to jam them closed. Hidden door: The first door in the building is to the left of the bathroom door and the doors leading to the exhibits. Hidden door 3: Through the first door on the right after entering the building ("average" lock), then to the left of the regular door at the other end of the room.
Hidden door 4: Go through the regular door next to the above hidden one, its at the end of the hallway through the "very hard" locked door. Second floor access: For the purposes of this guide, use the stairs, not the collapsed ceiling behind the "very hard" locked door. You may gain semi-free access to the second floor by passing a 7 Intelligence challenge at one of the mobile facial recognition scanners. There is a door that leads to a room "REPCONN Office Main Floor" that requires a keycard to access.
There is a hard locked terminal on this floor at which you may print out a pass that allows safe passage on the top floor. Hidden door 5: Directly to the right of the security poster when entering from the stairs to the first floor.
Hidden door 6: Right of the facial recognition terminal, left of the regular door out of the room. Hidden door 7: When using the regular door next to the above hidden one, head straight to the end of the hall, go right through the broken wall.
Hidden door 8: From the above hidden door go out the regular door on the other side of the poster, turn right and then take the first left.
Hidden door 9: From the last door, enter the small office on the right (the one without a collapsed ceiling), the southwest cubicle in the room has the final hidden door on the wall behind the chair.
Third floor access: Use the office opposite this last door and the ceiling ramp to reach the third floor.
In order to remain protected from the robots, you must possess a 7 or higher Luck or an Intelligence of 2 or less which allows you to guess the password (which is Ice Cream).
You will also visit during the quest Still in the Dark for the BoS to find the missing patrol. It should be noted that even if you fail the identification challenge of the robots on the third floor, the 30 seconds they give you to leave is ample time to empty the briefcase and run once you know where it is.
Hidden door 10: Use the door on the right when first appearing on the floor, the hidden door is along the right wall in the bathroom. Hidden door 11: Turn around and head down through the bathroom, step through the hole in the wall and it's along the right wall. Hidden door 12: When exiting through the large double doors in the room you entered for the last door, turn right and head through the open doorway, turn left and head to the end of the hall. We've all heard "stories" that radiation is dangerous - fact or fiction?* A common site in factories, military installations, and the basements of selected government-funded middle schools, these safety barrels* are just what the name implies - safe.
Force your parents a short drive south, and you'll see the retractable dome of REPCONN's launch facility (not actual size!). Just like the rocket you see here, we're aimed at the sky, but we've got a ceiling in the way! This sleek and purple R77-293A "Needlenose" is what happens when you mix fossil and plasma in a rocket and shake it up! V29-321G may look like a big, fat, red rocket, Rocketeers, but Ol' Fatty here ran circles around the Earth not so long ago, so let's see you keep up!
2 copies of Nikola Tesla and You: One is on top of the safe in the same room as the Q-35 matter modulator.
The main purpose of lockpicking and science in this location is to obtain security clearance so that the many defensive sentry bots do not become hostile. The "Watch Your Step!" display during the tour warns of the hidden danger (though doesn't give an exact number), similar to how the "Ready, Set, Launch!" display warns of the possible repercussions for Novac. Inside there is a hole in the floor that will lead to the unique Q-35 matter modulator plasma rifle, bypassing the very-hard locked door and terminal.
This is useful in the event that you are unable to hack the very hard locked terminal allowing access on the top floor and if you are unable to pass the 7 Luck check with the mobile facial recognition scanner. To find the terminal on this floor, go left and through the bathroom when coming up the stairs mentioned above. If you do so, you can then destroy the maintenance and scanner bots with no impact to Karma. The missing patrol can be found dead on the third floor; you are free to loot their T-51b power armor and laser rifles. In this room head through the hole in the wall, turn left and the final door in the building is between the file cabinet and bookshelf.
This trio of cylinders isn't a trio of cylinders at all!* They're containers holding what some* scientists call "plasma." Can you say "plasma?" REPCONN's always looking to the future, and in our future, we don't have to worry about radiation, health risks, or lawsuits when using this new and improved fuel source to blast our rockets into and out of the sky! While their attractive coloring can be interpreted as a warning, for REPCONN, it's an invitation to a future filled with nuclear power! A pile of itty-bity safety barrels,* all nestled together like a family sitting down to dinner!
See, Rocketeers, while REPCONN is (was) focused on non-radioactive* propulsion engines, we still need to sneak back and use some of our older "proven" techniques with nuclear-driven engines to make space travel a reality.
The fossil fuels punch this sharp-nosed terror through the sky, and the plasma is used to shoot it through space to planets where REPCONN can mine more fossil fuels,* continuing the whole cycle again! You don't want to be facing this fearsome fellow if you accidentally stumble into a restricted area.
This robotic marvel can not only recognize your face and voice with advanced facial and auditory recognition technology, it can also broadcast video and audio as well!
It's levitating in an orange cylinder that lies behind a Very Hard locked door on the first floor, near the Shipping sign. There are several safes as well, most of which can be opened with either Science or Lockpick.
The most notable is the Very Hard-Locked door that leads to the unique plasma rifle, the Q-35 matter modulator.
Jamming all of the doors closed is worth 540 XP (45 XP each) with no modifiers, such as Well Rested or Swift Learner.
You also have the option of quickly finding a very easy hackable computer on this floor to add your facial data to the database. This is required to get past the maintenance robots who will request that you vacate the floor, even if you're visiting between the hours of 10AM and 5PM.
To the left of this terminal, along the back wall is a first aid box that may be invisible to the player until they scroll over it.
You can also find a REPCONN third floor security card in Piers Isley's briefcase close to two dead Brotherhood of Steel paladins near the main entrance to the third floor. Nearby lies a skeleton and Piers Isley's Briefcase; it contains 200 pre-War money and a REPCONN third floor security card allowing you to move on the third floor without the harassment from robots, as well as letting you open the Very-Hard locked door (on the first floor) to the Q-35 Matter Modulator.
Now, while it's claimed even the safest nuclear waste disposal procedures seep poison into the environment that never, ever goes away, in REPCONN's case, we say it all depends on where you put them - and Nevada's just the place!
Partnered with our new buddy RobCo, we've dug up older, cheaper technology for upcoming orbital projects.
Whether sporting the latest in dual miniguns, rockets, or laser cannons, the Sentrybot not only takes it job seriously, it also takes no prisoners! Think of it - all the sights and sounds of your radio and TV in your living room at home blasted directly at you on the street, subway, bathroom, or wherever you may be! While safety standards prevented this free-wheeling dynamo from entering mass market production despite RobCo's best intentions and teams of lawyers, we take consolation in letting you can see this extremely well-funded experiment as it was intended - a robot moving so fast it looks like it's standing still! RobCo, with its subsidiary REPCONN, has often gazed into the night sky, seeing the rich pageant of stars and planets above us.
The Very Hard terminal outside this door also unlocks the door, as does a keycard that's found on the third floor. This weapon can also be obtained via the second level through another locked door, however this is only a hard lock and not a very hard lock. In the room with an Average lock on the second floor (across the hall from the locked entrance to the main floor) is another terminal with an encrypted message on it. This "dull rod" once powered REPCONN's old nuclear-propelled rockets and still contains harmless* traces of radioactive material. It's proof of RobCo's commitment to defense that these deadly guards are concealed in chambers throughout this facility, so let this be a warning: Watch where you step, or out'll come RobCo, guns blazing!
Never fear, you'll never miss a news bulletin or presidential address again, no matter where you are! Always a help around the household, whether with Mom in the kitchen using its titanium circular power saw or in the garage with Dad using its armor-piercing laser array, Mr.
This room can also be accessed via the Hard locked door marked as "Door to REPCONN Office Main Floor" on the second floor and dropping down through the broken floor. The first very hard locked door and very hard terminal can be bypassed by playing your way through the entire building carefully.
There is a tour guide REPCONN robot that will greet the player character upon entering the facility. Though killing the bots requires ammunition or other resources that may be in scarce supply, most have missiles in their inventory, making the ammunition investment worthwhile.
This contains the password to Isley's terminal on the 3rd floor, which you would otherwise have to hack. To send unmanned rockets to these other systems, seeing their beauty firsthand while mining ever deeper into each planet's surface for precious resources needed here at home. He will tell the player character to return between the hours of 10AM and 5PM (if it is not any time between then). It is possible to destroy the mobile facial recognition scanners and sneak around the floor, but without high sneak this will almost surely trip a security alarm and release sentry bots.
This is our promise to mankind, extending our reach into a future where the number of RobCo and REPCONN rockets match the stars in the sky. If the Courier chooses to wait, they will get to take a free tour, thus avoiding all lockpicking (unless the player wants to gain XP from doing so) that is needed to get to the utility room located in the orrery where they will find Jenny Millet's security keycard. Along with the keycard, the player can enter their face into the facial recognition database computer in the room behind the locked door the Fiend corpses are in front of, to bypass the security robots.
The door can be unlocked by lock-picking or cracking the security terminal (both Average difficulty).

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