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This open space serves as a passageway and an intersection between the family room, the living room and the kitchen.
The dining room, which is adjacent to the entry and the kitchen, sets the tone and palette. Although lighting and materials were chosen to honor the heritage of a Spanish colonial, some concessions were made to the floor plan.
The next home project is completing the living room and improving the three bedrooms and two bathrooms.
Their vision was for the house to flow from the kitchen through the library and the family room, and out to the patio and the pool, with lighting as the central work of art.

This is not traditional of Spanish architecture, but I wanted the house to be livable in the way we like to enjoy our lives, which is open and free.a€? This is the view from the kitchen island.
As a kid, I actually used to do this a€” Ia€™d ask them if I could use their bathroom,a€? he says.Olde pored over books of classic Spanish homes to help with the restoration. Pool house, backyard shed and cabin, Design garden sheds, storage bottom of a mountain, this. The family room features plenty of casual seating, warm carpeting and an entertainment center. The house flows from the kitchen through the library and the family room to the patio and the pool.

Their solution was to divide the space in two, creating a living room in the front and a family room in back. Delightful Northwest Glendale Spanish Listed at $399,000 Sold for $415,000 ********** Sorry - this one is SOLD.
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storage room spanish translation online

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