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Devil's Castle The largest historic structure in Chernarus is this castle, located in the north-central area that also includes Severograd, Grishino, and Black Mountain.
It was built some time in the late 11th or early 12th century by the man considered to be the de facto founder of this country: the Duke, Ivan Kozlov.
Once known as Kozlov Castle after its builder and original owner, Devil’s Castle earned the name it wears today when a bandit named Jakub Cert (Devil) from Gorka began inhabiting it some time later. Bohemia Interactive and DAYZ and all associated logos and designs are trademarks or registered trademarks of Bohemia Interactive a.s. No, you will still be able to place a tent down and place in your payment for objects like permanent fires, barrels, heli pads, ect.
All of these crafting recipes make sense but there seems to be some missing information about some of the materials. He would go on to build several other castles, but none were ever as grand as this one and few have survived the passage of time as well.

Taking its name straight from the Duke, the mountain was identified by him as being significant enough to warrant use as an attention piece. We're not doing that at the moment because we need to see what else they add to the Epoch system.
I read through the Epoch Wiki but could not find anything about canvas, burlap, corrugated, or light bulbs. During gloomy days or otherwise poor weather, it can be downright creepy to see it looming in the background.Form an Orderly Queue These days, this is a historic site like the other castles.
The wiki explains how to craft a pole and plywood is pretty clear but nothing about any other basic materials.
A modern road has been paved up to the entrance, and signs can be found all over the place.
Very little has been done to preserve the structure though unfortunately.Beautiful Ruins On a sunny afternoon this is a pleasant place to be.

Many rocks and smaller islands stick out of the water just in front of the Cap, making it very hazardous indeed for vessels to navigate this stretch of coast.Watch Your Step As you make your way to the peak, it can be very tempting to stop and look over the side at the view below.
These towers and their connecting walls form an inner courtyard within the wider walls of the castle.Standing Proud This place sees too much traffic to be viable as a campsite, but it would be an excellent location for an event with a long attendance list. There is nothing particularly special about this place, but it is a major route of travel for survivors working their way inland from the coast.Quaint Village The houses of this town are arranged in a unique horseshoe pattern, and one imagines that the people who lived here were probably very friendly with one another given the small size and relative remoteness of this place.

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