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We installed five tons (literally) of steel last summer, which gave us most of a fence but still zero privacy.
After we installed the section of ipe fence, Aaron turned his attention to framing the walls of the garage.
For one, the boards on the east side (which went up first and get a lot of sun) were looking a little light. We knew this would happen, but we had read that power washing would bring the wood’s deep color back. The only thing left was add two sections of roof to the carport garage, which we special ordered from Home Depot after some exhaustive research to try and match what was already installed.

We employed a contractor to do some heavy projects around the firehouse before we moved in, including laying a bunch of concrete (hello super huge patio) and building a carport.
In lieu of that, we planned to install a shed to house a few things we don’t want to keep storing inside, like our lawn mower.
We split this task, each taking a turn with the roller to cover large sections then following up with a small brush to get in between the boards. If we did it over again, I would have taken the time to oil that side before it sat in the sun.
Well, I’m happy to report that some unseasonably cool July weather and the three day holiday weekend gave us the last push we needed to get this thing done!

Thanks to the addition of the garage doors, we changed the plan slightly and decided to add more storage to the garage itself. We used the same method as we did to build the ipe fence, but there was a just a lot more: more square footage, more biscuits to cut, more measurements (around both boors) and a lot of odd cuts thanks to the sloped roof and uneven base.

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storage shed for zero turn mower engines

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