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Storage sheds, and similar outdoor storage solutions such as garden sheds, mini cabins and more, offer homeowners a great opportunity to keep outdoor furniture, yard tools and equipment, and other items organized and easily accessible. Bird Boyz Builders is your premier source for storage sheds, shed kits, pole building kits, mini cabins kits and more.
Our local customers in Spokane, WA know that we are the best source for outdoor storage, and they trust Bird Boyz Builders to deliver or construct a superior product. Whether you are looking for wood sheds, vinyl sheds, metal sheds, garden sheds, or storage sheds, we have a product that can suit your needs. We are your best choice for quality craftsmanship for your new wood storage shed throughout Washington State including Seattle area and sheds in Spokane area and beyond.
We are now accepting applications for dealers to sell our products from their store or business.

Get clutter under control, and take the mess out of your home and garage with the new space provided by outdoor storage sheds. Located in Spokane, Washington, we are happy to serve our local community as well as surrounding areas in the Northwest. Hundreds of our wood sheds are standing strong in Spokane, Wa along with most areas in Washington and the Northwest. If you are interested in adding another quality product to your inventory, then check us out. Additionally, many of our kits can be easily shipped anywhere in the continental USA! That means you can get all the benefits and assurances of a high quality, durable storage shed from Bird Boyz Builders, as well as help support small business. We take great pride in the strength and durability of our wood sheds that we manufacture in our Spokane, Wa facility.

We are also honored to have customers that come back to us for multiple storage shed purchases, or send their family members and friends to order sheds in Spokane, Wa. Also want to thank our great customer base from throughout the Northwest and even all over the United States!

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storage shed kits washington university

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