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The decision by NFL owners Tuesday to award the 2015 Super Bowl to Arizona was the first enthusiastic vote of support for our community from a sports organization since SB 1070 complicated the landscape.
This community has a complicated and sometimes embarrassing history when politics and national sporting events collide. We lost the Super Bowl in 1993 when voters initially rejected recognizing Martin Luther King Jr.
A controversial state immigration law that 18 months ago inspired critical national reaction led to subdued support from Major League Baseball for the 2011 All-Star Game at Chase Field.
When critics called for the game to be stripped, Commissioner Bud Selig said little as he tried to reconcile the issue of supporting the city but also offering a nod of respect to players of Hispanic descent, who make up more than a quarter of the league.
It was unfair because the truth is we are one of the most tolerant sports communities around.
One of the few acts of showmanship came from Tampa, which paid for billboards that celebrated Tampa's beaches and weather. This community, hit hard by the country's economic woes, will welcome the benefits that come with this game. Content recommendations are powered by Outbrain, a third party, to deliver links to additional articles and content that may be of interest based on contextual similarity and anonymous usage and browsing patterns from our visitors.
You can share your full access digital subscription with a friend by simply entering in their email address. University of Arizona has won a NASA contract worth hundreds of millions of dollars to send an unmanned spacecraft to study and take a sample of an asteroid that's potentially hazardous to Earth. The mission, estimated to cost up to $1 billion and last more than a decade, is the largest space contract in the school's history.
At a news conference in Tucson, UA President Robert Shelton said the awarding of the contract, announced Wednesday, was possible only because of the work that has been done over the years to build the university's space program and the public's investment in laboratory and other facilities. The contract is expected to inject $200 million into state and local economies, primarily in new engineering and other jobs. Asteroids, which orbit the sun, are much smaller than planets and are made of rock or metal.
UA's mission, called OSIRIS-REx, involves sending a spacecraft in 2016 to an asteroid named 1999 RQ36. RQ36, which is about a third of a mile in diameter, comes within 241,000 miles of the Earth at times. Analyzing the object up close and obtaining a sample would allow scientists to more precisely estimate the likelihood of the asteroid colliding with Earth and could provide insights on the development of our solar system.

The spacecraft launch isn't scheduled until 2016 because that's when the asteroid will be closest to Earth. The craft will approach and use a 10-foot robotic arm to "kiss" the surface and collect a quick sample. The spacecraft would return in 2023, touching down in the Utah desert after traveling roughly 3.5 billion miles. Japan's space agency returned a small asteroid sample last June from another potentially hazardous asteroid.
UA competed for the NASA contract against the University of Colorado-Boulder and Washington University in St. Paul Hertz, chief scientist of NASA's Science Mission Directorate, said a combination of factors was used in awarding the contract to UA. The UA mission is part of NASA's New Frontiers, a program of space missions awarded through a competitive process.
In a statement, NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden described the OSIRIS-REx mission as a critical step in meeting the objective outlined by President Barack Obama to extend the nation's reach beyond low Earth orbit and explore deep space. OSIRIS-REx, short for Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security, Regolith Explorer. Send an unmanned spacecraft to collect and return a sample from an asteroid that is potentially hazardous to Earth. 241,000 to 209 million miles: Distance from Earth, depending on its orbit and Earth's orbit.
1 in 1,800: Odds of it hitting Earth in 2182, according to a 2009 study by an Italian researcher.
Follow our latest Twitter activity on topics ranging from breaking news to great deals around the Valley. Both sides of 1070 made their cases respectfully during the NBA playoffs featuring the Suns and the Spurs that fell during the middle of the immigration debate. They could be seen along the route from the Houston airport to the hotel where the owners were staying for league meetings. Cardinals President Michael Bidwill deserves credit for working his share of rooms to plead Arizona's case. The next three games will be played in cities east of the Mississippi: Indianapolis, New Orleans and New York.
Arizona's track record certainly helped that angle, as did a climate that rarely fails in February - the average high in Phoenix on Feb.

Snow made it difficult for some fans to reach the game and snow falling from the stadium injured some workers.
11, 2011 - Arizona Cardinals owner Bill Bidwill and his wife, Nancy, pose with their children, Nicole (left) and team president Michael (right) after winning hosting rights to Super Bowl XLIX in 2015 during a press conference outside Tom's Tavern in Phoenix. Previously, the university's largest space contract was the $428 million Phoenix Mars Mission in 2008.
Scientists have classified it as one of the most hazardous to Earth because of its size and proximity. That mission encountered lots of problems, including instrument malfunctions, and the craft was three years overdue. All three missions had excellent science, he said, so the decision came down to the feasibility of the missions and whether the goals could be carried out within budget.
The object's composition could shed more light on the origins of the solar system and the asteroid's likely course. You also will be able to select feeds ranging from what's happing in your town to sports and entertainment!
We have hosted two Super Bowls, two BCS title games, an NBA All-Star Game and numerous college-football bowl and NCAA Tournament games. UA will oversee the mission and build the spacecraft's cameras, and ASU will build a key instrument to analyze the asteroid's composition. But that estimate is based on laws of planetary motion and limited understanding of the asteroid.
Once there, it will spend at least a year circling and taking photos and analyzing the surface. Colorado proposed sending an unmanned probe into the atmosphere of Venus, and Washington wanted to use an unmanned robot to collect rock samples from the moon's unexplored polar region. One of the biggest challenges will be maneuvering close to the asteroid to safely collect a sample.

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