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This Shipping Container Shelter was built as a research shelter in far north Queensland, Australia. It is very basic but liveable accommodation, I would probably not suggest submitting plans to the council for a certificate of occupancy with this in the state it is in, but it was never suppose to be that anyway. It is a fantastic shipping container shelter or great start to a shipping container home Queensland, to have a place which is liveable for $16,000 in such a beautiful and remote area of Australia is amazing and if I had the opportunity I know I would be out there every weekend..
At this point in time we have not figured out the hours it took to build this shipping container shelter but once we do we will update this article, our estimate is 2 people at 8 hrs a day would take 2 weeks. Get updated when we add new content by leaving your details below,We promise to only ever send you emails directly relating to Shipping Container Homes. Dondi is a civil engineer who works in Fort Collins and Erin is a nutritionist, author and business owner who is working on her second master’s degree in nutrition.
Some nice details of the home include lodge poles on the deck and by the stairs, tongue and groove aspen paneling on the walls and bright red panels on their kitchen cabinets. One of the best designs I’ve ever seen for those only needing a shower and not a bathtub. I love your taste with all the little touches you did and the stairs to the loft are beautiful. So happy to get to show you this beautiful little Kanga cabin that was built near Blanco, TX. It has an extended open front porch, side screen porch, full bath, kitchen, sleeping loft, and an awesome living area. The downside of many tiny houses on trailers is that if you enjoy cooking you may not enjoy it as much in a tiny house because of lack of space. I like the bath with tile, but probably a bright ceramic, like red gloss with a black bullnose edge. Price list is available on the Kanga Room Systems web site for which a link was provided with this article.
They have steel frame homes for any budget and will work with you to design your own unique floor plan if you choose. You all also should look at alternative building techniques like cordwood masonry, straw bale construction, earthships, etc., as a way to build your dream homes. Price list is available on the Kanga Room Systems web site for which a link was provided with this article.

I am 54 years old Baby Boomer and I have been planning my retirement home over the past couple years now. Amazingly, when a Reeds Ferry building leaves our facility for your yard the doors, windows, and even the hardware are already installed!
Every Reeds Ferry small building is constructed with 2x4 spruce framing 16" on center in the walls and roof.
Reeds Ferry Sheds and Gazebos are built to last; all of our sheds carry a 30-year warranty.
It had to be built to withstand extreme tropical weather and it has proven to be very strong and sturdy over the past years. Please note that this would not take into account the weather nor the tough location for this container home in Queensland.
Their 100 percent off-grid tiny house has just recently been completed and contains all the necessities for a totally self-contained 181 square foot home on wheels.
Especially the kitchen with plenty of storage, stairs instead of ladder, just a great home! I think it needs a vent hood to keep grease out of the tiny home and to protect that shelf above it from any flair ups. Its just the two of us and my husband has cerebal palsy and he would to get himself up those stairs but not a ladder. I’m an old man now and have built 2 small houses a long time ago, but now the money is not there,and the strength is pretty well gone now too. To me this is the epitome of simple living for a couple, young family or anyone wanting to retire simply but not too tiny. He has a passion for exploring and sharing tiny homes (from yurts and RVs to tiny cabins and cottages) and inspiring simple living stories. This could even be built in an RV lot where you can buy your lot and place on a concrete pad. I hit reply under his comment but it won’t go through unless you are signed up with SPACEbook.
As you can see, our delivery trucks are specifically designed for storage shed installations. Each wall is constructed on highly sophisticated jigs at our manufacturing facility to ensure 100% accuracy.

Completed in about three hours, this brand new 10x14 Vinyl Carriage Shed will provide a lifetime of use and enjoyment. Reeds Ferry puts the emphasis on quality; each shed is made using the highest grade materials and the same building methods found in home construction. The main structure has been through at least 2 cyclones and the only thing which needed to be replaced was the cheap carports used for the top roof, now that a stronger carport has been used it should no longer need to be replaced. A side vent with a pull chain and a plain hood (with no exhaust) would work great for this wonderful little kitchen. But I am so happy to see the young folks getting the idea,and realizing that the outside spaces are all part of the inside spaces. We invite you to send in your story and tiny home photos too so we can re-share and inspire others towards a simple life too. If you are looking to build a Shipping Container Shelter or were wondering if Shipping Container Shelters would be strong enough to last out in the bush though the toughest of weather, then this one in Queensland proves they are a great idea and very sturdy. The home also has a loft with a small staircase for quick access, a kitchen and dining space, an office, a closet and even a sofa that converts into a guest bed. But in a home that’s just slightly larger and on a foundation you can have much more flexibility for your kitchen.
All you have to do is approve the location of your new shed and watch our highly trained installation crew go to work. Because each site is different, consult a Reeds Ferry sales representative to discuss what the best site preparation option is for your new shed. You will see a huge selection with 5 acres of sheds and gazebos on display, and you can watch your shed being built in our factory from our showroom floor. And utilize all your space (obviously), and make sure doors open in way that actually works well in the space. They make so much sense and accomplish everything a large stove does unless you are feeding an army!
I want to the house to have a covered porch and a screened in porch, I would live to sleep out on the porch on warm summer nights or sit on the covered porch and watch it rain.

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