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My original column regarding commonly circulated rattlesnake pictures is below the addendums, which I add as I am made aware of additional photographs. Many of these pictures use the same camera tricks, specifically it's called "forced perspective". B) reporting that someone found the world's largest rattlesnake without even a cursory attempt at fact-checking. I received three different e-mails about this rattlesnake back in September but I just never got around to posting about it. The Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake was once found in eastern Louisiana but is now nearly gone (if not completely).
The caption for the Facebook photo that has been shared over 5,000 times (visible through Amy R.'s comment) states the snake was killed in "Green County". Conclusion: The length of this snake is definitely made-up and multiple (and improbable) locations point to a hoax.
In short, my verdict is that this is a real photo of a Western Diamondback Rattlesnake eating a cottontail.
In the last few days a couple readers have sent me the picture on the right, in which a large and dead rattlesnake is displayed. Emma Yardley is a lifestyle writer and editor who knows her way around a caulking gun and a creative phrase. The snake is held on a long pole facing the camera to make it appear longer than it really is, a camera trick I explain above.
The world's largest species of rattlesnake (up to about eight feet long), the Eastern Diamond-back Rattlesnake (Crotalus adamanteus), is known from North Carolina (see range map); historically they occurred in the coastal regions. I imagine that inboxes will no longer be invaded by dead rattlesnakes with lengths and weights exaggerated to scare the bejesus out of people.
Information available online suggests the species hasn't been found in the state since 1995 but I believe these websites haven't been updated recently because I think one was found a couple years ago.
Eastern Diamondbacks once ranged throughout the southeastern and central portion of the state (range map again). It looks large because of standard camera tricks that you should all be familiar with but it's likely about five feet long (1.5 meters), based on my best guess. So far, the text that has accompanied this picture has claimed the rattlesnake was killed in either Poteau Mountain, Arkansas or Olla, Louisiana. The color and patterning of the snake give it away as a Timber Rattlesnake, Crotalus horridus.

Her tool belt is stacked with a knowledge of current decorating trends, burgeoning brands and DIY tips gathered from a lifetime of trial and lots of error. With a few tiny tweaks all of sudden a room can feel cleaner, fresher and easier to live in — when everything has its place, a room looks (and feels) pulled together.
Even when people know about the camera tricks that people use to make snakes look bigger (like the first letter writer), they can still be duped. Rattlesnakes don't get 11 feet long and when you pick something up with a long pole and hoist it towards the camera, things look bigger than they really are.
In fact, you'd be hard pressed to find reliable evidence of rattlesnakes over eight feet long (although a handful have been recorded).
But, today they are extremely rare and most (all?) of the snakes that are left in the state are on Camp Lejeune, the Marine base. In any case, Baton Rouge is nearly outside even the historic range of the Eastern Diamondback (range map). With that in mind, we’re sharing five surprising storage solutions using repurposed everyday items that you can try at home right now. If you're here because you received the picture on the right with some text about pigs or feral hogs influencing rattling behavior, you need to read this. Furthermore, that the man is standing on the back of a truck enhances the illusion that this is some kind of big snake, but it's not as if the snake hits the ground, it's just hanging in the air. Once you start talking about rattlesnakes over nine feet long you might as well be talking about Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster. Timber Rattlesnakes (Crotalus horridus), however, can be found throughout most of North Carolina, except perhaps the central region.
I don't believe this is the world's largest rattlesnake ever known because it is clearly an animal that is approximately half that size and thrust toward the camera on a long piece of wood. Greene County, Mississippi could possibly contain Eastern Diamondbacks but, as I mention above, they are extremely rare there. Both Poteau Mountain (located within Ouachita National Forest) and Olla, Louisiana are within the natural range of this species (although Olla is borderline).
So having to contend with unruly wrapping-paper rolls (which never seem to go back to their original form once the shrink-wrap has been ripped off) is frustrating with a capital F. It seems as though there is a blue line at the top, which reminded me of Pennsylvania (or perhaps South Carolina?). Well, the next time you come to the end of a paper-towel roll (or toilet-paper roll), don’t recycle that cardboard tube.

If someone claims to have found an eight foot rattlesnake, there needs to be compelling proof presented because this would make it one of the top two or three biggest rattlesnakes ever found in the history of humans or rattlesnakes.
Instead, cut a straight line down its length and fit it around a roll of opened wrapping paper.
I am afraid I cannot accept snake skins as evidence of giant snakes because it has been established that they stretch when removed from the snake, whether the stretching was purposeful or not. We immediately know this is false because although Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes, Crotalus atrox, can be found in Arkansas, Eastern Diamondbacks do not occur there, and that is an Eastern in the picture. It’ll keep the paper rolled up tight and ready to use for that next birthday party, Bat Mitzvah or bridal shower. Folder Holder = Chopping Board Stand Let’s be honest, most of our files are kept on our computer desktops these days, not on the top of our desks. Electronic files have replaced paper ones and digital folders have replaced cardboard ones, rendering many traditional metal and plastic file-folder holders useless. They flow onto the living-room floor, stack up by the bathroom sink and pile high beside the bed. Contain the paper trail by rolling and storing your monthly subscriptions in the perfectly sized circular holes of an unused wine rack.
Bottle Crates = Stackable Shelves Now, these are not the green plastic crates your DJ friend used to carry around his vinyl records in university, but rather the beautiful wooden vintage crates that can be picked up for a song at antique markets (or that are already piled up out back in your garden shed). Sanded, oiled and stacked, wooden crates make excellent display shelves for anything from hardcover books to guest hand towels.
Use brackets to fix them together, or leave them unattached so they can be easily rearranged on a whim.
One of the easiest ways to do this is with magnetic spice containers and a wall-mounted metal board.
Fill each container with paper clips, staples, string, elastic bands, and any other doodads needed to keep the household organized, and arrange them on the metal board above the desk.

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