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We specialize in satisfying the requirements of home owners' associations in covenant-controlled neighborhoods.
We can also provide accessories such as benches and shelving to utilize the maximum storage capacity of the shed.
This can be accomplished with the addition of a storage shed from Outdoor Structure Company.

In most cases, a storage building must must match the house in details from design down to the paint job.
We Build Right On-Site to Eliminate Moving Costs Which Include Wide Load Permits and Pilot Truck Fees, And to Access Hard To Get To Areas Where Storage Sheds Can't Be Delivered. From hot to cold and from wet to dry, a custom built shed from Outdoor structure Company will provide the space you need now and well into the future.

We use heavy duty hinges and door hardware, large air vents for porper circulation and finally, the sheds are trimmed and painted to match your house perfectly.

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storage sheds fort collins

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