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You've done a fine job minus the important step of looking at the City of Phoenix rules for accessory buildings. Actually, there's going to be two doors in the front, a small window between them, and the roof will be solar gray translucent panels to allow light in.At some point I need to run power to the shed as well. Add an old window frame on top of a wooden table for an eclectic potting bench in your garden shed. How about getting a solar building that has all the typical functionality of a storage shed, but with four windows that would make the perfect potting shed. Take an old desk, add some homey touches to it and turn it into a potting shelf or a plant station.

Reclaiming furniture for your garden is a such a good way to inspire yourself and it won’t cause any financial stress. MIt's slow going trying to find time, especially since I don't want to go rent a nailer for 2 hours of work or less, so I'm swinging a hammer.The sides are painted, and the roof is nearly completely framed. Pick one for small change and turn it into a potting station with a little bit of remodeling and some paint, you can have a super cool potting shelf.
Getting your creative juices flowing in and out of the garden is good for the brain and for your heart.
Look for old doors and window frames at thrift stores, flea markets, salvage yards and estate sales.

So, let’s get started looking at some ideas for making a fun and innovative potting shed tables.

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storage sheds phoenix arizona jobs

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