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Over the years we’ve adapted and learned a few tricks for keeping the house neat and storing stuff out of sight. Behind-the-headboard storage.  Our bed is set at an angle across the corner of the room, so that triangular space holds a small suitcase, a sleeping bag and some framed posters used for my T-Tapp events. We will be adding child #3 to our 750 square foot, 2 bedroom house in 4 months and I love the challenge of figuring out new and better ways to neatly organize and store our things! I'm a happy wife and mom of 12, Plexus Sapphire Ambassador, T-Tapp Master Trainer, homeschooler for 29 years so far, and baker of a million cookies. If you think your dream kitchen is out of reach because you don’t have enough space, think again.
Most small spaces will accommodate one of the following layouts – a single galley, which is a row of units along one wall, a double galley, which places units along both facing walls, then an L-shaped configuration of units or a U-shape of them if you have room. What you’re aiming to do in each is create a working triangle between the sink, hob and fridge. Suited to long or narrow rooms, a single galley may seem simple to design but the key is to have only as many units as you need. The biggest problem in a double galley is preventing it from feeling like a corridor, so keep tall cupboards to a minimum and opt for open shelving on one wall instead of wall units.
The corner area is the most critical part of an L-shaped kitchen – get it right and the rest of the design will fall into place. It’s easy to think that dark colors can’t be used in a compact room but given a few design tricks, it can work well while adding impact. Suited to smaller and mid-size rooms, in a U-shape the cabinetry surrounds the cook, meaning all the areas you need are just a step away. Pale gray cabinets, such as this u-shape kitchen, are a smart option for a small scheme if white gloss feels too clinical.
There’s a whole host of visual tricks you can use in a small space to add interest to the design.
If your kitchen isn’t huge, and it’s an awkward shape, it can be tricky making the most of what space you have. A variety of internal storage solutions will push up your budget but they can’t be beaten for making the most of a small kitchen.
Cans and bottles often become lost at the back of cupboards, so if you invest in just a few internal storage solutions, make one of them a wire larder or wall cabinet unit – not only will it make the contents easier to see and access, it will make the most of a limited capacity. When it comes to small kitchens, size doesn’t matter that much, what really matters is how you will design the space you have. I hope these ideas can help you with that! Our cabin kitchen is very tiny…one thing that helped was putting the island on casters.
Great suggestions that I will keep in mind when we purchase cabinets for our small u shaped cottage kitchen in the Spring.

We've kept things together (and mostly sane) at home in the meantime, so look around the blog to find practical help for home, family, health and business!
While you may not be able to accommodate a batterie de cuisine worthy of Gordon Ramsay, size is by no means a barrier to your ideal design. Islands are more of a luxury in a tight space but if you can, squeeze in a peninsula at the end of one run to provide a breakfast bar for casual dining. The right lighting is also very important in a narrow room, as it can be prone to shadows, so keep your task lighting on one circuit and your overhead or mood lighting on another.
It’s important to ensure there’s enough area in the center of the layout to move around comfortably – usually a minimum of two square meters. Remember to make best use of your single corner – storage carousels can be fitted inside but they don’t make the best use of all the space. Not only do they help to soften the look overall, used on the end of a run of units, they help guide you into the kitchen space and can take any kitchen from simple to stylish in moments. One advantage is that when the oven and the sink are placed on opposite sides of the U, the preparation worksurface between the two points becomes extra large and uninterrupted. Not only does it add warmth to the design, its pale color is just as good at making the room feel airy. Carousels that rotate to display their contents, pull-out units that extend fully for easy access and even wire racks on the back of doors will all help to use every inch available. Amei os compartimentos de armazenamento, muito bom para deixar tudo organizado, do jeitinho que eu gosto!
As a result, you find yourself in the situation when the cabinets and closets are full and you still need more storage space. For example, my gift wrap is also under my bed, but is in a long slender cardboard box thatfrom a Christmas decoration. A compact kitchen simply calls for some big ideas, smart planning and clever storage solutions.
L-shapes and double galleys mean that two of the ‘points’ will need to be on one run, while the single galley is trickier.  Remember to place appliances at a good distance from each other, with refrigeration at one end, so it can be accessed without entering the kitchen. You may also want to add lighting in other places – in plinths, drawers or glass-fronted cupboards, to make the room seem larger.
If you don’t have the luxury of space, you may want to consider reduced-depth units and worktops for one or more of the runs of cabinetry. It’s also worth investigating plinth drawers and cupboards that continue up to the ceiling for less frequently used items, such as large platters or seasonal crockery. But instead of adding more robust pieces of furniture, you can come up with some more space-saving solutions. Since the decoration is in a box together with the other Christmas stuff, I just recycled the box.

Stairway bookcaseOften underutilised, the space surrounding the staircase offers a multitude of storage uses.
Hanging shoe racks.View in galleryWhen you have shoes sitting on the floor the entire hallway looks messy. Photo: British Paints"Gain extra storage without spending a cent by repurposing your unusedA furniture pieces. They can be placed on the door of the closet, either inside or out and they keep your shoes organized at all times.2. Relaxing nooks near the window.View in galleryA wall with large windows or a wall with lots of windows is usually not a very good place for storage. Hanging storageIn the absence of counter storage, try hanging pots and pans above the sink. You can build a nice reading nook or a bench or a simple seat near the window and you can also use the space underneath it for storage for things like blankets and other similar items.3. Built-in bookshelves.View in galleryOne of the best things about bookshelves is that they can take up an entire wall and they can include lots of shelves and storage compartments. They are like huge storage units and they’re great for storing not only books but also all sorts of decorations, collectibles and personal treasures. Elevated clothes rackElevate an indoor clothes rack with a pulley system for increased floor space. These are items that need to be displayed and that would rather sit on a shelf than take up space somewhere else.4. The space underneath the staircase.View in galleryIt’s already a very popular solution and it’s both ingenious and practical. In one quick sweep you can gather up all the toys off the floor and they are a neat way to store extra blankets and cushions," says Bellef.14. You can build some shelves or you can integrate a storage unit with drawers and compartments.5. Minimise drawersBefore making changes, consider if you really need increased storage space."Drawers that do not have a specific purpose will always accumulate clutter. Identify a drawer's purpose and be aware about what goes in there, culling often!" says Bull. Identify a drawer's purpose and be aware about what goes in there, culling often!" says Bull.

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storage solutions for small homes elevation

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