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At Food Storage Made Easy, we asked our readers to come together and share their ideas for storing food in small spaces. We broke the house up into several different areas and will be covering each one individually.
You can get wide, shallow plastic bins at most department stores that have wheels on them for rollong under your bed.
I have wheat boxes behind my bed headboard against the wall, in a layer under my daughter’s mattress (she doesn’t have a frame or boxspring), and under the TV (that layer is covered with a blanket).
Inside the door of our pantry and the converted coat closet hang a pantry door shelf that hooks over the top of the door.
We converted our coat closet to a little storage room (we kept the coats in our regular closet). After struggling to find places for our storage, I got the idea to convert our coat closet into a pantry. What I’m planning on doing is curtaining off two feet or so along one wall of the dining room (Ikea has curtain rails you can mount on the ceiling) and putting all my food storage on shelves behind it. In one house (we were owners so we could cut into the wall) there was a space under the stairwell and we cut an opening in there and put a door so we could store things there.
We took sheets of 2 inch blueboard and made a 4×10 food storage room at the end of our very small living room. You can put organizers under your sink that are adjustable and can fit around all the pipes. This is an amazing idea that we received multiple times, it’s about creating a shelving system that acts as a table behind a sofa. These are things my mom did, she put wheat in buckets, using one on both sides she would put a piece of cut plywood across it and make a shelf. Knowing we needed space to store food and some casual seating, we made 18″ cubes with hinged lids.
The food storage boxes from the church canneries (the kind that hold six #10 cans each) fit very nicely between the wall and my couches. One year when we lived in an apartment my in-laws gave us a big wicker chest for Christmas.
We also did the plywood table top thing, except we used two buckets of wheat for each table–they were beautiful and no one would have guessed what was under them! I bought 2 book shelves at a garage sale – asking price $40 each, bought both for $25. Here’s an old post from my personal site of some roller shelving I made earlier this year, designed to fit behind standard shelving. We have a pantry that goes under the stairs, and then we also cut out the tops of the stair treads at the bend and hinged them. Bought plain whilte shortish buckets at the dollar store, filled them with back up everything and put them on top of my kitchen cabinets which do not go to the ceiling.
The only thing to be careful with is how much weight the cabinets can hold be fore separation from the wall. It is obvious that for your kitchen to look clean and clutter-free, you will need Kitchen Cabinets to store all the cutlery items and utensils that are used daily in the kitchen. Pantry cabinets are something you use every day, yet you probably never take the time to appreciate them. These day’s people are smart and need a smart way to operate around and decorate the house. I like most of your ideas sometimes I live in a place with not enough space and other times, there’s plenty. Extra quilts and blankets can be stored between your mattress and box-springs, freeing up the linen closet for food. Instead of a turntable for my spices, I use the small trays used to customize drawers, that fit my cabinet. I’ve found that, in addition to storing food, I can get creative with things that can be shifted to make room for the food.
My youngest children don’t use the space under their beds for anything yet, and putting boxes under there keeps them from flinging toys into that great void.
Does anyone have any ideas for storing toilet paper in bathrooms that don’t have any cabinets? You can mount a piece of plywood on brackets over your bathroom door and store the toilet paper on it….
Put a shelf, just deep enough for one roll of tp and the same distance from the ceiling, along the wall above your bathroom mirror.

Just a thought about those places that are too hot (or cold) for most food storage–salt and sugar can be stored there, so long as they are kept dry. Choosing storage cabinets though is something that should be done with care, Here are a few things that you need to look for tips with these expert suggestions. 1) Correcting wasted shelf space will help you to make space where you didn’t know you had it. 4) One of the easiest ways to save space is to use space saving hangers, like velvet hangers. We took the smallest of the three, bought heavy duty shelves from Costco and ordered a Shelf Reliance storage system for our canned goods.
That not only gives me extra storage space, but it prevents the build-up of toys and clothes and candy wrappers that otherwise get stuffed under the beds. 46 inches) then find someone (husband, a family friend, or pay someone) to custom make shallow cupboards underneath the counter. It ends up taking less space because I can pile spices all the way to the back but still have access to them. I converted the broom closet into a kitchen pantry (it was about 15 inches deep) with some shelf brackets and wood cut at home depot. Since this closet is not directly in the kitchen and it is carpeted we store our #10 cans, case lot sales items, and items purchased in bulk that we have a lot of.
My mother had tons of milk crates from years ago, and we filled them up and now they are stacked high in my closest and under my hanging clothes.
Even if you don’t want to put food there, it works for storing toilet paper, dish soap, shampoos, etc. We got to put contact paper of our choice on the wood and the bucket to decorate or rooms with and she would stack them 2 high. Every piece of furniture in my living room and family room has food storage boxes behind it.
Like canned meats, chili, and soup for under the bed, canned veggies on top of cupboards, and fruits under end tables with fabric draped over it. Pull a dresser or couch away from the wall a couple of feet and you can fit lots of cans or buckets behind it where they won’t be seen too easily.
They seem simple enough, but there is actually more than plenty involved behind the scenes. If the rooms are not well arranged and it is in a mess then naturally it will create lot of problems and definitely decoration saves lot of spaces inside the house if you decorate it with cabinets.
I have started using the large ziploc storage bags, and get a similar effect, though probably not to the same degree, by starting at the bottom and rolling up the soft fabric items, squeezing out as much air as possible before sealing. But you can get creative and change things in your room to make it look bigger or to host much more stuff.The main problem for a small bedroom is the large area that the bed occupies.
You can add deep and wide drawers to the bottom of the closet for your sweaters, socks, linens, scarves and other items. These hangers have a flat design and a velvet coating to keep clothing in place and hanging very closely together. Lots of space, you just have to remember what is under there and keep rotating if it is anything perishable. I also have water stored under my bed (I used to store it under the couch – that’s a great place to store extra diapers, too). Put one side on the back of a pantry, or cabinet, then attach pieces of the other side to your spices.
We kept our small stash of dishwasher soap on the side and near it we kept our small garbage can.
If they are made with a wood to match your kitchen cabinets then it should be a nice useful addition to your kitchen. I also put my baking goods in plastic bins so I can easily take out all my ingredients at once when I bake, again it keeps things in packed away in tighter spaces and makes cooking more fun.
I also put racks directly on the cupboards to hold different kinds of plastic wrap, aluminum foil etc. I have the shelves stored in my office, but when you look down the hall from our main living area you don’t see them. Also if your filling cabinet isn’t full, fill it up with boxed items, or put food in a crawl space or attic well sealed.
We’ve got 12 cu ft in the bottom one, and about 3 in the next one up, so a lot of storage hidden away! There are many things to consider regarding Discount Cabinets refacing, cabinets materials, finishes, door designs, and even information on hardware.

As a hint, I seal most of the edge before starting the squeezing, so I only have the last couple of inches to seal.
We have boxes of extra salt stored in our attic and in a different house, we kept sugar and salt in our garage.
There are some things that you can do to make the most of a small space while keeping it organized. There are also hat stackers, purse hangers, and other kinds of organizers that can hang from your bar.
They also have attachments, like hooks and clips, to help you hang more than one item on each hanger.
Then with all the left over space under there… after cleaning the space really well, my husband put our case of Tomato Soup, Spaghettios, and Progresso soups.
Just make sure the boxes are labeled with what’s in them and put the things you will need to get into most often on the top or it can be a real pain to find things. Also the coat closet had a built in shelf above the rod so that shelf is used for unopened boxes of food like our case of 48 cans of Tuna and our 72 hours kits (grab and go kits near a door exiting the house). Now they have such great things to decorate, you could go wild with it, maybe faux painting some to look like marble pillars? It leaves just the perfect amount of space between the wall and the furniture — nobody would guess there was anything back there. We had a futon in our living room and we hid soda bottles filled with water behind the futon. Make a table with a board on top of a couple of cases of canned goods and cover it with a cloth. Is there anyway we can post a few so everyone can really visualize different storage areas? I don’t like the turntables because the corners of the cupboard, esp the back ones, are inaccessible and wasted space, and only the spices on the outside edge of the turntable are really visible.
I don't like the turntables because the corners of the cupboard, esp the back ones, are inaccessible and wasted space, and only the spices on the outside edge of the turntable are really visible.
Once I help my clients realize what they value most and why, they typically find or make space for what is important in their lives.
You can custom build them so that the lower part takes over the role and appearance  of what they replace. We specialize in saving closet space, so we’ve compiled some tips for you that will help you turn a cram-packed nightmare of a closet into an organized dream. You can use small drawer systems on shelves for things like underwear, ties, jewelry, and other small things that you need to organize in your closet.
You can install a tie rack, belt rack, or scarf rack on an interior wall to save even more shelf and drawer space.
On the table we used decorative items: a nice looking binder for our storage records, a pretty box that held recipes for our storage foods, another box held cards with helpful hints.
Those boxes also can be stacked to form a table — my telephone sits on one such table. I’ve stacked 2 liter pop bottles of water horizontally between my filing cabinet and the wall.
Just an idea for areas of your home that you normally wouldn’t consider to use for food storage.
Adding shelves and shortening your hanging rod or rods can give you that extra space that you need for organizing. Drawers that slide underneath your bed can help you to get some bulkier items or storage items out of the closet. I’m also okay with the fact that my house doesn’t look professionally decorated—it’s disguise the food decor! You can clip outfits together and then two or even three outfits can cascade down from one hanger, doubling or tripling the space in your closet. That way, when you’re in a hurry, you can mark it instead of trying to remember what you took later.
Shelf risers help to raise up items that are far back so that you can see what you have and avoid digging and messing everything up. The functionality of mini-shelves hanging on the wall is undeniable, they can serve for books and for cosmetics, documents or other decorative objects.One last thing you should consider.

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