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3) Move ALL media files (music, videos, etc) to your external SD card so that your internal storage remains clear.  You can do this by installing a file manager app (such as Astro or Solid Explorer).
We hope this lesson has helped you resolve the low memory problems you were experiencing on your Android devices. Exactly right Jeff, i cant understant why android give access to extend ram and inernal space unless you rooted it.
Since the device memory is full, even though the USB memory isn’t, no apps can be downloaded and installed which can help me make a backup.
Thank you so much this was so helpful =) Now I am able to text back to the family and friends and don’t have to delete any more of my Apps. I believe this is a common issue, as I've read every post I can get my hands on, but none of the proposed solutions that I've attempted have resolved my issue. Obviously something doesn't make sense if I have the free space on the SD card (or so it says) and I find it hard to believe that the ROM is taking up almost 11gb of internal. I have all my pictures, all my music, and whatever app i can put there on my ext 32gig sd card.
Thanks, but as I explained above, I'm unable to transfer any of my files onto the external sd card. Step 3: But in certain android phone, it is not necessary that your device come with USB OTG driver. If you've rooted and made back ups or installed other ROMs, you may have things stored that aren't showing up. With increase in number of Apps and data on your device and the device sizes being fixed the error of “Insufficient Storage Error” is becoming common with many users while installing Apps. This message often pops up when you Download or Transfer large size media files and Install Apps of large size on your android device. Note: Check the Storage in Settings on your Android device and make sure that sufficient data is available.

To make sure that your Cache does not get piled up again you can even Schedule Reminders to clear your cache to remind you when the Cache reaches a certain amount of size or to remind you in certain time interval, which is very easy as seen in the image below. Clearing Cache is the best way to clear memory as Cache is the temporary storage (caching) of web documents, such as HTML pages and images, to reduce bandwidth usage, server load, and perceived lag. I HAVE TRIED ALL THE PROCESS YOU CLEARLY STATED, IT DIDNT WORK, I HAVE 1GB INTERNAL SPACE AND 13GB SD, I STILL HAVE THE INSUFFICIENT STORAGE SPACE ERROR, I TRIED INSTALLING TO SD, SAME ERROR, EVEN WHEN I TRY TO UPDATE.
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We often hear from readers about all sorts of weird issues they come across on their Droid smartphones and tablets. The internal storage on most devices is usually fairly small, hence the need for additional storage via the external SD memory card.
I started obsessing about the Android platform as soon as I got my HTC EVO phone in mid-2010. But for those that don’t want to root their devices, this lesson is a less drastic approach to fix the problem. You can increase storage space on android which doesn’t have memory card slot by using USB OTG. I understand that the OS and whatnot takes up a good bit of space, that's why I'm using the 12.9 as the goal number.
Where would things have to be stored to not show up in one of the "used storage" categories in settings? If you are getting this error do check your Device Storage Data available and if you are having sufficient Storage space but still getting this Error follow these simple steps and get rid of the message and you can install the apps easily without any hassle. If no data is available you need to delete some Music, Videos, Photos or Uninstall some Apps to release some space. It’ll restore your phone back to the same settings you had when you first turned it on after you opened it out of the box.

Ever since then, I have been obsessed with learning all that I can about the Android OS and sharing that knowledge with my friends and family.
I have moved ALL the apps to the SD Card, uninstalled most of them & cleaned the cache and leftover files using an app.
The HTC one, Nexus, MotoG or any other android model, which does not have microSD card slot, are not able to store large data due to fixed storage limit.
Based on my screenshot of the storage screen, I should be seeing around 4GB more free space than I am. The Android software has been known to have various different issues come up when it runs out of memory. Tried connecting it to 3 different computers in order to backup the contacts, messages & photos.
These flash drives help you in storing many movies and music which you do not able to store in limited storage. After that it is prefer that you install application that helps in the visibility of external driver in front of operating system.
Samsung Kies is useless and the phone has not been detected by a mac or pc, even after changing the USB cable.
With the help of USB OTG, you can connect flash drive with your android phone for extra storage.

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