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Canberra Containers are a local container provider located in Mitchell ACT and the specialists for everything related to shipping containers.
Canberra Containers carry a range of storage containers in stock and for sale, from well loved but still functional through to brand new having available many specialised access options. Canberra Containers have many years experience in the shipping and building industries and if you have a concept, we can make it a reality. Next time you have some sort of storage, building or transport requirement, look towards Canberra Containers for the perfect containerised solution. If it’s a container, we generally have it in stock or we will source it for you as quickly as possible.

We fit out containers for your specific requirements and have modified containers into all sorts of extra rooms and habitable accommodation.
We rent watertight and lockable containers to businesses and individuals alike for an array of storage scenarios. Containerised retail spaces, food serverys and bars are all gaining popularity - you have probably seen them appearing all around the place. When it comes to container transport, we have an established network of industry contacts and arrange relocations Australia wide. This is due not only to the strength and security that a shipping container provides but also it is portable and able to be relocated easily and economically.

We stock some common container parts and everyday accessories and these can be delivered with your order.

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storage space for rent canberra

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