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Be extremely wary of sellers who do not want to use the messaging centre, or meet in person.
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Receive instant updates once ads are posted within a category of your choice or that relate to your specific search term. The highlight of this duplex is the privacy, the breathtaking views and the constant breeze. The owners have created plenty of storage place for suitcases, boxes, golf bags and virtually anything you want to put away. This unit is excellent for a small to medium sized family and offers huge potential for entertaining guests and private enjoyment. Ikhram Merican served as my rental agent in October, 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to help me relocate. Thank you Ikhram for your effort and contribution in helping me purchase my property without hassle. Our survey shows tenants seek better quality homes near public transport and value flexibility.
London respondents are prepared to travel for longer to get to work, thus highlighting the affordability pressures of the London market.
Location is even more important to wealthier Londoners with 75% of those with household incomes of £80,000 or more stating proximity to work or university is a priority. More than half (55%) of younger respondents aged between 18 and 25 were also prepared to pay more to live near work or university while just 20% of those over 45 would be happy to pay extra. Families with children found it more important to be close to good schools (48%), and 42% of them were willing to pay more.
Tenants are renting for longer and the profile of those tenants is changing to include more families with children. Open plan kitchens are rated more highly by families and those aged 18 to 25, but liked less by older households. Clean internal areas and general upkeep of the grounds rank very highly in terms of overall importance to all respondents.
The greatest difference between high-income renters and those on lower incomes relate to the following amenities (in this order): on-site gym, on-site pool, on-site cleaner to hire, 24 hour concierge, hotel-style lobby, Wi-Fi internet and 24-hour security.

When tenants were asked what prompted their last move, there was broad consistency between London and other cities.
Qualitative analysis of tenant comments revealed that many had experienced damp and mould, they were unhappy with the fixtures and fittings in their rental property, and felt their landlord replaced broken appliances with very poor standard equipment. A quarter of the tenants we surveyed moved out of their last rental property due to poor management. Institutions are better placed to deliver longer tenancy options than private buy-to-let investors, who have more need for flexibility. This is an opportunity for the emerging build-to-rent market where investors can distinguish themselves from the rest of the market. Another key area of discussion was the size of rooms with particular focus on having double rooms with enough space for bedroom furniture.
The ample room in the living area has been well utilized but care has been taken to avoid clutter. I found him to be the most earnest, reliable, and honest of all the agents I’ve worked with in the last 2 moves here.
60% of London respondents travel for more than half an hour to work, compared to just 30% of other respondents. Almost half (49%) of all respondents said that being close to work or university was important. Moreover, 47% also said that they were prepared to pay extra for the convenience compared to 38% of all respondents. Higher income households found it important to be close to a gym (12%) and 13% were willing to pay more.
They rate having access to nursery or childcare much more highly than specifically having childcare within the scheme or building. This was significantly more important to families with children (47%) but less important to those without children or sharers. Beyond that, there are certain features for which households on mid- to high-incomes are willing to pay more. Quality of the property also relates to the management and repairs, and essentially how the landlord deals with repairs.
The importance of bike storage was mentioned and some brought up the importance of having enough space for bulky items such as a vacuum cleaner.

The main color scheme of this duplex is white and all the built-ins and furnishings complement the scheme seamlessly. Unobstructed views, a large patio to enjoy the views and breeze and a complex kitchen to aid in the preparation of culinary delights. The master washroom and shared washroom in the upper level have been completely refurbished with class. I liked how he coached me through the whole process of renting out my place and made it all a breeze. Other than helping us to look for the type of property we prefer, he also provides us advices regarding property market, loan and financing etc. Having a communal outside play area is important and they are equally willing to pay more for it, but this feature is rated lower than other additional space.
Families and households on mid- to high-income are more likely to pay additional rent to have a larger property. In addition, many tenants commented that they moved because their previous neighbours were causing a problem. In addition, when asked whether they would be prepared to pay a higher rent to have secure storage outside the apartment (for sports equipment, luggage or bulky possessions), 12% of all respondents would pay more rent.
He is really helpful and shares his knowledges with us as he is very familiar with Damansara Perdana area. However, the provision of car clubs has been increasing in cities, and car clubs often provide a good solution in developments where planning restrictions prevent on- or off-street parking. Sharers and renters on higher income are more willing to pay more to have an en suite for every bedroom.
Noise was a repeated theme, with tenants complaining of noise from neighbouring properties as well as traffic from the street.

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