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There are never enough shoes for women, but there is obvious the problem of how to store them, especially for those us who live in the city with small apartment and houses. If you find one of those beautiful cabinets that you would want to use as a decorative item, why not display your shoe collection in it also? 2-in-1 furniture is always great space saver, find one that complements your room style and color and it can serve as a decoration also. You can get cheap boxes at IKEA and tuck these shoe drawers away under the bed, neat and easy!
An old ladder painted in your favorite color would be a perfect place to store and display your beloved shoes. Who would think that wine crates could become so effective and beautiful shoe storage just with a coat of paint?
This creative DIY pipe rack does not only hold your shoes but also adds a touch of industrial modern charm to any apartment.
Visit EPBOT for a wonderful tutorial on how to create your own flip flop and ballerina flat hangers from old metal hangers.
Be an artist and create an art out of a wood board and use it as a background for hanging your shoes. A dress or chest at the end of the bed does not only act as a roomy storage for your shoes but also add an instant rustic charm for your bedroom. Is there a way to mount the wine crates on vertical sliding rails so that I can mount them above the doors, but the shorter people can lower them to use? Storage and Other Stories: How to Avoid the (in)Evitable Clutter that Accumulates in your Life. Do you think I could get as many guns on a 12" round rack as in 12" of linear wall space? This may stick out a bit more than a foot but that top rack is sure doing a good job of maximizing storage space for rifles. I'm focused on long guns, so the lack of handgun storage density doesn't concern me all that much.

So I've been considering trimming the shelves back about a foot and add 8-10" shelves onto the door.
Weapon Storage SolutionsHi-Density Spacesaving Systems offers many space saving applications specifically designed for your unique weapon storage applications. Hi-Density provides solutions for all of your custom and unique applications that require a product that has evolved with the modern demands,designs and space requirements of today's military and security forces.
Since 1991, Hi-Density Spacesaving Systems has been a leading US manufacturer, providing storage solutions for police, military, government facilities and security forces at home and abroad. Hi-Density Spacesaving weapon racks are constructed of a highly durable wear resistant polyethylene plastic.
Our standard pistol racks are also constructed of the same material supporting the pistol barrel and grip from the exterior of the weapon leaving the barrel rifling unaffected.
Weapon carts are custom built to facilitate access and mobility of weapons for quick deployment. All of our products are design and constructed in the USA for the preservation, organization and protection of our military's valuable assets. Hi-Density™ has been on the leading edge in the area of design, engineering new and unique models to fit the ever-changing needs of our customers.
Please, upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience this site. So let’s take a look at 20 different shoe storage ideas to see if you can take away some for your home! However if you are living in small spaces, take extra precautions when buying a shoe cabinet: first plan the place for the shoe cabinet carefully in advance, think of used spaces such as hallway or a small corner in your living room, measure the space carefully and find a shoe cabinet that fits the place exactly. I love love vintage cabinets as they have the kind of character and personality that becomes the focal point of any room they are in.
You can paint the mold in your favorite color or use bars from old picture frames for the style and patterns.
We understand the needs for uniquely designed storage racks that conserve space while providing multiple levels of security for your storage.

If you love vintage labels, you can print out label designs on Graphics Fairy, it’s my favorite website for finding vintage labels!
All barrel supports are made from one solid piece of material having no guards or coatings to fall off or wear away. Any solution would need to cover both weapons and a multitude of optics, including night vision goggles, laser aiming lights, and thermal weapons sights. All gunstock supports are also made of one solid piece of polyethylene and mounted in a special 6061 aircraft grade aluminum extrusion. A highly organized, space-efficient, and secure method of storing these expensive pieces of equipment was required. The weapons racks mounted on stationary and high density mobile storage systems proved to be the ideal solution for many of the armory's evolving needs.The weapons racks on high density mobile storage offers great flexibility for the configuration of shelves and bins, which allows optics to be stored on the weapons and save the armorers' time. The weapons racks feature built-in retractable doors and locking bars that meet their physical security requirements. The doors, sides, and backs of the cabinets are diamond-perforated to allow quick assessment of inventory.
Special support brackets were developed for their anti-armor rocket launchers, which are stored horizontally in similar weapons cabinets.In another area, night vision goggles are stored with their cases on 4-post shelving that is customized with doors similar to the weapons racks and bins that provide a high degree of organization.
Although only a portion of the armory storage is currently housed on high density mobile systems, everything, including the 4-post stationary shelving, was designed to be ready for potential mobilization in the future. This planning will minimize the cost associated with the armory's next move.With the new storage system, the Staff Sergeant can now complete a site count ten times faster than with the old system.
Since these counts happen at least twice a day and more if there are visitors, it allows more time for the armorers to concentrate on weapons and optics management.
We will even provide you with a free consultation to determine your facility's exact storage needs before the design process begins.

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