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Finding  Las Vegas Hotel deals can be fun and easy task – You can find all the information you need online and have a great vacation in Vegas! The museum has offered up one interesting number- they are expecting 600,000 visitors a year to go through the Museum. The Blue Man Group is finishing up their contract at the Palazzo and will move to the Monte Carlo next year. The National Weather Service which issued a Heat Warning to Clark County earlier this week is extending that warning through Monday, August 29th. McCarran Airport officials and the Las Vegas Review-Journal are warning there could be flight delays over the weekend due to Hurricane Irene. If you're heading to the East Coast this weekend, check the status of your flight before you head to the airport. A spokesman for McCarran International Airport said Hurricane Irene could cause some flights to be delayed or canceled, but would not elaborate on how deeply the storm could effect travel plans since it has not hit the States yet. He said changes in travel plans due to weather is an airline problem, not an airport issue so there's not much McCarran can do in preparing for the hurricane that is expected to be Category 2 or 3 when it hits the East this weekend.
Each year we celebrate the holidays by providing a list of the homes around the Las Vegas Valley that participate in holiday light displays. If you know of a house or Event that should be included be sure to hit the comments section and let us know! NorthWest area, Residential home has an animated musical Christmas Lights display and a video of Santa in a window. Address: 4255 El Cid Way Las Vegas NV 89121Description: Huge two story house all decorated, TONS OF LIGHTS, garage has a viewing of a HUGE mini Christmas village built up on Styrofoam which includes three full trains running throughout the mini village, house will NOT disappoint! The perennial garden’s holiday display is likely the most anticipated of the year, as the Strip resort seems to pull out its big botanical guns to really make the season come to life. The Downtown institution invites families to the Neon Boneyard for some ornament-making, hot chocolate and carols sung by the Las Vegas Academy choir. The National Recreation Area puts on a nautical Noel, as boat owners at Calville Bay decorate their rigs with Christmas lights and displays. Desert landscapes aren’t the ideal canvas for a winter wonderland, but the local chocolate company accomplishes it every year. The man in the bright red suit flies a sleigh led by magical reindeer—did you really think he’s not a total outdoorsy badass? The kids can take photos with Santa in between train rides through the suburban open-air mall. As much as the visionaries who built the Las Vegas Strip, Frank Sinatra help put that famed five mile stretch boulevard on the map and in the collective memory of those who still wish the Strip was like it was in the days of Rat Pack when Sinatra ruled the Strip.
From his first appearance at Wilbur Clark's Desert Inn in 1951 of which Sinatra remembered, "Wilbur Clark gave me my first job in Las Vegas. Much has been written the last few days about Sinatra as part of the centennial of his birthday but my favorite Sinatra piece is the one written by Pete Hamill in 1998, Why Frank Sinatra Matters. As the holidays are fast approaching, we thought it would be nice to take a stroll down memory lane and see how Christmas was celebrated back when Las Vegas was a much smaller town, entertainment on the Las Vegas Strip was jumping and jiving and traditions were being made. Later estimates by the Clark County Fire Department clocked the speed at 15 to 19 feet per second! It finally roared out the front doors of the hotel destroying everything from the slot machines inside to the cars parked waiting for the valet. As the smoke intensified and the lights began to flicker, Feldman realized that staying behind perhaps wasn't the best choice. National Content Liquidators will begin selling off everything from gaming tables to pool furniture to industrial mixers, room decor and everything in between Thursday, May 14.
Check the weather forecast and dress accordingly as the lines will be long waiting to get in to view and purchase the treasures.

The First State Bank was originally in Kuhn's Mercantile Store across from the depot on Main Street. Parks also realized that a bank should not only be secure but look secure and promote a feeling of stability for its customers. In 1959, the Mint annexed the Birdcage and in its place had the original architects and neon designers design a corner facade that would go with the original building. The Mint had a lounge where my folks saw Johnny Cash perform in the early 1960s for the cover charge of two drinks. Along with the 1950s facade of their next door neighbor, the Horseshoe, the two hotels made a "solid block of superb 1950s popular Modernism" says Alan Hess and helped Fremont Street become Glitter Gulch. In the late-1980s, the Binion family bought the Mint and expanded the Horseshoe to the corner covering over all that iconic signage. In the middle of the block was Cornell's Family Shoe Store, the original location of Smith and Chandlers Western Wear as well as the original location of Ronzoni's. Next door was the Boulder Club one of the original gambling halls on Fremont Street and the first to have a neon sign designed, of course, by Yesco. The original Boulder Club signage, designed in 1933 by Yesco was a large vertical sign with a modified zigzag modern crest no more than ten feet above the roofline. In 1946, while stationed in Tonopah, Nebraskan Jackie Gaughan, whose family had gaming interests in Omaha, bought a 3% interest in the Boulder Club thinking he might return to Las Vegas some day.
Special thanks to Alan Hess, Allen Sandquist, Special Collections, Nevada State Museum and KimosVegas for the photos and postcards. Due to the length of this page, I am going to continue the history of this block on the next page. The Stardust Hotel came to life with the help of organized crime money, it grew up and in the 1970s again was intertwined with organized crime money and associates that almost brought the hotel down.
After the film, it was cold out as we bounded into Al's car (he was a year and half older than us and had a big, boat of a car (common back in those pre-oil crisis days). We celebrated ringing in the New Year at Al's house, jitterbugging to the Andrew's Sisters (his mother was teaching us to dance- Today, Al is still a really good dancer and I'm not). When I woke up about nine that morning, I looked out bedroom window to see snow blanketing the ground.
The first think I did was pick up my princess phone (anyone remember those?) and called Al. Seems to me there was a lot more snow in the 1970s in southern Nevada than there has been in the last thirty-some years.
I'd spent New Year's Eve with my friend, Dee Keys, in Boulder City and at midnight we went out to see what was going on. Okay, Dennis McBride and Tom Dyer and crew at the Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas are putting together a wonderful exhibit (hopefully to open in January) on Mid-Century Modern architecture in Las Vegas. I went to Bishop Gorman, and it is indeed the chapel that was on campus there back in the 1980s. Ah, Las Vegas, if you are like me you look at the landscape and try to find remenants of the city you once knew. The area is divided into quadrants by using Sahara Avenue to divide north from south and Interstate 15 to divide east from west. My favorite TV show of all time is "Star Trek." The recent "Star Trek" movie was OK, but I much prefer the original cast.
Lots of lights, inflatable airplane on roof, nativity scene, snow globe and lighted animals, angels and more.
This year’s installment took 34,000 flowers to create, and includes a 42-foot White Fir tree (with 7,000 lights and 2,500 ornaments), a 12-foot jack-in-the-box, polar bears made of white carnations, penguins peeking out of igloos, and two 12-foot snow globes.

Take pictures with the Festivus pole and participate in the parody holiday's "feats of strength" tradition by lifting a 100-pound dumbbell above your head. Well, we suppose the fire pits (and s’mores!) and hot toddies are the cherry on top of this quintessentially Vegas holiday experience. Many of the elegant touches like the wall paper, the paintings of famous MGM characters, the carpet and more fueled the fire as it raced. Everything is being sold as is and no lay-aways or holds for pick up or returning with more cash will be honored.
Again, I mentioned that it might snow and again, he laughed out loud (all these years later, he still does that). Just three days later, Thursday, January 3, another snow storm hit the valley and left seven inches of snow.
It has little resemblance to Guardian Angel Shrine Church at Desert Inn and Strip.except that both have A frame roofs.
The parade and ceremony will start at Charleston Boulevard and Fourth Street, with the parade proceeding north on Fourth Street to Ogden Avenue at 6 a.m.
As a tribute to the show I have decorated my front yard to represent some of my favorite episodes with a holiday twist. He now attaches each one to plywood and puts a cable around all of them to prevent them from being stolen.
Those who complete the brawny challenge score a complimentary photo, Starbucks drink samples and Grand Bazaar Shops coupon books. For six bucks, you got a filet mignon dinner and me." to his ring-a-ding days of headlining the Sands Hotel, Sinatra was the top of the pyramid in an era when Las Vegas was known as the Entertainment Capital of the World.
The second film pairing of Paul Newman, Robert Redford and George Roy Hill was an absolute delight. Dee and I had gone to a science fiction double bill at the El Portal--Zardoz and Soylent Green--and when we came out, Fremont Street and the cars parked along the curb were covered with snow. The parade will feature entries from first responders, military and veterans agencies, bagpipers and special performances. The event will feature keynote speaker Maureen Peckman, a member of the Nevada Commission on Homeland Security, reflective readings and songs. Kirk and Spock in hand-to-hand combat armed with candy canes and dressed as elves, red, white and green animatronic tribbles and much much more. The road disappeared and we drove in two tracks in the snow." Another notable snow was February 14, 1979--here's a photograph of me standing on a bench in front of Frazier Hall at UNLV with the Flora Dungan Humanities building in the snowy background.
The free event will feature participation from various faiths from throughout the community (895-9303). The original facade of the Boulder Club, like the Las Vegas Club across the street, was simple, Moderne with a hint of chrome. Thompson wrote about spending the night at the Mint and Lee Marvin and Woody Strode shot at Vegas Vic one night from their hotel rooms. They were looking to expand in Las Vegas and the three men made a tentative agreement for Dalitz and his group (with Lansky, as always, the silent partner) to lease the casino once the resort was completed.

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