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Travelers need ample storage space, but a common rental design mistake is misjudging the type of storage. DiPiero has one lighting non-negotiable when designing a guest room: The color must be right. When styling your space, consider what short-term travelers in your area might be looking for. A few personal touches could mean the difference between a beaming review and a mediocre one. Sign up for our newsletter and receive exclusive stories, breaking news, sale alerts and much more straight to your Inbox! Rent Control is offering our annual free seminar for tenants on the evening of Tuesday, May 3rd.
At the February 11, 2016 meeting of the Santa Monica Rent Control Board, the Board considered applications submitted by two parties who expressed an interest in being appointed to fill the position that was vacated following the retirement of Commissioner Ilse Rosenstein.  After hearing from Anastasia Foster and Elaine Golder-Gealer, the Board voted to appoint Ms.
Anastasia Roark Foster will serve until the next municipal election in November 2016, when the current term for the seat expires.  The successful candidate in the election will serve a full term through December 2020. 2015 Registration Fee & Pass-Through UpdateWhen Santa Monica voters passed Measure FS in the November 2014 election, they limited the portion of the fees that landlords may pass through to tenants to 50% of the fee.
The Vacancy Unit Registration Form is Now Available Online! Until now, the Rent Control Board has required owners to register new tenancies on a 3-part multicolored form that was only available from our office. Property Description: A busy, high-traffic, high-visibility urban freestanding retail unit located below luxury apartments. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. We have storage space available to safely park your motor home, commercial vehicle, trailer or boat.
Trucking firms, construction companies and other commercial entities that need a convenient storage location just north of the Los Angeles area are in luck. Have you got valuable equipment or extra belongings that need to be stored inside a locked container? It was a beautiful evening and it seemed that quite a few other people had the same brilliant idea as I did which meant that I ended up having to park a mile away from Griffith Observatory on Western Canyon Road. With luxurious detailing, a refined nautical feel, and rich wood tones, the Scarpetta Restaurant in Miami takes the typically "flashy" Miami vibe to a more sophisticated level.

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We proudly serve Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego, Palm Springs, San Francisco, Phoenix, Las Vegas and More! United Van Rentals can accommodate a party of 15 with our 15 passenger van rental that gives you a great van at a great rate. Short-stay guests will likely leave their belongings in a suitcase and hang a few select items.
Airbnb host Scott Shatford says he stays in his own rental every few months to make small improvements. A gender-neutral palette is ideal and allows you to experiment with striking colored or patterned pieces. The seminar covers the basics of the Rent Control Law including how much rent an owner may charge, what amenities are included with a unit, remedies available for maintenance issues and eviction protections. There was no increase in this year's registration fee, and it remains $174.96 per controlled unit. Surrounded by many local, longterm establishments including restaurants, quick marts, soft goods and coffee shops. Since I am not one to go to my hotel without some sightseeing fun I decided to visit Griffith Observatory on Mount Hollywood. Unfortunately, I had just come from work so I was sporting a dress and heels which was not prime attire for hiking up a curving mountain road. Construction on the beautiful Art Deco building began in 1933 and was opened to the public in 1935. One of the telescopes was open to the public, but the line was incredibly long so I settled for looking out at the horizon instead of peering up into the sky.
Rather than take up space with a big wardrobe, opt for a modern, minimalist clothing rack or small closet. Something as simple as a well-lit side table that doubles as a makeup space (or a dining table styled with stationery as a work desk) makes the room far more versatile. To maximize the space, the design team elevated the bed and used a transparent fabric screen to visually segment the kitchenette from the bedroom.
Rugs are easy to clean (or replace) if a tenant is messy, and if you have wooden floorboards, they will help curb noise.

Start with a neutral or monochrome palette and enhance it with bold accents that add personality.
Go beyond guidebooks and travel pamphlets, and style a side table with chic coffee table books, games, and a basket of travel essentials like spare chargers and earplugs. Foster was sworn in, immediately assumed her seat and participated in the remainder of the meeting.
However, beginning in September 2015, the portion of the fee that may be passed through to tenants will go down. At its April 9th Board meeting the Board amended the new regulation to require landlords to file "buyout agreements" with the Rent Control Board. Much of the form can be filled out online using your keyboard, but since the Rent Control Law requires a statement signed under penalty of perjury, owners must print out and sign the completed form and then mail it or bring it to Rent Control. Best of all, our yard is adjacent to the East Kern Wind & Solar Energy construction areas. I had been there a few times before over the years and it is a great place to go for a view over the city. I am not known for being deterred by inappropriate footwear (Exhibit A: Hiking up Mount Warning in broken flip flops) so of course I headed off toward the Observatory anyway. A nightstand with bench space and a catchall for jewelry and valuables will give the room a homely touch. Tenants are under no obligation to accept buyout offers and should realistically evaluate whether any amount offered is sufficient to cover the loss of a controlled rental unit. Traditional, 3-part forms are still available for those who want them, but to get one right away, use this link to download the Vacancy Unit Registration Form from the following page. I honestly could have wandered around forever but it was getting late and I needed to get to my hotel. Scroll down for five fuss-free ways to turn your spare room into a stylish, versatile rental.
Everytime we drove past it, I would think of going there and taking my children but we never did.

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