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I've tried to google for this topic, I 've tried to delete the .odex files, used the SD Maid to clean whatever possible, moved all the apps that are possible to move to the SD card, but nothing helped.
As you download apps and music files, take pics and cache data for offline use, the space on your Android device can fill up quite quickly. Obviously, the less storage space you have, the quicker it will fill up and the more time you’ll have to dedicate to micromanaging your files.
From here, you can tap on any category and see exactly what’s there using up space, and delete it if you want to. The built-in tool is a great way to see the amount of space used by the different types of data on your device, but it doesn’t clearly show how much space is used by individual files and folders.
Use the visualization screen to see which files and folders are taking up the most space, and delete any you don’t need anymore from within the app. In many cases, this storage can’t be used for apps and system files, but you can store your pics, videos, music files and other types of media files over there. Once you have an SD card installed, you can either connect your device to a computer and move files over, or use a file manager app on the device itself. Some Android devices allow you to move some apps to an SD card to help free up additional space.
A couple of days back, WhatsApp had rolled out a new feature which allows you to send PDF documents to your contacts. As you'll see in the images below, the NextBit Robin has an atypical design, and is based on Android Lollipop. But I believe the article said that the finger print scanner is in the power button on the right side, not the little dimple things at the top and bottom in the front. Think about it - we fork out big dollars for phones with top-notch hardware because we can't stand it when our OS lags. Oh, and by the way - the premium the manufacturers charge for larger RAM capacity is artificially inflated. All those tasty free PS4 PS Plus games from Sony each month are great, but if you've been downloading them all and installing them alongside your disc-based purchases, chances are you're running low on storage space. Gizmodo UK is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Desktops & NotebooksASUS unveiled 6 next gen gaming devices, comprising two gaming grade desktops with refined aesthetics and four high performance notebooks. DesignTo provide the best gaming experience to the users, the laptops comes with a revolutionary Armor Titanium and Plasma Copper color scheme. Under the hoodThe series comes with Quad core 6th Gen Intel core i7 (Skylake) and NVIDIA GeForce GTXa„? 900 series graphics. Advanced cooling technologyThe latest models counter the issue of quick heating with commendable variants of cooling technology,thus making them a perfect choice for the gamers. I've deleted most of the apps,that I've been using previously with ICS without problems and my storage seems to be full all the time.
Especially if you have a lower end device that only has a few gigs of storage in the first place. If you find that you’re continually running out of space you may want to consider purchasing a device with more storage when you upgrade.

For example, if you tap on the Apps category, you’ll see a list of apps that are using up space. Don’t delete anything related to an app unless you are definitely willing to lose that data.
If your device does have a card slot, you can purchase a microSD card and insert it in the slot to gain a little more storage space. However, Google has tried to steer away from this feature for security, performance, and stability reasons in newer versions of Android, so it’s not always possible to do this, especially on newer devices.
However, the best way to free up as much as possible is to simply not download anything you don’t need.
Sure you can free up space by moving your photos but recently there’s a bug on WhatsApp that appears to be sucking up more storage than usual. After the initial update, a couple of iPhone users including our unit have been getting alerts that storage is running out. Let us know if WhatsApp had bogged down your iPhone and whether it is fixed after you’ve updated the app. NextBit doesn't say if Cyanogen is involved in any way in this project, despite the fact that, last year, the two companies announced that they'd collaborate to develop a "really cool" mobile product. With many apps, the data is synced online and you should just be able to re-download it if you find that you do need it. Even after uninstalling apps and clearing up photos, it didn’t take too long before the available storage space goes back to 0 bytes.
While a few drives of 1TB or larger are available at that size, they're pricier than their 3.5-inch counterparts, which offer far more storage space for the price.
The categories include pictures and videos, downloads, audio files, miscellaneous other files and cached data. To clear even more space, we suggest clearing up media files from your chat history as that also builds up after a long period of time.
Data backups are automatically made via Wi-Fi, but you can also set up backups via cellular networks. Moreover, the company's head of design, Scott Croyle, worked at HTC and supervised the development of smartphones like the HTC Evo, HTC Incredible, HTC One M7, andHTC One M8.You can already order the NextBit Robin via Kickstarter (check out the source link below).
Nyko has a handy new PS4 accessory to fix the problem -- provided you've no qualms with adding an extra block on top of your console. However I wasn't able to find any suitable PIT file (which would say that it's for SGS2 JellyBean and that the partitions are with this or that size). Early backers can buy the smartphone for $299 (limited to 1,000 units), and should get the device in January 2016. The Nyko Data Bank is a drive caddy for Sony's console, letting you use 3.5-inch drives without issue. Powered by the console's AC adapter, it leaves all of your USB ports available, unlike the Xbox One's simpler-but-port-robbing external storage option.
Although still in its infancy, analytics holds the potential to one day allow them to find solutions, sell more products and develop customer trust.While most businesses have yet to determine how to get the most from their existing data, let alone understand the masses of unstructured data from outside their organisation, they do accept its potential. Pricing's yet to be announced but Nyko's aiming for around the A?30 mark -- nab a 4TB drive to go with it for A?100 and that's not a bad compromise.

Tomorrow's competitive advantage may well be driven by the ability to quickly identify the right data, collect it, analyse it, and act on it.In order to amass this valuable digital repository, however, firms must first have enough storage capacity.
And in order to drive all possible value from that data, it must also be stored in such a way as to be quick to access, efficient to manage, and low-cost to maintain. Unfortunately, therein lies the rub.Data centres today are not equipped to be able to handle the anticipated influx generated by the Internet of Things, nor geared towards feeding it smoothly across to the analytics platforms where it can prove its worth. By 2020, we'll be producing, even at a conservative estimate, 44 zettabytes of data annually.A zettabyte might not be a word you've heard of - even Word's spellchecker doesn't recognise it - but consider it in terms of a more familiar unit. To get to one zettabyte you would have to completely fill the storage capacity of 34,359,738,368 smartphones.At this current rate of production, by 2016 the world will be producing more digital information than it can easily store. The fact of the matter is that it's far harder to manufacture capacity than it is to generate data.
Building factory capacity that is capable of meeting such stratospheric demand would take hundreds of billions in investment. It's simply not a realistic option.Another factor is the technology in use by the storage industry today. What it could store today is about 2 seconds of low resolution video shot on a smartphone, or 2 high resolution photos. Fortunately, there is an impressive amount of innovation taking place in the industry at the moment and a number of these advances could help us to seal the data storage breach over the next five to 10 years.RRAM (resistive random access memory) is one such example.
A smart type of computer memory, this could, in theory, let us store tens or even hundreds of times as much data on our smartphone.
The high difficulty and costs of production have meant that many companies have overlooked it in the past, but researchers at Rice University have recently had a breakthrough. Some prototypes have even been proven to store data densely enough to enable a terabyte chip the size of a postage stamp.If RRAM doesn't seem quite far enough removed from the world of silicon-based storage, there's also DNA to consider.
This method uses lasers to first heat the high-stability media before magnetically recording data.
Since companies began to store information, a large amount of standard infrastructure has built up around the process.
Data centres today include legacy components comprised of hardware and software stack components.This approach is highly inefficient - in a single system there will often be several unsynchronised components caching the same data, each working independently, but with very poor results. In order for a company to get to a better cost and efficiency model, to match the requirements in the future, a better solution must be put in place.One of the latest big data storage methods is a tiered model using existing technologies. This model utilises a more efficient capacity-tier based on pure object storage at the drive level. Above this sits a combination of high performance HDD (hard disk drives), SSHD (solid state hybrid) and SSD (solid state drives).SSHD hybrid technology such as this has been used successfully in laptops and desktop computers for years but today it is only just beginning to be considered for enterprise-scale data centres.
This new method allows the most critical data to sit on the more expensive SSDs or hybrids, where it is easy and quick to access and well-placed to be processed by analytics platforms, while the less valuable metadata sits on cheaper HDDs where it is still available and secure, but slower to access.This potential part-solution to the data capacity gap is part of a growing trend for larger, more efficient data centres.
That the world has grown from a planet producing just under one zettabyte per annum back in 2009, to potentially well over 44 in 2020, is truly astounding.

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