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Over recent times, our smartphones have become responsible for storing more than just our contacts and text messages.
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An average email message without an attachment takes up only about 20 kilobytes of storage space, while a single text message is even smaller—as in a couple hundred bytes, give or take.
So if there are about 1,000 bytes in a kilobyte, and an average email is about 20 KB, that means you could cram about 100 text messages in the space needed for a single, text-only email. And if you were looking to fill the 16-gigabyte iPhone 4S with nothing but email, you’d need … well, about 800,000 messages, assuming my math is correct. Text and email messages don't take up much space, but photos, music, videos and apps can really add up. In other words, your iPhone 4S has plenty of storage for text messages; indeed, you could probably get away with never deleting a text from your handset. The same goes for text-only email messages—although messages with large attachments, like photos, can quickly add up. And then there’s your music (about 3-5 megabytes a song), your apps (sizes vary wildly, anywhere from a few MB for a small utility to a full GB for the largest games), and your videos (think about 1 GB for a 90-minute SD movie from iTunes). Oh, and one more thing: your iPhone reserves about 3 GB of storage for the iOS operating system itself.
Not listed in the summary, for some reason, are your iPhone photo albums—and like I mentioned above, photos can really add up in terms of storage space, so be sure to prune your collection every once in awhile.
Swiss news website 20 Minuten Online reports that the country's banks are quickly running out of secure storage space for gold bullion owned by investors and institutions.
Several weeks ago, the 139-year-old Zürcher Kantonalbank reported that it was forced to relocate some of its stored silver bullion to another site to make room for gold. Wars, entitlement programs, and unrestricted money printing are leaving us in dire straits.This is why it is crucial that you know how to protect yourself and your family from the meltdown that is all but certain to come.Sign up today for Wealth Daily and receive your FREE guide that outlines (18) critical steps that you must take now! The REAL secret to consistent, reliable stock market profits is simple: own top quality dividend stocks!
Well, it is pretty much official now I think that some countries in Eastern Europe might be heading for an economic crash.
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Apps, movies, pictures and music all compete for space leaving many users with little room for much else!
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Especially in the nursery where the baby's clothes, accessories and toys accumulate in no time. My last phone was a Blackberry Curve, which had very little memory, and required text messages (and other things) to be deleted when it ran out of space.
You might want to back up your iPhone to iTunes before you start going on a deletion spree, though.
You can always transfer your photos to your PC or Mac by syncing with iTunes, or try using the new Photo Stream feature in iCloud. Concerns over inflation, the global economic downturn, and the success of gold ETFs has rapidly filled Switzerland's bank vaults with bullion.
New York's SPDR Gold Trust, for example, has sold over 34 tonnes of gold in the last four weeks, equal to almost 3.3% of its total holdings.
As such, both the FT and the Economist recently ran articles on this topic in which warnings were duly handed out. If you find yourself running out of available storage on your phone, here are a few ways of freeing up some valuable megabytes presented for you by Geek Squad's very own Agent Hall. So if you have 100 photos saved in your camera roll, that’s about 300 or 400 megabytes of storage just for your pictures—and remember, there are only 1,024 megabytes in one gigabyte.

Also, keep in mind that you can always re-download any music, TV shows, or apps that you bought from the iTunes store. On the record, I am pretty convinced myself that some countries might crash very soon among those the most notable candidates being Latvia and Lithuania.
To get cracking, pick the section that fits your situation, we definitely recommend starting with our General Tips section first though before jumping to your smartphone's operating system. One gigabyte equals about a thousand (or 1,024, to be precise) megabytes, while a megabytes equals a thousand kilobytes, and a thousand kilobytes equals a byte. The flagship e-Letter of Angel Publishing, Wealth Daily brings you these market insights and commentaries every day directly to your email inbox. Behind this doom and gloom call is a very simple hypothesis that demographics matter for economic growth and that this fact is now hitting home big time in the CEE countries proxied by dwindling capacity to match expectations of economic growth and prosperity.
If you only keep apps which can't be moved unless rooted to internal you will have more space..
1 - General Tips 2 - iPhone 3 - Android 4 - Blackberry 5 - Windows Phone General storage Tips Expanding your memory Image by Canned Muffins The best way to gain the largest amount of free space on your smartphone is to add or upgrade a memory card.
Of course I am sad to say, the mainstream coverage cited above did not have the faintest squeak about demographics and the unique population regime in which the CEE countries are situated.
Many Android and Blackberry handsets come with a memory card slot which take MicroSD cards as standard and are used for boosting the phone's storage capacity. For that reason I recommend you to read Edward Hugh's recent post at AFOE in which he pins the Economist, his note on Latvia as well as my own analysis on Lithuania.
If you are the owner of a Windows phone, a quick check of your manual should confirm whether additional storage can be added (support for MicroSD cards was brought in with the Windows Phone 8 handsets). In this entry I am looking at Poland in much the same way that I have been looking recently at Lithuania. If you are the owner of an iPhone, the amount of available memory is decided when you purchase the handset and cannot be expanded any further. Clearly, Poland are Lithuania are different not only because of the differences in size but also because Poland seems to be equipped with much more spare capacity than is presently the case in Lithuania and the other Baltic countries for that matter. If your phone does have a MicroSD slot you are able to add up to a maximum of 32 gigabytes of extra space by simply adding a new card or switching your current card with one of a higher capacity. I have marked 'seems' in italic since whereas Poland's unemployment rate is still in double digit territory accounts of substantial labour shortages are mounting which suggests that high growth regions in Poland are fast running out of qualified labour.
This space can be used for storing pictures, music and videos with many handsets capable of storing some applications on there too! In this way, the trend in the labour force is very similar to Lithuania but where Lithuania represents a small single deck frigate which is set to quickly succumb to any water intake Poland perhaps resembles more the Titanic. For some handset-specific advice on upgrading your phone's storage capacity nip into your nearest Carphone Warehouse store for a chat or check online here to browse Carphone Warehouse's range of MicroSD cards.
However, as I will demonstrate below, through graphs, the tendency is the same which only further substantiates the claim that when it comes to the CEE economies it is in fact, at this point, all about demographics and even though I realize that I am biased in my view here from the offset I just cannot see how any reasonable economist would be able to argue otherwise.Let us look at the data then and more specifically the short term indicators on economic growth which show how growth and wage costs have been picking up the pace lately which also shows itself in a widening current account deficit. The first graph plots (in % y-o-y) growth in GDP, wage costs and industrial production, the second plots retail sales and the third plots the evolution of the current account deficit. Image by Yutaka Tsutano With literally hundreds of thousands of apps available across different handsets you may quickly end up filling your phone with a huge selection of games, apps and widgets which you never use.
Note that while the graphs for GDP(etc) and the current account share time perspective in the form of quarterly indicators the graph for retail sales plots monthly y-o-y % growth rates. Browsing through your phone every so often and removing the apps you may not have used for a while is a great way of freeing additional space on your smartphone. This has naturally pushed up the demand for labour with an ensuing rather dramatic tightening of the labour market to follow. All purchases are managed by your account linked to your handset whether that is an Apple ID for iPhones, a Gmail account for Android handsets, a Windows Live account for Windows Mobile smartphones or a Blackberry ID for Blackberries. Also wage costs are beginning to rise rapidly and as the Economist Intelligence Unit reports (sorry, no link available) labour productivity is not able to follow the speeds of wage increases which of course questions the sustainability of this brisk growth spurt. If you want to install a particular app again at a later date, so long as you are signed in with your original account you won’t be charged again for the same app. Back up your camera pictures If you use your smartphone to take a lot of pictures, it is a good idea to back them up to your computer every now and again. Not only will this prevent you from losing any photographs if anything were to happen to your phone, but also gives you the opportunity to delete them from your phone and free up some space. Regarding the latter, Poland is inhabited by about 39 million people and as almost all other CEE countries Poland is set to age very rapid as a result of a severe stagnation in fertility from 1990 and onwards still lingering today. Let us begin with a long term indicator of migration flows which demonstrate that Poland has suffered from a net-outflow since 2001.
Android users may have to activate Mass Storage Mode by dragging down their notification bars and changing the USB mode after connecting their smartphone. The numbers might seem puny in relation to the general population size but remember two things.

Give Geek Squad a call on 0800 049 3040 for any assistance you might need in transferring files between your phone and computer. Firstly, Poland's demographic profile is already damaged as a result of the fertility decline and secondly that all evidence suggests the skill component of the net outflow results in a loss of net value added from the point of view of the Polish economy. Cloud Storage Another great way of transferring media from your smartphone to your computer is by using one of the many cloud based applications to share your pictures, videos and other media. In short, even if the numbers are small Poland can hardly afford to lose these people if catch-up growth is to be sustained.
There are loads to choose from but the three big ones are Dropbox, SkyDrive and Google Drive. All three allow you to share files from your handset to the cloud and then access them from your computer. Essentially, two identical time series for unemployment are presented with the first being in real numbers and the second in percentage of the workforce.
One thing to remember is that as long as your files are shared with these cloud services they will still be taking up space on your memory card.
These services don't offer additional storage space but instead offer a way to share your media across multiple devices at once. Cloud storage apps have slightly different functions to each other and offer varying amounts of online storage but they are all free to use for a basic account.
Device Specific Tips All of the tips mentioned above apply to most smartphones but try some of these handset-specific tips if you really want to make the most of your memory card! You will also see a list of all the individual apps you have and how much of your phone's memory they are using. Some apps can take up nearly as much as a couple of gigabytes of space so uninstalling any unused apps and games is a great way of freeing up some vital memory on your iPhone. If you want to be able to access it when you’re out and about, consider signing up for iTunes Match. This service uploads all your music from your PC onto iCloud and it can then be streamed or downloaded to your iPhone over the internet. There is a yearly charge for this service but if you want easy access to all your music on your iPhone then this could be the best way of doing it. Any tracks downloaded to the phone from iTunes Match will inevitably take up space so be sure to stick to streaming your music to avoid this. Android storage tips The majority of Android handsets rely on the use of a memory card and therefore come with a fairly limited amount of internal memory. Because of this, the phone's memory can quickly become full which can cause all sorts of problems.
Move Apps to SD Card A lot of apps can now be run directly from the SD card without having to be installed on your internal memory. If the Move to SD Card option is greyed out or replaced with 'Move to Phone', the app is either already on the SD card or it is one of the few apps that has to be installed on the internal memory. Clear App Data Some apps store a lot of temporary files on the internal memory which can build up over time. Apps like Facebook, Google Maps and web browsers are particularly bad for this, due to the massive amounts of data they have to manage on a regular basis.
Clearing out these temporary files can free up a great deal of memory for your smartphone and can be done by following these simple steps: Go to Settings. You can do this for any app but I recommend you stick to Facebook, Maps and Internet to make sure you don’t have any problems.
For more advice on clearing data and cache files from your apps just call us up or pop in to a branch of Carphone Warehouse for a face to face chat with one of our CIA Agents. Blackberry storage tips There is a really easy way of clearing out some space on a Blackberry and that is simply to pull the battery out. Don’t bother turning the phone off first, just take off the back and remove the battery. Leave it 10 seconds before plugging the battery back in and the Blackberry should boot again automatically. This clears out a whole range of system files and frees up the memory for use with other applications. Clear Browser Cache Like on an Android handset, you may occasionally want to clear out all the temporary internet files stored by your web browser.
You may need to do this every few weeks or even months depending on how much you use the web browser on your Blackberry handset.

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