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This is the continuation of my trip to Australia from Vancouver, using miles and points to fly first class for less than the price of an economy class ticket. While Aeroplan points accrued from the American Express Aeroplan Gold Card do not have access to Singapore Suites space, the easiest way to fly this product in Canada is through a transfer to KrisFlyer, either through HSBC rewards or transferring SPG points earned through the Starwood Preferred Guest American Express, which currently offers a 10,000 points signup bonus.
The SQ ground representative picked us up from the Star Alliance Lounge LAX and walked with all the Suites passengers at the gate, where boarding was just beginning. My very first premium class flight was business class on the Singapore Airlines A380, so stepping on the Airbus A380 again was amazing. Most people say row 3 aisle seats are the best for people travelling alone, as it has three full windows and the most privacy.
The seat that I had was recently refurbished, to align more with the cabin aesthetic that’s now in place on some of the new Singapore 777-300ER’s (77WN), designed by BMW Group. I didn’t think it was a big difference, although it was nice knowing that your seat was fairly new. There were lots of small pockets in the suite for storing wallet, phones, and other items, as well as the IFE controller. There were also 2 USB slots, a power outlet, and headphone jack, as well as Bose QuietComfort 15 headphones already in the suite. The seat is very comfortable, as it has armrests that can be pulled up to form an even wider seat.
After takeoff, I asked about the possibility of getting a double bed since the cabin was pretty empty.
I took a look at the menu, which was quite thick as it contained the selections for the continuing Tokyo Narita – Singapore route as well. The LAX to NRT sector featured dinner, a light meal before arrival, and a snack list between meals.
I had preordered the lobster thermidor for the second meal, so I’d be able to try the regular menu offerings for the first meal. Then I had the seared wagyu sirloin, which was one of the better beef dishes I’ve had on a plane.
Skipping the chesse course, the service concluded with a berry financier and iced chocolate. Overall, the food was quite good for a meal served 35000 feet in the air, and while it wasn’t amazing it was tasty, simple, and delicious. I headed to the lavatory, which was really nicely designed, with lots of lights and mirrors.
I do think that the double bed however, is more style over substance if you really are intending to use the suite as a double bed.
This bed is probably on par with the width and length of the Lufthansa First Class bed, although the configuration of the suite makes it seem much roomier.
The novelty of having a double suite was  was definitely there when I rolled around the bed, played with both TV monitors, and drew the divider between the two seats up and down.
I managed to nap for around three hours, and when I woke up, I had a snack of Hagen-Dazs chocolate ice cream and a Hershey’s chocolate bar.

The in-flight snack menu wasn’t too comprehensive but satisfactory for any in-flight hunger pangs between meals. I also took a walk around the plane, although most of the plane was darkened, which made it hard for good photos. This Airbus A380 was configured to have the entire upper deck with business class, although it was a bit emptier near the end of the upper deck. I passed the time by watching a few movies in my double suite, and chatted a bit with the cabin crew in the galley.
Soon we were around an hour or two from landing into Tokyo Narita airport, and a light meal service began. Coming off this flight was pretty surreal, having taken my first flight on one of the best in-flight experiences in the world. Canadian Kilomters contains Terms of Use which maybe be applicable to your activity on this site. Were you able to get that many Krisflyer miles because you are able to sign up for both US and Canada cards? I rented a self-storage space but didn't use up all the space, so I am looking for someone with need to share the extra space. Be extremely wary of sellers who do not want to use the messaging centre, or meet in person. If this image violates your copyright, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we receive your feedback. Receive instant updates once ads are posted within a category of your choice or that relate to your specific search term. If you have experienced abuse or harassment in connection with either an ad on STClassifieds or an email received from a STClassifieds user, please forward the details and sender's email account provider (eg: Hotmail, Yahoo!) to us.
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If you suspect anyone or any ad of attempted fraud, or spot activities by community members that go against our policies, report the issue to STClassifieds immediately. Store Friendly is now accepting reservations for 11 branches and will have more outlets open every few months. Personal StorageThe need for space in land-scarce Singapore is an obstacle that we perpetually struggle to overcome. Business StorageWe constructed storage to be effortless, allowing you to place more emphasis on doing your business. Get Extra Storage Space In SingaporeAre you looking for a storage space to store items that have not been in use?
Your warehousing demands can be served with self-storage as we offer the similar utilities, coupled with a ceiling above each unit. Besides offering all the advantages of a conventional self-storage house, Mobile Self-Storage is an integration of storage and moving, from our facility all the way to your doors or any specified address, at the start or at a later stage when needed.

A few years ago it used to be incredibly unattainable, but now is actually one of the aspirational products that are actually fairly easy to get, if you have KrisFlyer miles. Even though I haven’t flown Suites before, I knew coming into the flight that this is one of the best ways to travel commercially. The only small negative about the seat was that it was so far from the windows, due to the ledge that was on the side, so it was nearly impossible to look out the windows and get a good picture.
I still prefer the Cathay Pacific PYE pajamas, but these were not bad at all and I still wear them at home. It was actually really hard to photograph, but then I climbed onto one of the ledges to get a better shot.
You see, there’s a ledge between the center seats, which is lowered when it becomes a bed. You can see in the following image that the mattress is the rectangular shape on the suite wall behind the seat, which comes down to form the bed. These made the suites quite private, although there were small gaps under the shade which allowed people to peer through if they really wanted to know what you were doing inside.
Instead of continuing to Singapore, I decided to have a quick overnight in Narita, and to take the morning flight 638 to Singapore.
You agree to be legally bound to these terms when using the website, which shall take effect immediately on your first use of the website. A spoof email will usually lead you to a website and attempt to collect your personal information for committing identity theft or other crimes. Property prices have sky-rocketed ever since and our society has progressed into a millennium with a more sophisticated lifestyle.
All our units boast a chic wooden interior, designed to keep furniture and other goods on a long-term basis. As I mentioned earlier in my post on how this trip was booked, I used 119,000 KrisFlyer miles to fly Los Angeles – Tokyo – Singapore – Melbourne, which was a very decent deal. The feeling of having gotten a great deal really hits home when you realize that you can do this flight for only ~$135 in fuel surcharges and taxes for this segment. Boarding was completed fairly quickly and we pulled back, right beside a Korean Air A380 and a British Airways A380 that was taxiing. Somehow, they managed to put whipped cream in my drink which I’ve never had onboard before and was a nice surprise. For this outlet only we further have special business unit set-up with non aircon and added services such as power in storage units and office space. Once a unit is fully loaded, it will be sealed tightly and locked for safekeeping similar to a bank’s safe.

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