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While in Canada I snuck in a few of my rituals there, particularly grabbing coffee and doughnuts at Tim Horton's and eating a Coffee Crisp.
In addition to the government buildings and churches the many of the store fronts along Dundas Street were also beautiful to see.
I particularly liked this row of buildings with the vibrant, warm colors of the brick contrasting with the blue sky. Unfortunately my time was short and I didn't have a chance to go in the Woodstock Museum, once the old Town Hall. The Woodstock Man Cave Motorbike Club and Workshop in Cape TownA new social space and sanctuary for the motorcycle madAccording to avid local bike buffs Simon Rice and Devin Paisley, all motorcyclists have a primal need for a man cave: a sanctuary entirely devoted to them and their instinctual passion for the hog.
The warehouse-style venue, which opened down a little alley in Woodstock at the end of June 2014, has both a social and practical element. Motorcyclists can park their choppers at the Man Cave for lengthy periods of time and have peace of mind that they’re safe from wandering hands thanks to heavy roller doors and CCTV surveillance. And on Saturdays, the workshop-cum-clubhouse welcomes members of the general public, hog enthusiast or not, into the clan too. For most of the week though, it’s a den just for riders where they can do what they want to do and be who they want to be, even if that takes on slight Neanderthal tones. The Bill: Membership fees at The Woodstock Man Cave are R150 per month or R1500 per year, and affiliates get access to the upstairs lounge, all functions and the DIY classes and preference on storage space and work bays. Taking Woodstock finds magic behind the spectacle (Review) - Cinema Soldier - Storming the silver screen! Demetri Martin plays Elliot Teichberg, a 20-something NYC designer who moves back to the tiny town of White Lake, New York to help his parents. Much of the film follows the happenings around the motel, which is just down the street from Woodstock. We all know Woodstock was filled with hippies, but Ang Lee shows how infectious their spirit actually was.
I went to see Taking Woodstock after a job interview, wearing a button down shirt and khaki office pants. Along the way, the many highlights included fine versions of 'Black Jack Davy', 'Log Cabin Home In The Sky' and 'Cousin Caterpillar' - as well as 'Feast of St Stephen' from Mike's first, great, solo album, which he reprised with Trembling Bells last Christmas. Mike even featured a Robin Williamson number - 'The Circle is Unbroken' - introduced with the slightly barbed comment that he always had the knack of writing what the hippies wanted. We're close, here's 1965 Broadway, it's the next door down, let's see what 1967 looks like in 2011. As a first step to make my closet more usable and organized  I decided to make it easier to access my shelves. To mount the casters I started by flipping the base of the ottoman upside down and prying off the small feet that were on the ottoman. For the center I doubled up two pieces and put a piece of duct tape over the top of them to join them.
For the two end partitions I did the same process as above, but with a single piece of foam core and with hooks on only one side. Now I need to find where the rest of my flip flops are hiding around the house and wrangle them in my new and improved ottoman. I've been having fun with my Instagram pictures and thought I would start collecting them at the end of each week to share what I've been up to, especially for the smaller things that happen but don't necessitate a full post. The first collage below consists of images I took while on my trip to Canada at the beginning of the week for work which I already wrote about.
With this part of the house in complete remodel I took the opportunity to rework the floor plan as well. With the structural changes done the walls were drywalled and painted and the hardwood floors were refinished.
Standing back and looking at the room as it is now, I still see the laundry list of items I want to complete to finish the space and give it some personality.
It sounds like a quant small town and a nice place to wander around after finishing work for a day, right? Wednesday after we finished for the day we decided to get a little something to eat before driving back to Michigan. On the way out of town I did manage to see one sight: the Springbank Snow Countess Monument.
This retired Woodstock couple was tired of their large but dated backyard, which included a basic rectangular fiberglass pool with limited gathering areas, plain landscaping and an unsightly railroad tie retaining wall.
Although challenging, this plan modernized the dated pool by adding a new spa with spillway and a raised lounging deck with several sheer water falls spilling into the pool.
The back side of the pool called for a “destination living area” away from the house, with a new cabana.
We strive to ensure each painting project exceeds your expectations - backed by our 100% Guarantee & Warranty. Our Design Consultants make sure you have a fun and exciting shopping experience and help to create the home you’ve been dreaming of!
We have Tim Horton's in Michigan but somehow it is necessary for me to go at least once whenever I am in Canada.
Some of downtown looks like it has seen better days, but there are many lovely buildings and I really enjoyed wandering around looking at the architecture. In more recent times it was renovated into a theater and has been home to the Woodstock Little Theatre since 1997. It is now the "new" City Hall since the city government moved there in 1968 after it outgrew its old home. And so, with this in mind, the two entrepreneurs, who met at a motorbike track in February 2014, have established exactly this: a zone for the two-wheeled zealot.
While it’s very much about building a community of custom bike lovers, it also aims to give all those outriders who live in tiny, cramped Cape Town apartments a secure space to both store their machines and to strip them down and build them up if so desired. And if bike owners don’t want to just stash their trusty steed but want to tinker with it too, there are two long-term work bays for those looking to get stuck into big custom projects and two other fix-up zones that can be rented on a daily basis.
Plus, once a month, the Man Cave facilitates a Sunday outride that gets the whole gang together and tearing up the tarmac down Cape Town’s back roads.
From 9am to 3pm, the macho haunt serves up fresh croissants and mean cups of Deluxe Coffeeworks java (it’s dished out in enamel camping mugs with bike brands stamped on their sides) and encourages anyone to pop in, survey the space and join in on the conversation about all things motorcycle.
These tutorials will cover all aspects of custom motorbike building, from powder-coating to stripping and sandblasting.
Long-term storage with limited access to your motorcycle costs R600 per month (bikes must be stored for at least three months), whereas short-term bay rental costs R800 per month (to access your vehicle between 8am and 6pm) or R1000 per month (to have 24-hour access to your bike). It has its share of oddities, doesn’t stick to a genre, and shows very little of the Woodstock stage or music.

Ang Lee concentrates on how the event comes together, the crowds of stranger and odder people that keep growing, and how those people affect the residents of White Lake (some like it, some protest it). Eugene Levy, who is always going to be the dad from American Pie, is charming as the farmer who lends his land to the festival. There were many festivals that followed Woodstock, but only this one managed to stay completely peaceful, amid so many problems, so little space, and so many people. The legendary Mike Heron on warm and engaging form, playing two sets of Incredible String Band favourites, with stronger musical support than he's had since the seventies.
I had this little turquoise suede ottoman that I thought would be perfect to make into a step stool. I then placed the casters in each corner of the ottoman with the two locking ones in opposite corners. I have a lot of flip flops but no good place to store them and I thought this could be just the ticket. I placed the end partitions against the side and used duct tape along each edge to secure them to the ottoman. I am heading to Japan next week for work so I've been slammed with things that needed to get done before I go.
Although I didn't have much time outside of work during that time I managed to enjoy some tasty Canadian food and see the Springbank Snow Countess statue. My co-worker was driving so I took the opportunity to snap this picture as we crossed over the bridge to go back to the US. Since I got my new dining room chairs a few weeks ago I keep thinking about all the things left that still I want to do in there like get a larger table, make curtains, change the paint color, add some wall art and replace the buffet with a built-in. When I first bought my house in September 2007 the dining area, like the rest of the house, was a nasty wreck.
Upon walking in the house a long wall created a strange hallway parallel to the dining room and living room. The original trim was too badly damaged to be reused but new trim to match the original profiles was put up around the windows and for the baseboards. But it is good for me to stop and take a moment to remember how far it has come and that the hard part is behind me. The city's website describes it thus, "We have much to offer in our city of 38,000 including tree lined streets, century old homes, abundant parkland and friendly citizens. My colleagues and I opted to eat at Montana's Cookhouse solely because it was across the street from our hotel. As we were driving toward the highway I spotted it on the side of the road and convinced my co-worker to stop for five minutes so I could check it out. Company owner Rick Kaldrovics lead this project and always kept in mind his  client’s desire to enjoy their retirement in a new “resort styled backyard”.
The surrounding pool decks include all-natural stone decking with spacious gathering areas for entertaining and large sweeping steps. The pool house is large enough to host a casual lounging conversation area, a dining spot, and a complete outdoor kitchen with fireplace! As for Coffee Crisp, it is a Canadian candy bar with crisp wafers and coffee cream covered in milk chocolate. Paul's Church or the Oxford County Courthouse which are other notable buildings in Woodstock.
Basic tool sets are provided, and Simon and Devin are happy to suggest reliable suppliers for certain parts and services. On the other hand, making use of the long-term work bays will set you back R4000 per month and using the communal work zone costs R500 per day or R150 per hour. However, for me, it provides the first real glimpse into the magical event that Woodstock really was. When I left (2am), the entire theater was empty and my car was the only vehicle dotting a giant parking lot. Perhaps the one obvious gap in a set-list of Heron classics was 'Everything's Fine Right Now' - but if you didn't climb the spiral staircase at the end with that thought firmly in your head anyway, and a silly grin on your face to match, then you hadn't been listening properly. It's a nice size for an old home with about 42" of hanging space on either side of the door. I used some black foam core, large cup hooks and black duct tape to make some partitions for my flip flops to hang from. They had a bunch of great stuff but a little out of my price range so I didn't buy anything. It turns out that the ceiling joists over the dining room and living room were huge beams about 8" x 8" spaced 48" apart. I had that pulled down which required moving some ductwork and electrical and enlarging the chase next to the bay window.
My favorite part of the dining room remodel is the Hi-Lite two-light island pendant that I got on sale for $200.
Over the first three days of this week I have managed to put in just over forty hours of work so in the limited time I wasn't working I was exhausted and trying to get a little sleep.
The Countess was a famous cow in her day, earning the world record for producing more butterfat over her lifetime than any other cow in the world.
To complete the feel of the resort backyard, a natural water feature with waterfalls, boulders, fish and plants were added to the plan. The red brick is beautiful but in my opinion the star of the show is the slate roof with the intricate pattern. Director Ang Lee shows us Woodstock from an outsider’s eye, and its well worth a gander. Liev Schreiber plays a transvestite named Vilma (best name ever) who runs security at the motel, and looks out for Elliot’s Dad (Henry Goodman). I was nine-years-old.The experience I remember the best about the summer of 1967 was that our family took a vacation to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
I didn't want it to slip out from under me when standing on it so I bought two locking casters and two regular swivel casters.
I especially loved how the displays were organized by color- The loaded waffle fries and cheeseburger at Redamak's were well worth the wait. The crumbling plaster lathe walls original to the house had been covered up with faux wood paneling and wallpaper instead of being repaired. That is not anywhere even remotely up to code and so I ended up having to have the beams sistered with steel C-channel to give the proper support for the second floor load. Speaking of sleeping, the hotel I was staying at, The Woodstock Holiday Inn Express, apparently hosted Donny Osmond at some point.
I ordered a chipotle firecracker burger which was topped with bacon, colby cheese, fried jalapenos, crispy onions and chipotle honey BBQ sauce.

It had a walk up window decorating with signs proclaiming the food's excellence and picnic table seating with umbrellas out front.
She held the record from 1933 through 1954 and the life-size statue was erected in her honor in 1937. No wonder Woodstock is known as the Dairy Capitol of Canada!
Lee uses a lot of three-way split screen effects, similar to what he did in Hulk, but to greater effect.
They mourn and celebrate its memory much like they might mourn or celebrate a friend or family member who’s passed on. I found that the hooks had a tendency to spin when I tried to hang the flip flops on them so I pulled them out, added a dab of hot glue and then replaced the cup hooks. On the bright side I discovered that the hardwood floor hiding under the carpet was in good enough shape to be saved. I love that I can see through to the back window of my house from my front door and the pass through is great for entertaining. In the lobby next to the elevator was a photocopy of his portrait which he had signed expressing his thanks to the hotel staff. I ate a bag of Cheetos and drank a Coke that I bought from the work vending machine before we took off. I got an excellent lamb and beef gyro and couldn't resist a small order of poutine as well. When he hears about a nearby town rejecting the Woodstock festival, he gives them a call, shows them some land, and writes himself a permit to hold the festival. Using footage resembling documentary or home video, he brings the people at Woodstock to the forefront. To the people who attended Woodstock, I can only say that I finally understand why it meant so much to you. I remember swimming in the ocean for the first time and running on the white sandy beach outside of our hotel room.
The previous owners had been heavy smokers and everything reeked and was full of nicotine stains.
Opening things up also made the bay window a focal point on the first floor instead of being hidden away. In my exhausted stupor this picture caused me no end of amusement every time I passed by it. I don't normally drink on weeknights, but after the day I had I thought something was in order so I got a Caeser to drink.
Poutine is French-Canadian in origin and consists of fries topped with cheese curds and gravy. As I got in my car and slowly drove away, I had a sense of hope and optimism that must have filled half a million minds during the summer of ‘69. The skies were blue, the air was sweet and warm and I didn’t have a care in the world.
The woodwork needs to be painted and I'd also like to paint the walls something other than white. The wallpaper which looked like it was yellow was discovered to be originally white based on the areas that had been hidden under the paneling. A Caesar is a classic Canadian mixed drink and is kind of like a Bloody Mary but with clamato juice instead of spicy tomato juice.
The version I ate had shredded cheese instead of curds, but it was still pretty good and hit the spot before we hit the road. Instead we get the intimate feeling of what it was like to be one of the hundreds of thousands of people who weren’t front row for the music, and may have never even seen a band during the three day festival. We were in Florida for a week and while we were there my brother Jim celebrated his 11th birthday on Sunday, June 11th.
I have a lot of shelving but because I am so short I can't reach it so it is currently wasted space.
It was late, we were hungry and everything was closed but the lights at Tim Horton's were still on. We had a little party in one of the hotel rooms we were staying at and he opened his gifts.
I can only remember one of his birthday presents, but it was a doozy.It was the last gift he opened and it was slim and square, the size of a record album. The Beatles were our favorite group and we had heard that this was the best thing they had ever done.
The front was a psychedelic collage of faces, wax figures, marijuana plants, a doll with a note to The Rolling Stones on it and The Beatles themselves in the center of all of it wearing colorful, military outfits.
They had moustaches and instead of guitars they were clutching horns and strange instruments. The times they were indeed changing.The back of the album cover had all the lyrics printed on a backdrop of red and a portrait of The Beatles decked out in their Sgt. Lovely Rita was a meter maid who wore a cap and the bag across her shoulders made her look a little like a military man.
I remember looking at photos of it in Life and Time magazine and wishing I could’ve been there.
Images I remember from the Monterey Pop Festival include Jimi Hendrix setting his guitar on fire, The Who smashing their instruments, Mama Cass in the crowd gaping wide-eyed at Janis Joplin on stage belting out a tune like no one had heard before, Mickey Dolenz dressed up as an indian and kids dancing with their faces painted, long hair flowing and openly smoking pot. I was pissed that I was only nine-years-old and wasn’t able to go, but I remember looking at those photos and being filled with optimism and hope that when I got older, everything would be different. In 1969 Woodstock morphed into Altamont and the hippie dream turned into a Helter Skelter nightmare.On May 4th, 1970 at a protest rally over the Amercian Invasion of Cambodia at Kent State University, Ohio National Guardsmen sprayed 67 rounds of ammunition at the protesters and killed four of them and wounded nine others.
By then I was twelve-years-old and watching that on the nightly news sent a chill right down my soon to be teenaged spine. The really sad thing is the fact that two of the students that were shot to death weren’t even involved with the protest. I realized then that the future had bullets and if you didn’t do what you were told or if you had the balls to question authority, you might take one right between the eyes.
It seems like a lifetime, or at least a Main Era—the kind of peak that never comes again.

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