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Storage auctions take place when a tenant abandons his possessions or forfeits his control of the content within the storage rental unless a lien is forced upon the unit for unpaid rent. Prospective buyers at storage auctions benefit when they have competitively bid for each storage unit. At traditional storage auctions, facilities owners are face with large crowds and problems with potential buyers being able to park on the property. Generally when a lien is placed on the unit for non-payment, state laws enforce that storage facilities auction all items within the storage unit to pay off rent that is owed. It use to be mandatory under several state lien laws for storage auctions to be held at the facilities.
Now, online auctions provide the solution to avoiding liability risks as well as keeping the auction's earnings high.

When storage auctions are taking place, the winning bidder of every unit must shortly after verify his final bid by signing off on a confirmation of sales slip and giving his accurate phone number and mailing address. Now facility owners can now list their storage auctions on site and online by listing their URL of the storage auctions listed under legal terms and conditions.
Now many potential buyers are computer savvy and can gain access to several online storage auctions. This can guarantee the storage operators gain the highest bids without the overwhelming traffic from traditional storage auctions. Sales tax is applicable with the exception of buyers who present to the clerk a copy of their State Board of Equalization seller's permit, prior to payment.
A cleaning deposit of $40 per unit at the storage auctions are refundable if the unit is cleared away leaving nothing behind within 24 hours.

Potential buyers now have the convenience to research and budget each storage unit online from the comfort of their home.
Overall both traditional and online storage auctions are beneficial to potential buyers in their own way depending on the buyers' comfort level and circumstances.
During the start of the traditional storage auctions the online storage auctions can begin their initial bid accordingly.

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storage unit auction list nc

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