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The economy in Illinois is terrible, and cities like Chicago are struggling to get by on the reduced amount of revenue that it receives from taxpayers. Brandi Passante from Storage Wars has shown women all accross the nation that they too can earn some good money from storage auctions.
Many people argue the fact that taxes are too high, so as a result, many businesses are hurting, and they either have to cut back on expenses, or simply go out of business.
Many of these people cannot afford to keep up the payments on their storage units, and unfortunately the storage unit facilities are forced to auction off the contents of the storage unit to recover the back rental payments. Storage Auctions in Illinois are quite common, and as you can see from the list below, there are quite a few auctions going on in many cities throughout Illinois.
The list below is comprised of storage unit facilities that are known to conduct storage auctions.

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storage unit auctions rockford il weather

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