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Boat and RV owners love to relax and travel with their "toys," and this mode of recreation appears to be on the rise. Because many communities have restrictions against parking boats and RVs on the street or in driveways, storage operators have an excellent opportunity to meet the resulting demand for space.
Smart facility operators not only provide storage for these massive vehicles but a host of complementary services. The economics of the local area are a significant factor in deciding the type of storage you should provide. Keep in mind that in addition to the vehicle itself, many customers desire space to accommodate add-on fixtures such as motorcycle racks, tow bars, air-conditioning units, etc.
When determining the best unit size, consider the cost to build versus potential income on a per-square-foot basis. There are four main types of storage for boats and RVs, and each has advantages and disadvantages for you and your tenants. The per-square-foot cost of building this structure is more expensive than that of traditional self-storage because the buildings require more support for the large door.  A power operator is also commonly used to operate the door.
A traditional self-storage structure is built on a 5-by-10-foot grid with 4-inch, 16-gauge Cee studs, girts and Zee purlins. Whatever size vehicle your customer wants to store—whether it’s a 20-, 30- or 40-foot RV or a boat with a trailer—make your drive aisle a minimum of 45 to 50 feet wide to allow safe access to each unit. You’ll need to ensure there’s a nice flow to the property, where the boats and RVs can easily get in and out without having to back up.
RVs and boats can cost anywhere from $500 to well over $1 million, so security is paramount. As 24-hour access is often a requirement of this type of storage, camera surveillance and key-coded entry gates are often employed. More sophisticated security measures can also be used, such as infrared beams with silent or audible security alarms. The ancillary products and services you offer in conjunction with RV storage also depend on your customers. Whatever storage type or amenities you offer, the key to success in this business is always supply and demand.
Self storage is not only an ideal solution for your average individual or family but can also work extremely well for businesses of all sizes. Paper and computer records, infrequently used equipment and even office furniture can be stored in public storage. While price is important when looking for self storage units, finding cheap storage units should not be your top priority.
Compare Storage Prices - You can rent in sizes, such as up to 25 sq feet, 50 sq feet, 100 sq feet, 150 sq feet or 200 sq feet.
Storage Cost - There can be many reasons private people and businesses need to store goods away to be used at a later time.
Storage Quote - Storage companies will generally provide an estimate of the cost of renting self storage units, by request.

Cheapest Self Storage - When looking for Cheapest Self Storage in UK, you should, not only consider the price of the unit, but also for those extra expenses you could have regarding your moving.
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If you’re looking for ways to bring in new revenue, consider adding storage buildings or parking for boats and RVs.
Before you can reap the rewards of this market, however, you’ll need to think about the type of storage to offer, the costs involved and the amenities you’ll provide. Your offering can be as basic as large, outdoor parking spaces or as comprehensive as fully enclosed units. They may also want to store other expensive toys they use when they go on adventures such as jet skis, snowmobiles and others. It’s fair to assume the more substantial the structure, the more expensive it will be to build. Operators who have extra land can consider adding a standard storage canopy or simply designating an area for outside parking. The only security for the client is the initial gate access to the property.  Also, there’s zero protection from the elements, as the vehicles are simply parked in an open area. When it comes to weighing costs, many business owners forget to consider whether their storage canopies or three-sided RV-storage units are considered “buildings” by their local tax authority. Fire sprinklers, which increase construction costs and ongoing operational expenses, are another overlooked outlay.
The additional structural strength required by these oversized units also increases the cost of building components. In canopy units, the roof will catch the wind like a kite, so it must be appropriately anchored.
Roll-up doors larger than 14 by 14 feet tend to catch wind deflection that could make them jump their tracks.
Drive aisles for open-air storage should be 50 to 60 feet wide for perpendicular spaces, and at least 35 feet wide for spaces angled at 60 degrees. At a minimum, you’ll need perimeter fencing, which can consist of anything from chain link and razor wire to solid block walls. Ingress and egress keypads should be positioned at 42 inches and 66 inches from the ground to accommodate the window heights of cars and RVs. People like to stretch their vacation time to the max, so the more convenient it is to store at your facility, the more likely you are to earn and keep tenants. Water is usually offered for free, and electricity can be metered or offered for a flat fee. While some customers will be willing to rent another unit for these items, many will only rent storage that can meet all their needs in a single unit. It will also provide more protection and security to the very expensive vehicles stored within. It is mostly protected from the environment, but is not individually separated from other units.

This will have a significant impact on the tax assessment, so be clear before you make a decision about unit types to build. The total price of RV storage usually ends up being slightly higher than that of traditional self-storage but significantly less than climate-controlled storage. To expand the building to the greater heights or widths needed for RVs while maintaining structural strength, the builder must use more Cees, girts and Zees, or stronger members (6- to 8-inch and 14-gauge). Any door larger than 100 square feet should have a chain hoist or other door-opening mechanism. It’s wise to have a camera aimed at vehicle license plates as they enter and exit the facility. Many municipalities are adopting “dark sky” ordinances, which prohibit lights from aiming into the sky. Storage unit prices vary from company to company so it is important to know how to find the best deal on a unit. But most of today’s vehicle enthusiasts want to protect their investment with covered structures. This type of storage is often used in areas prone to snow, as it provides more protection than open canopies.
This type of structure will protect vehicles from the sun, but there is little protection from rain, snow or wind.
Additional strength can also be obtained by building with clearspan or rigid-frame buildings.
The amount of reinforcement required depends on the height and width of the building and wind-load regulations for the area.
If your site is difficult to navigate with a large vehicle, your customers will look elsewhere—or worse, they could damage your buildings or their vehicle.
You can also use proximity-card readers, adding limited-access zones for only those tenants with stored vehicles. To avoid costly renovations in the future, follow dark-sky standards even if they’re not currently mandatory in your area.
They'll usually have an eve height of about 16 feet and a 12 -by-14-foot door to accommodate even the largest RV. These factors are normally determined by your structural engineer or metal-building provider. Others also offer the sale of commodities such as ice, coffee, glass wipes, air-fresheners, etc.
Some building companies also offer free engineering and design services and will gladly help you determine the requirements for your RV-storage project.

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