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Your Watch List is available from the My Links section in the top toolbar and the category bar. 3 Bedroom Apartments Next to Centennial Grade SchoolGreat location on Ithica Dr, close to Best Buy and Lowes.
Silver Lake Apartments conveniently located near the Waterpark and Marina Bay in the Lakewood Development just off 21st St. If you are in the market for North Dakota commercial office space, then you need to check out the office building owned by V. Elevator, single stall garage available, on site community room, 24 hr emergency maintenance service, heat, water, sewer, garbage and snow removal included in the monthly rent.Units have large kitchens featuring a built-in microwave, disposal, fridge, range & dishwasher.

We offer several options for professional organizations looking for a place to rent.Perhaps your current location can no longer house your growing franchise.
Each of our units is designed specifically for the needs of companies like yours.We have three different spaces available.
You can find an affordable unit for your company, and you will be able to budget easily for your needs since each month you know how much your expenses will be. This is part of what makes our Bismarck North Dakota industrial office space so convenient for you. On top of all of these benefits, our building owner or one of the managers is on site during business hours for your convenience.Not only will our rooms make work convenient for you, but they will also make your company easily accessible to your customers.

We have a location that offers parking off of the street with one of the largest lots in Bismarck.

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storage units for rent bismarck nd

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