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We can be found on the south side of the campus just under the Colfax viaduct right across from the brand new metro sports complex on the east side of the light rail tracks.
If you’re a student or faculty member at Auraria campus, you can store anything you need for classes or your dorm and be just a short distance away from retrieving it.  With our convenient hours and secure facility, you won’t feel like your items are ever out of your reach. Check out our self storage units and rates under our services tab or select a unit to view at the bottom of the page. We believe in a time of growth in Denver, it is vital to meet the essential needs of its community by providing trust with one another, by providing safety and convenience, and by caring about your essential needs. To get started with a self-storage unit of your own in Denver, contact us and we'll get you set up! Hi, we are so pleased with the wall unit and we have already received so many great comments on the quality and design of the unit. I had to tell you – when my husband got home last night and saw the new cabinetry all he said was “WOW” – thank you so much for everything. I am writing to tell you how thrilled Tyrone and I are with our entertainment center we purchased from Platinum Cabinetry. I apologize for sending this email so late, but I wanted to thank you and your team for doing such a wonderful job on Carol’s fireplace and desk.
You can store one to two rooms of funiture, plus a few boxes if you are a good organizer and planner. You can store two to three rooms of funiture, plus several boxes if you are a good organizer and planner.

You can store four to six rooms of funiture, plus a large varity of different size boxes, toys, bicycles, etc.
We have just completed a state of the art business office complex that includes a spacious reception area, multiple work stations, manager's office, kitchen, bath and storage areas.
We have maintained over the last twelve years, an occupancy rate of better than 95% with a 90% retention rate.
The larder cupboard has an immense amount of storage inside, thanks to the hand built storage racks on the doors. These interior pan drawers sit behind a door to preserve the old fashioned look of the kitchen. The Village at Henderson, currently under construction, will have 168 units on a sprawling 11.7 acre site. Nestled against the foothills of California's Sierra Nevada Mountains, Porterville, a bustling city of over 55,000 serves as a trade center to over 100,000 people.
We provide secure self-storage units including mini pods and large climate controlled storage spaces.
We will eventually need built-in closets for our master bedroom and we will be contacting you for that job.
Our purchase from Platinum has been the most positive experience we have had since moving to Las Vegas.
From start to finish, both of you displayed enormous professionalism, knowledge and amazing attention to detail.

We now have three hundred and fifty eight (358) units with a future expansion potential to number in excess of five hundred (500) units. We have the U-Haul dealership for the City of Valley, Beulah and Lake Harding to Highway 280 at Phenix City. I just got home from work and walked into the den and I just want to tell you one thing – WOW! If you want to come take pics now you can because it may be a while before I get the tile in. The traditional larder cupboard and dresser were custom made to give the kitchen an authentic period feel. Urban Self Storage is the newest self storage facility in Denver, Colorado and is located off Colfax and I-25 right next to Auraria Campus and walking distance from Light Rail. We have the only self-storage business to be located in both the Cities of Valley and Lanett.
Our facility is temperature controlled and our commitment to providing the highest level of service to our customers is our promise.
We specialize in serving the needs of students and faculty members of Auraria campus, as well as residents of Denver who are short on space such as loft owners or other apartment dwellers.

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storage units henderson nv 89052

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