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We carry many different sizes of storage units between our three Owensboro, Kentucky locations. We have on-site management 6 days a week to help you with all your moving and storage needs. To find out which units are available, or to get an estimate on a rental, please give us a call at 270-926-1105. Keeping items in mini storage units is a great, low-cost way to protect your valuable belongings from weather, vandals, thieves, and other threats. When storing furniture, cover pieces in old sheets, blankets, curtains, or other large pieces of cloth. Keep a flashlight in your vehicle in case you ever need to visit your mini storage units at night. The key to a successful experience with your mini storage units is choosing the right provider. Our storage facilities are perfect to run your business from, our units provide a great storage base for your tools, stock or off-cuts. We understand what companies look for in a storage facility, please try a 1 monthly no-obligation trial.
We are a family run company so all enquiries or problems are dealt with by the owners not a manager or receptionist. Whether you have moved into a smaller place, outgrown your current space or just can’t bear to part with certain sentimental items, you’ll have to find some way to store your stuff.  Self storage facilities are one solution that many people turn to for storing their belongings because they offer a host of benefits. The convenience factor of self storage units is definitely one of the major benefits.  You have the option of choosing one close to where you live, you usually have the option of choosing from different sized rooms, you have the key to the unit and you can have access to your unit virtually anytime you like. Reputable self storage facilities also keep the units secure against mice and other rodents, and take steps to protect your valuables against moisture and cold.  In the end, your things are warm and dry and safe from any outside forces at all. Using a self storage unit offers you a great deal of control over your own things and what you do with them.  You can go in and add or remove items as you like, without having to consult anyone or pay anymore than you already are.
This control factor works great for storing furniture and other items if you’re doing renovations at home or reorganizing a business or house.  You can just bring things in when you need to and take them back when you’re ready. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This wonderfully glamorous Venetian 1 drawer bedside cabinet by Mountrose features a stunning black mirror finish which covers the top, front and sides; its bevelled edges will bounce rays of light throughout your room with its reflective finish. With its clean lines and simple design this range will give a contemporary twist to any bedroom; the quality of this range shines through offering ultimate style and sophistication.
Heat-pump water heaters may have a slightly different footprint than conventional water heaters.
With their high COPs, HPWHs can significantly reduce the costs and energy needed for water heating. BeginnerIn the right situation and location, heat-pump water heaters offer improved efficiency and increased energy savings compared to standard tank-style units. Using electricity to run a compressor, a heat-pump water heater (HPWH) extracts heat from air, often in the basement, and transfers that energy to heat water in a tank.
By taking advantage of the unique characteristics of the refrigerant, the heat pump can extract energy from the surrounding room air (slightly chilling that air). This transformation of one unit of electrical energy into three units of heat is the heating advantage that is unique to HPWHs. The energy to feed the heat pump can come from passive solar gain, heat from a conventional heating system, the warming effect of soil surrounding a basement wall, or any other heat source. Understanding the various solar hot water system types can help you choose the one that’s right for your home.
Could an air-source heat pump be put in an attached garage as a way to improve its operating efficiency?
In Maine, it will be to cold in the winter for the GE Heat pump water heater to work in heat pump mode.
The Nyle system uses domestic water from the tank drain, and a hose connected near the top of the tank, or using a unique replacement drain valve, it can use the tank drain for both inlet and return lines (with a tube within the main tube to return the water).
You might consider a Nyle cold weather heat pump water heater as it will be the only model that works at 0F ambient temps. Also by running the pump and upper coil from your solar tank, it will 'warm' the water loop served by the oil heating system, without running the oil boiler. For heating the home instead of using the boiler, a coupe of ductless heat pumps will serve any home well, and lessen the need to run the oil boiler most of the year. I am guessing that the most economical way to heat the water without oil might include a small propane water heater, or 28 gallon lowboy 4,500 watt electric water heater sold at Lowes for $359.
On a storage tank with a electric heater element on the tank, then it would warm the top of the tank to 120F all the time to provide a heated supply of hot water to the home. Another alternative would be a instant 11 KW water heater, that has the ability to provide water heated to the exact temperature that you desire. The solar DHW system is already on site and performs very well for the modest investment in electricity. One thing to remember is that the heat pump is going to dehumidify the space it is in while cooling it.

Just for reference, if your cold water is 40F and it needs to be heated to 110F, a shower will use about 40,000 btus per hour at a flow of one gallon per minute. The 11 KW tankless electric water heater will work wonderful with over 70F water going into it, and will work fine for one shower and perhaps a sink running at the same time. A compact 30 gallon Lowes 4.5 KW electric water heater would be a option, only about 24" tall, and you might be able to build a shelf above the solar water tank, it would only be 65# empty or 300 pounds full. We can get $750 in rebates, federal and local utility, so we are excited to make this transition. You can get more sophisticated (and efficient) by using a small bronze circulator pump to circulate from the solar tank to the heat pump tank whenever the solar tank is hotter than the heat pump tank. Since the solar system is apt to get hotter in the warmer months, you wind up with additional storage and keep the heat pump from operating when solar input is ample. But given our very large DHW tank and system (for which we also have a Summer hot water bypass installed), a full on HPWH tank may not be necessary.
I would suggest that if someone is looking at an $800 repair bill for a HPWH, you are better served to replace the unit. We have also been testing some imported space heating heat pumps that are used for radiant floor heating.
The major manufacturers of mini split heat pumps are supposed to be introducing their units for hot water space heating soon. Yes the 80 gallon tank has a higher energy efficiency ratio, due in part to it's ability to draw 2 GPM for 8 minutes several times before the electric heater will cycle on.
So while a 1,000 watt resistance heater will put about 3,400 Btu's into the water heater, (per KW used), this HPWH will transfer about 9,180 Btu's per KW of power consumed, or 2.7 times as much heat per KW. You might also consider a Nyle water heater, they seem to perform much better in rooms that are less than 30F in the winter.
You should be able to find a refrigerator mechanic that can come out and look at the unit for a nominal fee (say $80 for the first hour) and if there is a port to recharge the system, they could add a pound of freon for another $10 or so. You can disconnect one wire to the electric resistance heater of your HPWH, and make sure it will never use up a large amount of your electrical power. The folks at Nyle tell me that they have re-worked the Geyser for slightly higher output and they are going to get an Energy Star rating on their unit with a separate tank. Any heat pump with PV's seems like a no-brainer, but as you note, the details make the difference.
This is another update on the GeoSpring HPWH that we installed in our off-grid cabin in the Ouachita Mountains in July 2013.
It is my understanding that this unit was manufactured in the USA after GE moved their production back stateside from China.
It continues to work fine (knock on wood!) and provides plenty of hot water in the heat pump only mode. In the past year, we have enlarged the battery storage capacity to a total 16 AGM batteries at 105 ah each and added 2,565 watts of PV for a total of 3,725 watts in my combined PV array. In a very helpful June 2015 Ask the Experts response, Ian Woofenden at Home Power suggested suggested that I add more PV panels to my array instead of increasing the size of the battery bank. We may have hit the "sweet spot" point of having the appropriate array size, battery bank size and electrical consumption. This is another update on the GeoSpring HPWH that we installed in our of-grid cabin in the Ouachita Mountains.
We use a freight shopping program to calculate the best shipping rate to the entered zip code — this is only an estimate and charges may vary at checkout. FarmTek will provide you with a shipping confirmation email so that you may track your delivery date and time online. As a locally owned and operated storage facility, we offer personalized customer service as opposed to franchise run facilities that often overlook the personal touch. With over 12 years in the Danvers climate controlled industry and 30 years as a community business owner, Cranney is a well established name that locals have come to trust over the years.
If you are looking for a Danvers Self Storage then please call 978-777-9193 or complete our information request form. For example, you might group pieces of furniture together in the rear, appliances in the center, and boxes of miscellaneous items off to the sides.
The last thing you need is to trip over a box in the dark while trying to find a can opener at midnight. During his travels, he looks to Migson Public Storage for affordable truck rentals and storage units. Fully assembled and with lined drawers, this bedside cabinet will certainly add a touch of class to your home. It’s like a refrigerator, only running backward: A refrigerator moves heat from its interior to the room it’s located in. How much energy is extracted depends on the ambient air temperature and the tank temperature. Department of Energy considers the COP of HPWHs to be about 2, which accounts for storage losses as heat is lost through the walls of the storage tank. The resulting cooling of the room by the HPWH is advantageous in the summer, but a disadvantage in the winter.

We would be feeding the heat pump water heater from our DHW tank, which gets super warm 2-3 months a year (so we put a summer bypass on it to avoid the water heater all together during those months). If you live where there are cloudy months like here in Maine, the electric tankless is apt to not keep up. If you live way up north, and get 40F water into the solar water tank, it can quickly cool off to below 60F.
I was thinking we could simply feed the heat pump water heater with our DHW tank, which gets up to 135 degrees sometimes, but wasn't sure how this would interact with the heat pump mechanism. Perhaps a standard electric 40 gallon water heater (or an instant hot water heater?) would be fine. There is no way to re-use the heat pump unless you are a skilled refrigeration mechanic and want an adventure.
Energy Star, which is required for most rebates, would not certify the stand alone unit, claiming that the efficiency could suffer with a poorly insulated tank. One of our Web Sales Specialists will contact you with your order total before your order is finalized. We offer a wide range of Danvers storage unit sizes to meet the needs of both residential and commercial storage.
We take the security of your storage items very seriously and have incorporated state of the art security measures to insure your safety. Avoid using plastic tarps for this purpose, however, as they will trap moisture against the items, making them musty. With its louvered door, this closet essentially shares the same airspace with the living room.
An HPWH transfers heat from the room to a storage tank, and does it with remarkable efficiency. As it picks up energy from the room air, the refrigerant changes from a liquid to a gas within the evaporator coil. Most HPWHs have COPs between 2 and 4, depending on room temperature and humidity, and water temperature.
The temperature of the room in which the HPWH is housed, the insulation of the storage tank, and hot water usage frequency all impact the HPWH’s COP.
If the unit is installed in a basement, the larger the basement, the less impact it will have on the living area. Would that be able to interact with a Heat Pump water heater, either through a circulator pump or simply by providing pre-heated water to the heat pump water heater? Truck freight companies do NOT require their drivers to unload shipments and to call before delivery. For available dimensions of storage units, see a more complete size & location list on our units page.
In fact, an HPWH is able to transfer more energy (up to 2.5 times) than the electricity it consumes. The refrigerant passes into the compressor pump, which compresses the gas, increasing its temperature.
Additionally, in basement installations in humid regions, a significant benefit of an HPWH is that it also removes some moisture from the air, reducing and usually eliminating the need for a separate dehumidifier.
But I got mine on sale at Lowes $700 each + $99 extra for a lowes 10 year warrrenty so if something goes wrong with one I can still have the other for back up .
I'm not much of a DIY'er so any input on how we would best go about this would be much much appreciated. They have reworked these Cold Climate air source units that are specifically for making hot water and are currently rolling out the improved unit. For an additional fee you may request Lift Gate Service and the carrier will lower your product(s) to the ground.
We have gated lots, concrete buildings, security alarms and a security company that patrols our lots at night. The heated refrigerant then runs through a condenser, which is either a coil that is wrapped around the integral tank, or a pumped heat exchanger that feeds a separate water storage tank. However, it is critical that, with any heat source, the heat storage tank be well-insulated to minimize heat loss. I'm interested in what you're suggesting: just a standard electric hot water tank to take the DHW water and give it extra heat, or even a tankless instant water heater (afterall we have a huge tank already preheated by the sun). As the hot refrigerant gives up its heat to the colder water, the refrigerant cools and condenses back into a liquid and passes through an expansion valve, where its pressure is reduced and the cycle starts over. My assumption with those is they require a lot of electricity and new circuits installed, and from reviews i've read people say they don't deliver consistently the hot water needed - like for 3-4 showers in a row.

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