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Our childrens closets are designed for your child's needs today, while thinking about their future.
The triple hanging section that fits their clothes now, will change into double hanging that will fit their clothing when they get bigger. Keeping all your kids' toys organized, whether in the playroom or bedroom, can be a real challenge.
Closet, Bookcase, Wardrobe, Wall Unit, Cabinet, Dresser, Storage, Funiture or TV Entertainment Center that you like in the pictures below, contact us anyway.

We work closely with each client to turn their bedroom into a stunning and practical space. Magic Screened and Approved Professionals working in New York City NY: NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Bronx NY. When incorporating large custom units in a space, it’ss recommended to use a lacquer finish in a light color or the same color as the wall where the unit will be located.
Since most wall units are larger in size, are functional and created mainly to provide storage or a working space, picking the right color and finish is essential.

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storage units nyc harlem

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