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Whether you’re an individual or a business, we’ve got a huge range of services to suit you.
So if you’ve been worrying about storage solutions, whether they are for business or personal situations, let Quickstore help you build a package which suits you down to the ground. Call us today on 0800 907 907 9, tweet us, connect with us on Facebook or find us on Google+.
Recently we have been certified by a UKAS accredited auditor for the ISO9001 quality standard. Today, I thought I would do something a little different from my usual routine: I'm not going to take apart any Chrysler audio head units.
Above, you see almost the entire contents of my current Chrysler head unit collection, save for the units still in vehicles. You might be looking at the above picture, thinking that I'm a little crazy for collecting so many of these old decks.
But the new van had a surprise waiting for me: a black cassette deck with a five band analog equalizer. From then on, I made a pact with myself: as soon as I could, I would start paying attention to Chrysler audio products. Now, if you're after a Quartz Lock deck to use in a restoration, there are a few things to watch out for. On the other hand , if you are looking to use a 1984 deck in any vehicle, newer or older, I would advise against it. Amplifiers in these decks consisted of four amplifier chips that could manage 15 watts to each speaker, making them a big step up from the Quartz Lock units of the day.
The Infinity I was redesigned during its run to make some buttons a little more user friendly, but for the most part was unchanged in function from 1988 to 1991. The Infinity II was the next step in evolution for the Ultimate Sound decks I just showed you. Before I move on, you could get the Infinity I in a premium model, but not the Infinity II (to my knowledge). On the bottom is the Infinity III, a further iteration of the Ultimate Sound deck and the next step on from the Infinity II. And more importantly, while the slave CD connector on the old decks can be used to easily add an auxiliary input, you are out of luck when it comes to the changer control decks. Now, the top deck is another unit I haven't had time to get into, so I'm not sure how it differs from the Infinity IV, but I have indeed written about the bottom deck before. In 1993, to my knowledge, you could not get a CD player without also getting the Infinity speakers. Let me tell you, for an audio geek in 1993, I was in heaven any time I played a CD in that van. A conspicuous lack of an auxiliary input remains the Achilles heel of this unit, but that's really the only complaint one would have had back in the day these first came out.
I will admit that neither of these have really been apart yet, so I don't have a lot of information on them at present. Meantime, there are a few things to remember about these round faced decks of the early 2000s. Up top is the RBU, an Alpine built unit that looks identical to the RAZ, but is quite a bit different in functionality. Let's continue on to this unit, the six disc in dash DVD changer that is currently installed in my folks' 2008 Grand Caravan SXT. Last but not least is the MyGig REN from my parents' most recent automotive purchase, built by Harman-Becker. There are, however, some functional differences between the four main North American variants. I could go on at length about the MyGig head units, but I have already done so in my standalone article for this unit. We make no guarantees regarding validity, accuracy, or applicability of information, predictions, or advice.
ST BLAZEY MOTO-X, ANNEARS GARAGE, TYWARDREATH HIGHWAY, ST BLAZEY, PL24 2RN.Here at St Blazey Moto-X we cater for all your Off Road needs from Moto-X, Enduro, Trail Riding, Trials, Quads and Supermoto. Radio Plymouth 3 Crescent Avenue Mews Plymouth PL1 3AP.Radio Plymouth was conceived in 2003 when a group of radio enthusiasts decided to apply for a temporary broadcast licence to cover the British Fireworks Championship.
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So if you need to hire a van, pick up packaging supplies, rent mailboxes or organise any other business services, talk to us about integrating these with your storage package. Launched in 1989, Quickstore has become the business and personal storage company of choice for hundreds of happy customers across Devon and Cornwall.
THE Shed Company has been following ‘Shed Safe’ practices since its inception in 2005, hence the phrase ‘Discover THE Shed Company Difference’. The shed span refers to the gable end of the building and indicates the overall width of the building. Instead, I wrote a general article on some of the units I currently have in storage and in use, and with some indication on how they differ from one another. I had long since given up on Chrysler audio by that point, having gotten used to the subpar sound of the Quartz Lock series deck in their old 1984 Caravan. The Infinity logo was present on the display, but I didn't pay a lot of attention to it at first. In 1984, Chrysler audio systems weren't very good at all and the decks were very much underpowered by today's standards. I've already done a fairly comprehensive article about these units, but I'll recap the more important points here.
It should be said, however, that later Quartz Lock units did catch up to these in that department. Every Chrysler vehicle made from 1985 to 2000 that has the old square dash opening is plug and play. I'm not completely sure when this deck made its exit, but there are an awful lot of them out there. Unlike most decks from here on out, which can push 15 watts into your four speakers, many of these could only manage 12 watts per channel or so in the early days. In fact, in some factory literature, it is still referred to as the Ultimate Sound deck for 1988-1990. The premium model deleted the slave CD port on the back, and did not have the Infinity name on the front, but in all other ways was the exact same deck.
The styling has become much more ergonomic, but at its heart it does still share a lot of things with its older brothers.
Starting in 1993, Chrysler thought it was a good idea to do away with the slave CD player option in favor of a deck that had the CD player built into the head unit itself. This was a very expensive option that cost a couple thousand bucks on my parentsa€™ 1993 Grand Caravan LE, but the sound quality was out of this world.
Made by Mitsubishi in various versions over the years, it is perhaps the first example of any factory head unit able to play both CDs and cassettes in the same unit.
CD-R support was sketchy at first, but these quickly evolved over the years to handle them. Up top is the standard CD player that came with my folks' 2002 Caravan, and on the bottom is a somewhat unusual and simplistic unit that came from a Neon.
Both decks come from Huntsville Electronics and the bottom unit is, to my knowledge, their first attempt at a CD player.
All I can tell you for now is that it does have CD changer control capabilities for the newer in dash CD changers Chrysler was offering in the early 2000s. I no longer have this deck, so this picture from the past is the best I can do for this article.

It just didn't sound that good, what with the auto loudness circuit making the bass overly boomy. It is a four disc in-dash changer built by Mitsubishi that was found in the Sebring, among a few other cars. These came about around 2007, just when Chrysler's entertainment systems got really complicated.
It plays MP3s from CD or DVD, including recordables and RWs (if you're lucky - some of mine don't work). For now, I'll just answer the one question people seem to ask most: can these be made to work in older vehicles?
A family run business that have a great pride in producing a high standard of work on all makes of cars from historic vehicles to high performance rally cars we do it all !!! We are one of the leading independent utility consultancies in the country with access to all the major suppliers in the UK and work hard to find the right deal for you. Established in 1982, we take great pride in the quality of our work and personal, friendly service we offer you. When it comes to fences, there is very little that we don't do - after starting in the late 60's, we have amassed a vast array of experience in all types of fencing for a range of customers. Solid Pine Furniture At Devon Furniture Company we have one of the largest collections of Pine furniture available in the UK, all available at sale prices! There are residential flats on first and second floors which have been sold off on long leasehold interests. Quickstore is one of Devon and Cornwall’s leading storage solutions companies, with an unwavering commitment to customer care.
And it’s all down to the quality of our customer service, matched with the flexibility of our storage options.
I was absolutely nuts about electronics in general and audio in particular, growing up in the eighties. What hope was there for Chrysler, I wondered, when that old Quartz Lock deck had sounded so terrible? We drove the new van back to Saskatchewan for a while, listening to my father's favorite AM radio station. The top deck is a dealer option only product made by Audiovox, and the bottom deck is a 1986 vintage unit made by Huntsville Electronics (now Siemens). 1982-1983 used a common ground speaker wiring scheme, and the built in amplifiers were anemic at best. When it comes to 1982-1983 vehicles, it is best to find a deck matching those years if you want plug and play. These were the first decks to include music search functions on the cassette deck, as well as automatic tape equalization for CRO2 and metal cassettes.
Made by Huntsville Electronics, it is one of the most reliable decks you can get for a Mopar. This was a very fancy deck back in the day, and is in fact so complicated it ended up being rather failure prone. And speaking of that slave CD port, the Infinity II has one as well: an eight pin DIN connector that interfaces with the expensive slave CD unit. It's the farm fresh top deck in this picture, one I have not gotten around to profiling in its own article yet.
Up top is the three band EQ model from a cloud car, and on the bottom is the infamous Infinity IV. CDs were the wave of the future, and they'd already been beaten to the punch by other car makers. This was before they started cheaping out on the Infinity speakers, and every part of the sound system screamed attention to detail. These were a big deal when they came out in the mid 90s for just that reason, and these remain quite popular for those looking for a CD player that will just plug and play into the dashes of most Chrysler vehicles.
It is very bare bones in the operational department, and equally bare bones in the sound quality department.
Otherwise, it too is pretty basic in functionality; though it is the earliest deck in my collection known to be able to play CD-RWs. Built by Mitsubishi, this was one of the first units to incorporate RDS (radio data system) and satellite radio support. Some of these had the old dual 7 pin connector configuration, others got a newer square connector. It supports satellite radio and RDS like the RAZ does, but to my knowledge does not support the rear video screens that started to appear in the mid 2000s. This unit is physically deep enough to present issues with mounting in some cars, and it uses the old style black and gray connectors. Like many of Ma Mopar's newer offerings, this is a CANBUS based unit that will not operate without said CANBUS.
2008-2012 Caravans and Town and Countrys, 2007-2012 Nitros, 2008-2012 Libertys, 2007-2012 Wranglers, 2009-2010 Journeys, 2009-2012 Rams, 2011-2012 Grand Cherokees, 2011-2012 Durangos, and of course the 2008-2012 Volkswagen Routan are all high speed vehicles. If you have a folder on a DVD with that many files in it, it will play them all in a row one by one. Next time, I'll get into that Alpine built changer control tape deck I showed you, and tell you how to fix the blank display problem on that unit. It is the perfect alternative to concreting a driveway, block paving or pattern imprinted driveway solutions, or asphalt and tarmac driveways. It took another six years to persuade the authorities to grant Plymouth a full time licence and Radio Plymouth went on-air on February 28th 2010. We will go that extra mile to give a great service from returning your car fully valeted or even delivering your car to you , you don't get that service everywhere. As such, you get a dedicated account manager who will offer free impartial advice on the whole process, from switching suppliers to renegotiating a better deal with your current supplier. We have also acquired Leath Jewellers in Taunton, a leading county jeweller since the early 1800s. We provide a wide range of fencing supplies for the trade and private individuals, including Tanalised timber posts, rails, boards, palisades and feather edged boards - Tanalised timber round stakes, rails and posts - Steel palisade fence products - RSA, RHS and CHS posts - Concrete posts for line wire and chain link - Slotted concrete posts and gravel boards fence panels - Chain link fencing and weldmesh - Mesh fence systems - Line wire and netting - Bolts, screws and gate fittings - Chestnut paling - Barbed wire and razor wire - HERAS temporary fencing and much much more.
We are a family run firm who specialise in providing road transport and haulage services at highly competitive price. These include the ever popular Badger Bedroom Range to the contemporary styled Devon Chunky Pine Range. With our walls bursting at the seams we decided it was time to expand our horizons and move with the times. I was constantly looking for ways to improve the audio experience in the family vehicle, but wasn't always very successful at it. As an electronics technician, it only makes sense to me to show you what I have and how to do some basic repairs on these units.
First introduced somewhere around 1982, these were Chrysler's first foray into the world of electronic tuning and auto-reverse cassette decks.
On our 1984 Caravan, both positive leads from each left and right channel were present at the black connector. Cassette mechanisms were usually sourced from Alpine or Shinwa, with Huntsville handling the electronics themselves.
I have more of these on my shelf than any other deck, and it is all due to the fact that they break down often and are hard to get working right when they do.
These outboard single CD players were so expensive at the time, I haven't even seen one yet. Unlike the earlier Infinity II unit, this was available in a premium model, which is what you see here. Though it looks a lot like the Infinity III head unit that preceded it, functionality is very different in some ways.
Alpine really hit it out of the park with this deck, and those Infinity speakers only helped ensure the home run.
The earliest decks were hit and miss - you often need to tweak those units as I showed in my guide on the Infinity IV. You could even get the time with the ignition off by pressing the volume knob, a welcome feature that continues on many Chrysler decks to this day. This particular unit will not load or eject discs properly, so I'll be looking into that issue before too long.
This particular deck was redesigned at some point in its run to allow satellite radio support. I've written at length about this unit before, so I'll spare you the finer details on this unit.

The changeover occurred in 2001, and things are made more confusing by the fact that both connector styles were used in 2001.
These are often quite problematic when it comes to the changer mechanism, and I found that both of mine had problems like rubber isolators out of position and gears loose when I took delivery of them.
This trend irritates me to no end, because I know ita€™s Chryslera€™s way of making sure only their authorized techs can work on these without access to a vehicle. If you want to hear a specific track, you either have to seek through the folder or hit the list button and use the scroll to go find it. These all have single disc DVD drives in them, for playing any sort of CD or DVD you can think of. Our online Pine furniture collections boast stunning designs and exceptional quality throughout.
We are dedicated to the service that we provide, as well as having an excellent team of 15 staff we are also lucky enough to have built up a team of dedicated and hardworking specialist independent contractor, without all of whom Shoreya€™s would most certainly not be the success it is today. Still others are duplicates of the ones you see in the above picture, and are not shown therein. This could be why, in 1991, they underwent a redesign, losing the pushbutton equalizer controls and some toggle buttons. It doesn't help matters that only a few vehicles were offered that option, most frequently the TC and LeBaron. This deck literally has all the functionality of the 1991-1992 Infinity II present and accounted for - even the slave CD port is present on the back panel. But when the cloud cars came along, Alpine was called on to produce a head unit with a tape deck that could control a 6 disc CD changer in the trunk.
In terms of sound quality, these never got as good as the Alpine built single CD units, but it wasn't exactly bad sounding.
You can identify the newer units by looking for the button activated audio controls, rather than the analog bass, fader, balance, and treble controls seen on this unit.
You really need to pay attention to this, otherwise you may be faced with having to buy an adapter harness to even plug in that new deck you got on eBay last week.
They require bolts to be installed for proper shipping, otherwise it is likely they won't show up in proper working order on the other end.
And just to make things ever so much more irritating, it has been said that the 2012 high speed CANBUS is not compatible with the high speed CANBUS of prior years. It does not have RDS support, or Sirius support, or uConnect support; but there was a variant that did have these features. Its board of directors meets every couple of months to steer company policy and analyse the stationa€™s revenue and performance. Our Pine furniture is available in a variety of finishes and colours and is manufactured in the UK to the highest possible standard.
Marjons became the major sponsor and Raiders appointed a new Coach in ex-player Gavin Love. All processes are carried out in house to ensure the highest quality and to meet your delivery needs.
All Major credit cards are accepted.Curtis Ball undertake the service and repair of all cars and vans, both Petrol and Dieisal Vehicles worked on, clutches replaced, Air conditioning repairs and servicing, engine fault diagnostics, electric checks and repairs, MOT Testing station, Brakes checked and overhauled, used car sales, ABS Brakes and Airbag system repairs, exhaust full or part systems, all work guarenteed.
Of the units currently in use, I'll use an old picture from their respective articles when possible. In fact, I don't know a whole lot about those older units - I very rarely see them at salvage yards.
It is actually quite simple to re-wire these vehicles for proper independent speaker connections, because all the wires are already there. Really, it is best to match things up on a year by year and model by model basis after 2007 if you are looking to replace a factory head unit. I still cannot power this unit up, because I do not have access to a low speed CANBUS vehicle, so my independent guide for this unit will have to do for now.
We specialise in radiator fitting and repairs, catering for all makes and models, including classic and vintage cars as well as radiators for motor homes, commercial vehicles, bikes, tractors, forklift trucks and other agricultural and plant machinery. Whatever piece of furniture youa€™re considering, whether be it a wardrobe, chest of drawers or tables and chairs we are sure you will find the thing you have been looking for at Devon Furniture Company. To think that just 15 years ago we were bringing the best quality rugs to Devon and now we're sending them to our customers all around the world. These are frustrating to me, and I still have the pieces of the old Quartz Lock deck from my parents' 1984 Caravan to prove it.
You do have to remove the speakers to trace which wire is which, but that isn't too hard in most vehicles.
The Infinity model was only available for one year, while the bottom unit could be found in both black and silver for the whole 1985-1987 period.
I haven't had this unit open to tell you much about it, but what I can tell you for now is that it suffers from the same issue many of the Alpine built CD players suffered from: an intermittent display.
And just like every other Chrysler deck these days, you have to watch out for those CANBUS speeds. Presenters, journalists and the sales team are all based here as well and work closely with the community to provide a comprehensive and modern radio service for the people of Plymouth and surrounding areas. Top brands include Rolex, Cartier, Breitling, OMEGA, Tag Heuer, Chanel, Ebel, Gucci, TWSteel and Tissot. Solid Oak Furniture We offer an extensive range of high quality solid oak furniture with many ranges to choose from, all available at sale prices! Unbeatable prices, fast turnaround and great customer care make PDS Print your best choice across the UK.
Our conservatories come with full UPVC double glazing, even in the coldest of winters our range of conservatories and fixtures, available form our Plymouth outlet, ensure that you can efficiently heat your conservatory, all year round.
A high speed head unit in a low speed vehicle, or a low speed head unit in a high speed vehicle, is little more than a brick.
Conservatories are perfect for friend and family occasions, when the weather turns milder, dining al fresco or a BBQ is enhanced by the ease of use a conservatory gives you. Oak furniture provides a high quality and stylish finish which will look fantastic in any room of the house. So, if you're looking to swap the REN for the navigation unit, you will have to keep that in mind that uConnect support is different for the two. From oak tables to oak wardrobes, we have a huge range of oak furniture in stock, with ranges including New Oak Bedroom, New Oak Occasional, Rustic Oak Bedroom and Rustic Oak Occasional there is sure to be something to suit every taste and budget. I took the head unit back out, looked at the connectors, and sure enough: the pins were missing for the dash positive wires. You cannot run the CD changer on an old Infinity I, II, or III; and you cannot run the old slave CD player on this deck.
Be it a pair of shoes or a new t-shirt, the last thing you want is something that doesn't quite fit. Our new state-of-the-art press runs vastly reduced amounts of chemicals, with biodegradable fount. Instead of months of inconvenience having an extension built on to your house, a conservatory can be constructed quickly and easily with minimal disruption to your home.
Buying a rug online is like buying a t-shirt or a pair of shoes, if it doesn't fit  it doesn't fit. These countries have strict, legally-enforceable replanting policies which ensure that every tree felled is replaced with more than one replanted tree. A careful inspection of the old head unit later revealed that it drove the positive wires on each stereo channel from one amplifier chip, and the negative wires were run to the fader for front and back fading.
This policy ensures the forests used in our furniture's construction are actually increasing in size. Yes, this old deck actually drove both front and rear speakers from a single pair of amplifier chips. PDS Print are well known in Plymouth for their quality colour printing and throughout Devon and Cornwall for magazine printing.
All that we ask is that you arrange to have the rug delivered back to us in perfect condition so that we can arrange an alternative or a full and immediate refund. PDS are the Plymouth colour printing specialists and one of the most well-respected Plymouth printers.

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