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Top Boy returns to Hackney's fictional Summerhouse Estate a year on from when the first series ended.
What's the score between Dushane and Sully as the series returns?Ashley Walters: Dushane and Sully have a brotherly relationship. Doesn't an Albanian gang come into this series?Ashley Walters: The storyline progresses everything, especially for Dushane, but also the whole of the Summerhouse Estate.
And aren't the police closing in after discovering Kamale's body (a drug dealer killed in the first series)?Ashley Walters: Yeah they are. Lorraine, you join this series as Dushane's solicitor and love interest Rhianna, don't you?Lorraine Burroughs: Rhianna replaces his usual lawyer, so it's by chance that she represents him. You grew up on an estate Ashley, so you playing Dushane gives it more authenticity in a sense doesn't it?Ashley Walters: I hope so. How does Dushane rank among the roles you've played?Ashley Walters: Dushane has always been one of my favourite parts. Lorraine, is it true that One Foot In The Grave star Richard Wilson helped pay some of your drama fees when you were a student at Rada?Lorraine Burroughs: Richard Wilson is an amazing man.
So how did you meet him?Lorraine Burroughs: The secretary for Rada approached him about me and sent him all my details, and he was intrigued and agreed to do that.
And is it true you once appeared in a Sheryl Crow video?Lorraine Burroughs: Oh my God I forgot about that!

How did that come about?Lorraine Burroughs: It wasn't a video, it was an advert for her next album. Drug dealer Dushane's moving up in his dubious profession, while relations have soured with best pal Sully. Their background story is that they have grown up together, so as far as they are concerned they are like brothers. As well as the Albanian stuff going on, that's the main thing, which also branches out into how Dushane can progress, and what will be the next step for him. Then she's not sure whether he's going to want her to take his case on because he doesn't know her, so it's whether he's going to trust her or not. What does she see in him?Lorraine Burroughs: Basically he comes from the same sort of background as her, but she managed to fight her way out of it, go to university and become a lawyer. If I'm honest there are many times when I've watched parts on TV that I thought, 'Oh my God.
Do you think it's got it right in terms of showing the level of violence?Ashley Walters: Yeah. I do complain about how his nature sometimes makes it quite boring for me to play because I'm not doing a lot of action — it's just a lot of dialogue. Dushane's making more and more money, and interacting with different middlemen, so you are bound to get into that territory eventually where you are crossing other peoples' paths.

Why did they get him?' I hope that doesn't happen to me that often with other people watching me. I think it's mainly Channel 4 that come in and go, 'Oh, this is too much violence or that's too much swearing,' or whatever. She sees that Dushane can come out of this world and could be doing so well using all the skills that he does for the bad stuff, if he were putting that into something positive. She sees a great future for the two of them, and fights for that, but then quickly realises it's not as easy as she thinks. I feel it's another moment in my career where I pioneered something, like with So Solid Crew, and a lot of other things that I have done before. But Dushane is a part I can fill quite well because of what's happened before and because of the experience that I've had as an actor. I think it was perfect timing for something like Top Boy when the first series was shown [in 2011], especially with everything that was going on around it in the country.
But I think Channel 4 are mindful of the people that may be watching it and not to offend everyone.

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