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We currently have a fault with our phone lines, we apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. Our Suncast Kensington Shed is perfect for storing larger garden tools keeping them safe from the frequent harsh conditions our gardens experience. With a 39-horizontal-cubic foot storage capacity it is suitable for patio umbrellas, lawn mowers etc or even wheelie bins. The construction has a stay dry design so you wont find any rotting providing excellent value for price.

Our Suncast kensington shed features a lift-up lid with a added prop which means access to your items couldn’t be easier. This shed has an exclusive blow moulded technology producing extra strong wall paneling providing extra support for the heavier items you wish to store. Also, this Suncast kensington shed has room for two padlocks (Not supplied) which means you wont have to worry about your items safety. As with all of our Suncast products this shed comes with a 5 year guarantee so you will receive a high quality simple way to keep your items safe and protected for a very long time.We advise that this shed is built on a wooden or conrete foundation.

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suncast storage shed uk

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