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The Suncast GS4000 Vertical Garden Shed is a versatile upright storage shed which can accommodate a variety of items such as long-handled tools, outdoor toys, deck furniture, pool equipment and snow blowers. The shed is designed to stay dry and will keep the weather off your tools and other yard items.
The durable resin design will ensure that all the equipment you store in the shed stays dry. The doors on the front of the shed are double doors so that you will have unencumbered access to items inside in order to easily and efficiently move them in and out of the shed.
Over 115 customers have left feedback for the Suncast GS4000 Vertical Garden Shed and given it an average rating of 4.1 stars out of 5. The Suncast GS4000 Garden Shed is available from Amazon and priced at an incredible discount and includes FREE Super Saver Shipping.

The Suncast GS4000 is a very handy vertical garden shed which is ideal if you need something a little smaller for yard tools. One convenient feature is the foot ramp at the front so that items can be easily rolled in and out if necessary. The garden shed also comes with a built-in support for adding a wood shelf (not supplied) and features a snap-together assembly which takes less than half an hour to put together.
Built-in supports for shelves are included with the unit if you wish to add shelves to your shed however the shelves are not included. With regard to the reviews for this product, the 5 of the 1 star reviews are not actually for this particular shed, but rather, another model. It is the perfect size for tall items and if you take the advice of one customer and rig up a wire shower hold all, you can happily stow small tools like trowels in there as well.

The double doors on the front also come with a foot latch which you can use to secure them to the floor as well as a built-in hasp ready for a padlock (which is not supplied). One customer improved the functionality of the shed by adding a wire shower hold all to the provided shelf supports and was able to easily store very small tools in there as well as tall tools.
Customers are generally pleased with the price, appearance and functionality of this garden shed and consider the money well spent. To see more about what customers had to say about the product, you can read the reviews here.

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suncast vertical garden shed 60 cubic feet freezer

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