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In the firepit area, Peterson repurposed stone from a former raised bed to build a semicircular bench.
The Dupars built the shed in about two months, using recycled beams from a pier repair project and cedar that they found on a nearby beach and then sliced into rounds. The structure pictured at left, a charming focal point in a backyard in Exeter, California, is both.
Through additional smart detailing, the former "man cave" has been transformed into a backyard "chick shack" where Sweet can be inspired and lounge with company.
She loves raising her seedlings here (heirloom flowers and vegetables are a particular favorite), and overwintering her orchids.Positioned so its door faces the back patio, the shed is also designed to let in plenty of daylight while minimizing prolonged exposure to direct sun during the Central Valley’s very hot summers.

A potting table sits against the solid back wall; galvanized metal tubs on its bottom shelf hold bagged potting soil. The shed’s horizontal framing doubles as additional shelving for storing vases and small pots. There’s no floor ? just a thick layer of gravel to absorb water spills.Just outside the shed is a small plot edged with cobbles and ornamentals where Featherston raises many of the flowers and vegetables that she starts from seed. She experiments here with color themes.“One year I filled in the area around the shed with chartreuse-flowered plants,” she says. The unity of color brings the whole garden together.”Bright and airy, Featherston’s garden cottage is a space any gardener would love.

It took just five days and $2,000 to build.DetailsDurable furnishings and well-organized tools and materials are key to a small but efficient workspace.
Featherston uses an oscillating fan, and wets the gravel floor with a hose for evaporative cooling.

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sunset garden shed plans 02

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