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SUP Rack Construction All steel, welded construction using one inch diameter tubular steel support arms SUP Surf Rack Cushioning High-quality tubular nitrile foam cushioning SUP Wall Rack Mounting 2 wide wall mounts secured with 3 long quarter inch lag screws for stud mounting.
The ceiling is a great place to store you SUP board, considering the their size compared to most other boards. This SUP ceiling rack is our top pic and stores you SUP in a traditional (horizontal) position.
This rack comes in as our second chose and is quite convenient despite it’s rather large size. This is the add on piece that will allow you to store mutliple boards under the orignial base unit. Safety straps are built into all our storage racks to hold your kayaks firmly in place-  one more security feature made just for you. Welcome to one of the best ranges of surfboard wall racks and SUP storage racks in Australia!

This is a modular system and this package includes a ceiling base piece (good for holding paddles, fishing poles, and surfboards, but not for an SUP), and a modular SUP add-on that attached below and holds an SUP of up to 32 in width. Ceiling SUP racks allow for direct storage overhead, allowing you to free up some space, all the while protecting your SUP board from scrapes and dings. It is also expandable allowing you to purchase extra racks and simple bolt them on to each other.
The T-Bone Rack is also fully adjustable both vertically and horizontally allowing you to hone in on all your storage needs. With a thinner design and nicer foam, the Calfin SUP Ceiling rack is a more expensive but sleeker alternative to the COR ceiling rack.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. The only down side with this rack is that you first have to purchase a rack base, shown in the picture above, and then the SUP expandable rack, which is then bolted on.

Installation is also a snap, with a simple 2 bolt per rack system, like the gatekeeper, which makes it very quick and easy. Same looks and same price, purchasing between the COR and the Rocky will come down to your own personal choice of brand.
The product is beautiful wood, and comes with the appropriate drywall screws for installation.

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sup storage rack ceiling system

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