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If you're having a problem with chipping when it comes to using your table saw, it may be the type of saw you're using or it could be the lack of a zero-clearance blade insert. If you plan on making any kind of cabinetry or beds or anything else like that, having a dado blade is a useful and handy tool. I first came across this idea from an old Shopnotes magazine article (#99) from a few years ago.
Pilot holes can now be drilled in the fence bracket and the fence screwed to the jig's base. Almost nothing is more frustrating than having saw marks and burns on the pieces we cut for our projects, as they result is us spending valuable “shop time” sanding them out.
I have always taken the approach toward our business that I won’t use something that I don’t like, and I won’t sell something that I don’t use. I am pleased to let you know that Ridge Carbide has developed a new table saw blade, and proud to let you know that other than buying “Factory Direct”, this outstanding blade is offered exclusively on our website. The “Ultra” is a 48 tooth blade with a 25° alternate top bevel, a 5° alternating shear face, and is the ultimate combination blade for the most demanding wood worker. Ridge Carbide’s TS2000 blades are Guaranteed to cut super smooth, swirl free cuts without stabilizers for their usable life.

If you would like to make box joint projects on your table saw, the Ridge Carbide TS21040FT blade is the perfect choice of blades for you. Ridge Carbide’s MC10802 (10” 80 tooth) and DC121002 (12” 100 tooth) blades are designed to give you flawless cuts when working with sheet goods that are covered with melamine and veneer. Stay Up-to-Date and Sign-Up Now!Sign-up for our newsletter and learn about specials, updates to our site and all things woodworking!
Although it may not sound important, a zero-clearance blade insert is an important piece that helps lessen the chance of chipping and it can be a real money saver when you need to make cuts into pieces of wood that don't come cheap. What this does is make a u-shaped cut into your piece of wood that is perfect for combing two pieces together to form a sturdy, solid joint.
It is for this reason that the only saw blades that we offer on our site (and the only blades I use) are manufactured by Ridge Carbide Tool Co. I learned many years ago that “You get what you pay for”, and I also learned that “You can buy a $100 blade once for a lot less money than you can buy a $50 blade 4 times!” We want our customers to be very happy with products they purchase from us, and that is why you will only find Ridge Carbide Tool Company’s blades on our site. This gives a flat bottom cut, which makes them a great blade for making narrow dado or rabbet cuts.
All 40 teeth on this blade are “Flat Top Ground”, so the blade insures you have cuts with a perfectly flat bottom.

It is the perfect blade for a radial arm saw, chop saw, compound miter saw, and cross-cutting on the table saw. In this tutorial, you'll find out more about a zero-clearance insert and how it will help your wood project.
So if you want to find out more about dado blades and how to install and use one check this tutorial out. I know from experience that you can’t find better blades, and that’s why every blade we sell comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! It will reduce “jump” and give you better “pull control”on your radial arm saw, and will eliminate bottom splintering on radial crosscuts.

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table saw dado sled plans

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