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If you already have an aluminum extrusion or want to purchase your own, you can just buy the T-Square by itself. The central piece of our Universal T-Square Table Saw Fence System is the patent pending T-Square design which features a solid steel mounting block. Linear fence adjustments refers to the placement of the fence in relationship to the table saw top depending on the operation that you are performing.
This tig welded steel T-Square unit with cam locking mechanism, UHMW bearing guides, and measuring pointer accepts most aluminum extrusions with t-slotted channels as long they are at least 1.5 inches (or 40mm) wide. The most powerful aspect of having the aluminum extrusion as your fence is the ability to connect jigs, stops, clamps and accessories with ease and at infinite connection point. The beauty of our T-Square design is that not only can you quickly attach an aluminum extrusion as a fence, but the mounting block will also allow you to bolt a variety of other fence materials and shapes for custom applications.
This fence interchangeability opens up a whole new world of design and fabrication possibilities for the table saw. A great fence can’t add horsepower to a saw, but it can make your cuts straighter, more accurate and more repeatable. The reason you put the fence on your saw is to make your woodworking faster, more accurate and safer. Some after market table saw fences advertise that they’re installable in under 30 minutes. I also have a Jet 10″ left tilt 3 hp tablesaw and always hated the Xacta fence that came on it. The Euro t-square fence is designed to work on sliding table saws equipped with a Biesemeyer angle iron and tubing guide rail. This T-square has the adjustable throat feature to accommodate various guide rail tubing sizes. The most powerful feature of having an aluminum extrusion fence is being able to attach jigs, stops, clamps and what ever you can dream up to make your woodworking project more efficient and more fun! We sell machined, precision, t-slotted 40x80mm aluminum extrusions!We sell machined, precision, t-slotted 40x80mm aluminum extrusions! T-squares, extrusions, auxiliary fences and other accessories for your table saw fence upgrade or rebuild.
How Much Steel Do I Need For My Guide Rail Build?Q: What lengths of steel do I need for my guide rail build to achieve my desired rip capacity?
The Adjustable T-Square from $249MORE INFOThe Adjustable T-Square Works With A Variety Of Tubing – SAE or Metric!
An important thing to keep in mind when looking at cabinet saws is that they are often 230 v. That’s the basics of your table saw package: You picked a saw style to fit your use, space and budget. The sky is the limit when it comes to all the possible jigs, stops and setups you can create using the t-channel slots.

We designed the mounting block to accept 4 t-nuts so that aluminum extrusions can be quickly and easily attached for use a table saw fences. There is nothing on the market that is as strong, flat, straight, square, lightweight and affordable as aluminum extrusions.  The sophisticated extrusion process makes all of this possible.
The t-nuts and bolts allow you to have flush mounted accessories attached directly to your fence without bulky clamps that are always in the way. It can’t increase power of course, but it can put more square into your work and improve your cut repeatability.
I then researched a number of different table saw fence brands in online woodworking forums and tried to isolate when possible how they differ from each other and why they’re selected over other brands.
Before recommending that anyone buy a new table saw I always suggest first that they get a better fence – it makes that much of a difference. Here are a few things you can research on your fences of choice to make sure that you’ll be well served. It’s vital that you know exactly what your projects are when you start fence shopping so that you buy a big enough fence. Flex is usually a result of lightweight materials and even more than that, poor construction. It turned out that the patented clips which HTC uses to connect the UHMW to the steel distorted the plastic. The OEM version is a bugger to set up parallel without tweaking evertime you move the fence. I, like the previous writers, would like to know what fences are available to fit on the saw. You will have to drill a few holes on your front and rear table edge to mount the rails, but it takes about 1 hour to install.
Anyone who has one of these versatile Euro style table saws can now enjoy the power and flexibility of a Biesemeyer-style guide rail system. The blade placement is often at the edge of the table which requires a different style of table saw fence to accommodate. In addition, it has a mounting bar placed at the left end of the T-Square for fence extrusion attachment.
We recommend that you to purchase some t-nuts in order to enjoy the full value of your new VerySuperCool Fence System. They are relatively lightweight so they can be moved to the job site, hence the term “job site saw.” They have a small table top so they are best used for ripping boards under 14 – 16” wide. These monsters usually are 3 to 5 horsepower, have up to 50” rip capacity and can hog through the toughest wood with ease. Unless you bought a top end saw you can probably improve on the one that came with the package. At a moment’s notice I can change setups from a tenoning jig to a tall fence for vertical pieces.

We think the aluminum extrusion makes the perfect table saw fence because of the t-slotted channels, but we also realize that there may be specific custom applications where other fence material could just as easily be bolted to our t-square. This is valuable for many reasons, but the primary reason is that so you can leave complicated table saw fence set ups in place and still be able attach another fence for other table saw operations. The VerySuperCool fence was inspired by the Biesemeyer design and works flawlessly with any 2×3 guide rail. You can’t really get more subjective or opinionated information than woodworkers in forums, but then again, how objective are woodworking magazine comparisons? The quality and weight of materials, plus the quality of design and assembly all play a part here.
If you know of and prefer others please leave your thoughts in the comments, especially if you know of links to woodworking magazine fence comparisons!!
You also can make your own wood fences if you have an operation which requires a sacrificial fence. Whether you have access to metric or SAE steel, you can easily make and attach your own guide rails and use the VerySuperCool Euro-Adjustable t-square to take advantage of the world's most popular table saw guide rail system.
It provides the most accurate cuts and, with a good blade, leaves clean straight edges ready for glue ups and joinery. They are open in the back and bottom making them more lightweight and mobile than a cabinet saw. Here’s the difference: If your blade tilts right and your fence is on the right (as it usually is,) on a beveled cut the blade is tilted toward the fence and your guide hand. A good fence has a smooth slide, an easy, firm locking mechanism, easy micro adjustments and a simple process for ensuring that the fence is parallel to the blade. Our T-Square fence system takes a proven and tested design to a whole new level of versatility and performance. Some saws are known for their very minute adjustments, to the point that woodworkers who prefer ultra-accuracy use them above all others.
Of course, no tool is fool proof – you still need to use it correctly to get the best results. If it is not parallel to the blade the wood can bind and kick back, or be out of square after the cut. Fences with complex jigs and stops attached can be set aside and another fence can be attached to quickly get on with your work and not have your table saw held hostage. Most new saws come with excellent rip fences and there is a growing population of saws that have riving knives which are a very important safety feature.
Cheap sets are prone to tearing the veneer on plywood and plywood is what you are most likely cutting dado’s in.

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