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Shawn { just my two cents, never owned a B&S but I do own a Craftsman mower with a Honda engine. This MicroLux table saw from Micro-Mark is the perfect saw for model makers – or for anyone who requires small scale precision cuts.
Shown here is the Byrnes Model Machines 4" Table Saw, precision-engineered with an accuracy measured in thousandths of an inch. Here is an review of the Byrnes Model Machines 4 inch miniature table saw from Ships in Scale Magazine.
It was not inexpensive for its day, but I built architectural models as means of paying for college and it paid-off handsomely.

Its variable speed electronically-rectified high-torque DC motor allows for precision cuts in both plastics and metals without over heating the material, and the saw also features two miter gauge slots for cutting on both sides of the blade, a tilting arbor for cuts up to 45-degrees, and a vacuum cleaner attachment. Here is another review of the Byrnes Model Machines 4 inch miniature table saw from Fly RC Magazine.
These saws can be extremely dangerous as it is far too easy to think they are toys—which they are not. All this being said; I would not opt for the $45 table saw in this article for many reasons. The accuracy of this tool gives me a fighting chance.I ordered the Byrnes tilting table and made an accessory for it and a youtube video about it so you can make one too.

If you truly want tools to properly meet this intricate level of precision, and more important—safety, go with these: Bynes.

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table saw model making videos

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