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One of the things I like about this cart is that it puts my power saws all in one place and provides a very workable platform to use them on.
The second picture shows the extension wing and the recycling of my crappy Craftsman router table legs. One of the last things I did was to add a cord management thingie as per the inspiration of Fridgecritter and his power tool station seen HERE so many thanks for that! Overall I am happy with the cart though I need to tweak the height of the table saw a bit to make it perfectly flat across the entire work surface. Kidding of course – modifying the steel router table would have been a PITA and I wanted something truly mobile. DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ.
HW110WS Woodworking Table Saw, View 10 table saw, HARVEY Product Details from Nanjing Harvey Machinery Co., Ltd. Its on casters, I would think that would work as long as you aren’t moving it every day. I’d say if the first was his issue, the cost of lumber was far cheaper than a used $600 saw he may still have to spend time on. You mean it doesn’t go into a mildew bio reactor to get converted into simple sugars, fermented, distilled and used to run a fuel cell to power it???? Picked up an old 50s 60s craftsman saw with a belt driven external motor from a curb including blade fence the pusher piece and some attachent I cant figure out . Years ago when I had a contractor saw (almost 10 years ago) I made a station from a shopnotes issue from MDF.
I should have built this tablesaw and router station years ago for its space-saving and efficiency qualities. Begin by cutting the inner cabinet partitions to size, then prepare a 1 ?” x 3 ?” notch into the top front corner of each one. This project includes three stiffeners for the unit's right and left sides and front that fit into the bottom of the cabinet, adding weight, rigidity and a thick caster base.
Add the left cabinet side to the assembly, then cut and fasten the back panel to the back edges of the shelf and partitions. Plug all screw holes, fill nail holes, then finish–sand and apply three coats of semi-gloss polyurethane. After convincing my wife that a garage was NO place to park a car, I was able to accumulate some of the tools that I had always wanted, but didn't have space for. To see the stand in more detail see this link: This time I build a very simple, quite crude, mobile tablesaw stand for the new extention I have build.
Most woodworkers and homeowners own at least a portable light weight table saw for a variety of projects, but are limited to the size of wood they can cut due to the shortcomings of its design and a lack of accessory work surface.
This video is an introduction to a long series that will cover many topics of design, woodworking, and steel fabrication to produce this table saw work station.
I figured what better project for my new miter saw than to build a new table for it to sit on.
Router table plans table saw Get the best rated woodworking guide with over 16k woodworking plans. Table Saw Station (Pt 1) - Here I will go over the planning stage of my homemade table saw cabinet.
The small size of the saw table on compact table saws makes it difficult to cut large pieces like plywood. It’s a very simple table saw cart that doubles as a miter saw and scroll saw workstation.

I have not yet bored holes to allow the scroll saw to be held down, but that is a simple fix and by getting the two saws off my shelves, it has created a lot more space in my shop… I mean one car garage! I can honestly say that this is the best part of that particular purchase and I am so happy that I upgraded to a grown up router and table!
When cutting long stock I simply use the roller stands on either side of the work station to again try and maximize space in my shop.
At the end of the day it’s much better than stooping over the saw while it sat on the floor to make a cut!
I designed one for my Rigid saw last year but still have not gotten around to actually building it. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Even if you didn’t know this started as a rusty table saw, the workstation that came out of this project is just phenomenal.
If you are going to spend this much time just get an old Delta Unisaw, they are about $600 used and often come with a Biesemeyer fence.
Housing sawing and routine operations in one place doubles space efficiency, and casters on the station make the machines mobile, allowing you to position the unit exactly where you want it.
Before starting, measure your tablesaw, fence and blade and apply these specs to your plans. Cut the brace from hardwood and the front face from particle board, then glue and clamp them together to make the strong, 1 ?"-thick top-front cabinet face that nestles the partitions and acts as a support beam for the top.
Start with some ?” x 27” x 32” ply, then apply laminate to its surface and cut a hole for the router base-plate. This woodworkers list of woodworking plans features a collection of table saw workstation PDF plans, blueprints for table saw workstation and video instructions for table saw workstation, schematics and CAD drawings. The main aspect of this workstation which sets it apart from other designs is that the saw itself is untouched. Which is why I decided to take care of this project early in my list of table saw workstation upgrades.
I show many techniques and operations during this series that can be applied and used on other woodworking and welding projects. Rather than just building a simple replacement base, I opted to build one with lots of storage potential. The design is from a 2009 issue of woodworkers Journal and I really like the sliding dovetail support leg. I built the table using some plans posted on the internet and modified them slightly to fit both my shop vacuum and an additional drawer. I hated the original stand, tips over when cutting large pieces of plywood n stuff so I had to make a better stand for it. He will be using it to finish our windows in the kitchen, however he also has big plans for it in the future.
This mobile table saw station extends to create a large work area and then folds up into a compact package that can be stored out of the way. I decided to go with the left hand extension as my fence only extends 20 inches or so and I often find myself cutting sheet goods that need support because of this fact.
It looks like you kept your original (previously modified?) fence, but what did you use to extend the rails for your workstation? It really makes us wish we had looked around for a used model with a cast iron top instead of going for the cheap stamped metal one that was ready to use. The rods and gears were all cleaned up before he began to sand away the rust on the table itself.

He scrounges a dead one, turns it into an expensive one, then makes it into an incredibly great one.
Then there’s storage: five full-extension drawers create room for tablesaw accessories and router bits. Glue and screw the assembly in place, with the front surface flush with the edges of the shelf and partitions. After removing your tablesaw from its stand, set its base on top of the cabinet and centre it over the middle drawer section. Measure from the top of this extension to the cabinet top, then build an L-shaped base for this space. This is a modular design, which can come apart quickly, and you can remove this tablesaw and slide in a new one when you upgrade. As I was researching ideas for a DIY homemade table saw rip fence I saw a lot of different shapes and sizes. The design allows for a set of very crude draws for storage and bellow the saw itself a bucket to collect any falling dust from the saw adding to the stands dust collection. THis new base measures 6 feet long by 2 feet wide, which gave me good reason to move over to the new shop building.
The miter saw is connected to a vacuum to clean up most of the saw dust and the vacuum is plugged into an i-Socket Autoswitch which automatically turns on when the miter saw is in use. The wrong style or type of bench vise is like trying to drive a family of 4 around in sub compact. I had originally planned to make a folding outfeed table but have since opted for roller stands until I upgrade my saw, but I did design everything to be the same height as my Rockler router table, so in a pinch I can use that!
Dont get me wrong, it is a very nice job, but the saw it was built around is nothing great. Cut both the station’s top and bottom, and fasten the bottom to the underside of the cabinet.
I havent yet finished the new shop set up ( haven't even started) but this build is a great start giving me lots of options for storage potential. Note: This is a complete step by step of the build, detailing each step of the construction.
Tools I used were a 10" miter saw, pocket hole jig, cordless drill, air nail gun and a jigsaw. Align the front edge of the fence parallel with the side of the cabinet, then trace the outline of the base and cut an opening for it in the top. Some where so snazzy and decked out that not only could they help rip cut, but also refill your empty cup of joe and ask if you wanted cream and sugar. You would think that something as simple as attaching a piece of ply with a hinge would be simple. Which is intended to assist anyone who is thinking of building an out feed table for their table saw. They went inside of this larger assembly that combines an MDF table top with an Accusquare rip fence to greatly increase the working surface of the tool. Cut the drawer boxes to size using ?" Baltic birch plywood for the box sides and ends and ?"-thick veneered ply for the bottoms.
If space is at a premium and you lack effective storage, bringing in a new screwdriver to your shop can feel too much.

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