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After first being revealed in June and not being available for purchase, Straight Talk has quietly launched its long awaited tablet data SIM cards for AT&T and T-Mobile powered tablets. Ironic that AT&T wants $15 for the 250 MB tier, when T-Mobile gives 200 MB per month for free, for any tablet in America that can access its network. By Cody Lee Oct 25, 2012, 3:00 am378 ptsAfter two years of sitting on the sidelines, Sprint will finally be landing the iPad this fall.

However, T-Mobile’s free lifetime 200MB tablet data and penny SIM sales are still compelling enough that these plans are really best for frequent travelers that need data access or heavy tablet users without easy access to Wi-Fi. However, It does make for a good excuse to experiment with a smartphone after activating the SIM with a tablet, provided you don’t buy the higher data tiers when you start service. Once they become available, the carrier will be offering LTE versions of both the new iPad and the iPad mini. It should also be noted that the tablet data access also includes hotspot support to share tablet data to other devices.

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tablet data plans verizon

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