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Shelters Of America is your leading manufacturers' distributor for temporary or permanent portable garage and carport building products. We also offer a large variety of outdoor canopies and party tents for all of your outdoor party needs. Our agriculture area offers many buildings like portable horse shelters, hay storage, cold frames and a large line of greenhouses from hobby greenhouses to pro green house kit systems. Our garage kits are made of the highest quality galvanized steel frames and long lasting polyethylene covers that will last for years.

Our party tents and canopies are also made of the same high quality materials and have sizes to accommodate whatever size gathering or party you have.
We offer a variety of anchors for all surface attachments weather it is cement, sandy soil or rocky terrain. Because our garages and carports come in such a huge line of sizes we can basically cover anything. All products we carry are made with high quality galvanized steel, and most ship within 24-48 hours.

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temporary boat shed plans diy

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