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With Availability's temporary service, you pay only for productive time; you do not pay for lunch hours, holidays, vacations or personal days. Party Favor Tattoos for Your PartyTemporary tattoos are a fun way to celebrate a particular party theme and send your guests home with some lasting party favors.
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Availability also eliminates your cost of recruitment, employment screenings, payroll processing (including annual W-2's), all federal, state and local tax contributions as well as workers compensation and unemployment liabilities.

At Shindigz, you can choose from a wide variety of temporary tattoos that are appropriate for both kids and adults.
The great thing about temporary tattoos is that they go on easily and will not last forever, so go ahead and place them wherever you want! Left unchecked, the temp folder can grow massive (I’ve even seen some in the 2GB+ range) and take up precious disk space while at the same time slowing your computer down. Styles and colors are numerous and include festive shapes, slogans, pop stars, media icons and some of your favorite college and professional sports teams.

Putting on tattoos can be a fun activity at a birthday party or seasonal event, and they can also be a desirable prize for party games. For those that want something a little more personalized, our custom temporary tattoos can be designed for your particular party needs.

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