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Electronic operation roller shutters complete with bottom weather seal & personnel doors. This entry was posted in Recent Applications and tagged On site storage, Temporary Building, Temporary Industrial Building, Temporary Storage Structure, Temporary Structures, Temporary Warehousing by Instant Space. In NYC, you make do with what you have and honestly, I love finding creative ways to make small spaces work.
Behind the door is a funky little space that I filled with old wine crates to use as book shelves.
Installation with a bench and shaded cover made from a somewhat translucent fabric called Xorel.
Porcelain tiles from Kowa Collection caught my eye for the large format and texture they create. The master bedroom has doors or windows on every wall, which makes using the space a bit more challenging.
The main bath will become more of a powder room (without removing the shower) once we finish the basement bath.  The basement bath will add much needed storage for all our toiletries so we can remove them from the main bath that everyone sees. The master bedroom is also a work in progress.  We have two bikes that are currently residing in here and I need to find them a better home. Post pictures of or write about your LEAST favorite room in your home on our Facebook page for a chance to win a room re-do between now and February 20th!
There are two spaces in a home that people want to remodel most: the kitchen and the bathroom. Warm and cozy, the collection of unique mirrors in this bathroom are tied together through a simple coat of paint. Mirrors also help small spaces feel larger and reflect the colors of their surroundings so there is less need for artwork.
A very easy way to change the feel of your bathroom is with a fun new shower curtain and a floor length mirror.
If you have very little space, one of the best things you could do is add a recessed Robern cabinet.
A playful take on a tree and a great idea if you don’t have a chandelier over your table.
Try combining fresh greens, votive candles, a colorful fruit, and simple ornaments to create your table runner. 4.  Add a dash of color and an abundance of warmth with a beautiful throw like this one from Designers Guild.

The Merrakesh Necklace below from Stella&Dot offers holiday glitter at a delightful price. A daytime purse that can hold everything you need, from a brand that is renowned for its quality.
8 ways not to get sucked into the foolishness on the Internet 5 ways to spend more time with God Podcast: Remember, you're protected, favored & victorious Today's Devotional: Press on! Well, anyway, as I was bopping around, humming to myself and putting in work, I felt this terrible burning in my left pinky finger.
It wasn’t until later that night, while sitting down in my bedroom, that I noticed the tiny sliver of wood beneath the skin. Now, usually, I pull out my needle and tweezers for the children when they show up needing me to take out whatever fragment has gotten itself lodged in their finger or foot somehow. Before poking around to get that barely visible sliver out, whenever I rubbed my hand over the area, that sharp pain made me wince and jump. I punctured the thin top layer of the skin, without going too deep and split it open to expose what was underneath. She would always put her glasses on, get some extra light, lean in really close and do her work. So, when I was performing minor stick-extraction-surgery on myself, I had to personally apply the method I use on others. But I kept on going, because I knew the temporary discomfort that came along with the removal process was necessary to give me permanent relief. So we cry out to God to ease the heartache, frustration, stress, anxiety, pressure and general brokenness we feel. I love the way this idea was fleshed out in Barnes’ Notes on the Bible I was reading earlier today.
At the end of the day, if you know you are walking in accordance with God’s will for your life, expect to go through some things. And when God is taking you through the deliverance process, know that it will hurt at certain points. Once God finishes clearing out the clutter invading your life and taking you through divine refinement, you will be freer, happier, full of joy and peace, and you’ll get a new lease on life. God, I thank You for loving me enough to remove the things and people from my life that I don’t need.
This encouragement is written by Dianna Hobbs, Empowering Everyday Women Ministries Founder.

Deluxe Corner Post for Dividers, 48''h (SKU: SFK3290D)Strictly For Kids Deluxe Solid Maple Corner Post to connect Room Dividers at corners, 3''w x 3''d x 48''h. Deluxe Room Divider System, 48''h (SKU: SFK3200D)Strictly For Kids Deluxe Solid Maple Room Divider System, 48''h. We start by rearranging your existing pieces of furniture to make the space more functional and visually appealing. We wish to improve in some area, but we despise the unpleasantness of the process of getting to that place. Have Thine own way!Thou art the Potter, I am the clay.Mold me and make me after Thy will,While I am waiting, yielded and still. This wonderful free standing unit is one of the most elegant, durable additions to the environment available.
So I trust You through it all and praise You for what You will do for, in and through me as I submit to Your plan for me. This wonderful system helps to create a beautiful, stable separation between areas at a very affordable price.
Provides a complete divider system which is easily re-arranged throughout the day to provide a defined space and a stable caregiver bench. It divides the space, adds storage, offers the latest in developmental appropriate play features, muffles sound and offers visual access through the see-through unbreakable Lexan windows.
Open shelving does just that, it enables you to store, stack and reach what you need and beautifully decorate your space. It performs the dual purpose of dividing the space while organizing toys, blocks and other educational materials.
Open shelving is perfect for the kitchen, bathroom, or kid’s rooms where you want flexibility and easy access to items.
For a spa-inspired bathroom use wood minimalist shelving and add rolled towels, and bath necessities. Check with your local home improvement or home furnishings store for simple cable shelving that is hung from the ceiling.

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